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whose love is more strong or powerfull ?

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Posted: 11 years ago
according to me arjun's luv n faith on aarohi is much more i think his luv is much more strong n powerfull while aarohi's luv for arjun is nt so strong
Posted: 11 years ago
definetly Arjun loves Arohi much more than vice versa
Posted: 11 years ago
Good Topic. Dnt really know i think both love each other equal but Arohi tends to show it more Arjun doesnt expres but you can tell he loves Arohi alot. So i think its equal!!
Posted: 11 years ago
my vote is for arjun...as arohi is more childish, brat & impulsive..............she feels but probably herself is unaware of the depth where as on the other hand, arjun is mature, knows arohi the best...........he reallly knows how to handle her......he is aware of the depth of his feelings for her.he is aware that both of them complement each other.......its just that the current misunderstanding has kept him in denial for a while but surely "Arjun is more mad in love".........will go to any length to be with her, to support her............i simply love karans character as"Arjun Punj" or "Arjun Singhania".........
Really excited to see jealous ArjunWink 
Posted: 11 years ago
Umm... I think love is love n it is deep..a partner adds strength 2 it so no ways cn one's love b week n other's strong.. its powerful at both ends.. Jus dat Arjun loves Arohi more as of nwWink or Arohi in hr childishness does nt realize its seriousnessWink but their luv is defo strong n dat is y dey r togethrWink
Posted: 11 years ago
really Cant say Cause The thing is neither did arohi trust Arjun when he changed and neither did arjun trust arohi that she dint push raashi But its all a misunderstandin but honestly both love each other equally and arjun shows it more... :)
Posted: 11 years ago
i voted for arrohi bcoz i think she loves him beyond anything.
but arjun too love arohi.
now also she feels for him after dis much shadi drama n blaming her for rashi's condition but i didn't see much intance feeling of arjun for arrohi. arjun knows his dad is ab bad person den also he never trust her n support her.
but in some of thr scene he shows his love but all of dem were part ho his nafrat ke 7 phere
Posted: 11 years ago
Arohi lvs arjun a lot bt still i hv a soft corner towards arjun .

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