||:. KMH 2 -Jay & Dhondu Disussion .:||(UPDATED)

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Posted: 11 years ago
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<font face="Georgia, 'Times New Roman', Times, serif" color="#9900FF">Hey Guys As we all Know Two New People Will Be Coming In KMH Very Very Soon! I am Dead Excited! Soo I Thought we Are All Discussing About Jay and Dhondu So Why Dnt We Have A Discussion Thread Especially For Them!</font>
<font color="#9900FF" face="Georgia, 'Times New Roman', Times, serif">So Lets Get Started Guys!</font>

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Posted: 11 years ago
Saurav Chakrabarti

Kitni Mohabbat Hai will soon see the entry of Saurav Chakrabarti as Arohi's crush. Saurav was part of Left Right Left, Bhaskar Bharti and is currently doing Red Chillies' Parindey.

A source says, "Currently the track is all about Arjun and Raj. Raj who claims Arjun to be his father is something to worry about for Arohi and she is busy trying to get the facts right. But, soon there will be something for Arjun to worry about. One will see entry of Dhondhu being played by Saurav. Arohi had a big crush on him at one point of time but, he was always good friends with her. Now Dhondhu is back in Arohi's life as he wants her to help him find his true love. But, when he says 'I am back to get my lost love here' Arjun gets it all wrong. Arjun feels that Dhondhu wants Arohi back in his life and that makes him jealous. This would lead him to be more confused about whether he really loves her or hates her. On the other hand one will also get to see him spend happy time with Raj who thinks of Arjun as his father. This will also bring Arjun and Arohi closer."

Saurav confirmed his presence in the show and said, "My character on this show loves SRK and his style and he himself is a lot like him. Arohi and Dhondhu are very good friends and he is here to find his love back."

His entry on the show is most likely to be aired on Monday.

Posted: 11 years ago

Two new entries to spice up Arjun and Arohi's love story..

Two new entries to spice up Arjun and Arohi's love story..

Imagine's Kitani Mohabbat Hai will soon see two new entries, and their presence will bring in a jealousy factor between Arjun and Arohi..

Imagine's Kitani Mohabbat Hai 2 is all geared up for more and more cameo entries in the coming weeks. 

We hear that the story line will be spiced up with the entries of Arohi's (Kritika Kamra) high school crush Dhandu, and Arjun's (Karan Kundra) close friend Jay. The presence of these two guys will bring in a jealousy factor between the lead couple. 

Our source states, "Ashish Kapoor who was last seen playing the role of Vikram in Imagine'sBandini will play Dhandu, while Saurav Chakrabarti who essayed the role of Cadet Peter Bubnis in SAB TV's Left Right Left will play the role of Jay". 

This track will bring Arjun-Arohi close to each other and will make them realize that even though they pretend  that they have no feelings for each other, the truth is something very different!! 

All our efforts to reach Saurav Chakrabarti and Ashish Kapoor were in vain!

We contacted Karan Kundra who said, "Yes, you have heard it right!! There will be few new entries in the show, but I am really clueless about the happenings".

Get ready for some drama as Arjun and Arohi's love will be tickled... 

Reporter and Author: Tejashree Bhopatkar
Posted: 11 years ago
Dhondu a.k.a Asish Kapoor


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Posted: 11 years ago
haha Arjun was so jealous...

mein ne bhataya tha na meri naukar ka naam bhi dhonda tha....usko naam bilkul shakal se match karta hai hai.... ajeeb saROFL

raj : yh spinner tha
Arjun: patha nahi

Raj: yh mama ko baby ko bhol raha hai
Arjun:mujhe kya pata..

Raj: ye macho kya hota
Arjun: macho.. mujhe kya pata..

arjun 2 romit.....cartoon hai cartoon haiROFL gues his name...its dhondo....she only lyks guys wiv weird names...chikuu nd dhondo or ghud ka naam....

Arjun tellin romit 2 phone ur bhabhi....if ur so concerned...he sed hes not concerned nd tryin 2 instigate Arjun even more it was hilarious...ROFL

Arjun's expressions were worth watchin 2day....luved it 2day....poor romit got beaten up

Arjun got so jealous dat he broke dhondo's headlights.....Arohi finkin dats gud dat arjun's gettin rlly jealous....

i luved 2days epi....
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Posted: 11 years ago
hehehehe arjunis hilariouss
ahh i cant wait to watch itt..lol
arjun&raj sceneeee ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh cuteness
Posted: 11 years ago
Dhondo seems so funny

not as much as chiku

but loved his entrance

with the dilwale dulhania le jayenga background tune

he tried to act so filmy and cool

the way he screamed Arohi's name

Arohi's introductiopn for me

the 'kya bolti tu song'

it was completely hilraous

not to forget the shar rukh khan imitation of laughing

one things for sure

I am really going to like this dhondo character

2 seconds in the show and he has managed to make Arjun jealous
Big smile

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Posted: 11 years ago
Srsly Loving Arjun's Jealousy more than Arohi's ;)

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