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Posted: 11 years ago

Wow what an episode'


Ranveer keeps a condition against his family to choose Rasal or Ranveer

Ranveer asks Deep to tell everyone what he told him about Rasal

Deep saves himself by saying I just said I want your happiness

DD and Chanchel blame Rukmi for breaking the necklace and Ranveer tells DD to shut up

Ranveer gets more upset hearing this and gives family 24 hours

Rukmi tells Ranveer to think before he makes a rash decision where he might regret after getting his memory back but Ranveer makes her realize he will never regret it and if there was anything between Rasal and him his family would of told him (that what am I saying they should of)

Family decides to send Rasal with her parents

Deep and Mamsa are happy Ranveer has not got his memory and decide to celebrate

Chanchel stops them and tells Deep to keep making Ranveer hate Rasal

Deep goes to Ranveers room and tells him what family decided and asks what he is thinking

Ranveer ask why does Rukmi always take Rasals side why is she telling me to rethink

Deep convinces Ranveer not to change his decision

Ranveer asks what happen to him and Deep tells him some goons threw him off the cliff

Deep and Ranveer hug but Deep looks tense

Rasal does not want to go to village and says I will die and DD says no I will not let that happen and if you ever think that I give you my kasam'.but I will make sure you get your right (what happen? Rasal and DD when the tables turned you gave up so easily when Rukmi went through all this you did not think all this except you are still torturing her by blaming her and thinking it was all her plan they acting as if Rukmi got Ranveer killed I really want Ranveer to get his memory back and say hell with everyone and go with Rukmi or not get his memory back at all and go with Rukmi)

DD goes to go tell Ranveer what is relationship with Rukmi and Ranveer but Rukmi comes there and stop her and this makes Ranveer angry and confused and DD is annoyed and Rukmi looked angry and show ends on all three of them'


Monday: DD shows Ranveer Rukmi's wedding picture and how she is already married(what B**** she is ruining her own daughters life I just really hope Ranveer believes Rukmi not that DD B**** sorry for language but I really hate her')

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