Written update 18th February 2011

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Posted: 11 years ago
Episode starts with:

gaoon scene

khanak comes out of the house

walking worried

"pata nai kahan honge, kaise honge, and gaoon may shantanu kia kaam kareinge, hey bhagwan unko shakti dena, so that wo aane wali har musibat ka samna kar sake, unka saath dena" (i wonder where shantanu wud be, where he'll work, god give him strength, be with him)

shan: i know tum mera saath dogi, tum hamesha mere saath rehti..." (i know u'r always with me, you'll support me)

he is dejected

someone comes: i 've heard ur looking for work

shan: do u have something for me
that someone: ek kaam hai jo tum kar sakte ho (there's one work that u can do)

shan: ok lets go

he has to make something with gobar (cowdung) and water

shan is disgusted..

someone: aiye bhaa (come bha)

anand laughs

he comes sits next to shan

shan is annoyed not talking to him

anand: kia bolte ho shan babu, plan pe abhi gobar nai lagi i can give u a nokri (what do u say shan, our plan isnt spoilt with cowdung yet, i can give you a job)

shan ignores and sits at the gobar wali place

he tries touching
takes his hand back

he picks it up

does something

anand makes fun "paancho ungli ghee may" n leaves (he says shan's stuck)

shan continues 
khanak sees from behind

anand sees her watching

shan looks quite comfy with it now

anand to khanak: wah wah 
kia baat hai , pati ki mehnat dekh ke dil pighal gaya, maanna parega, shan to itni mehnat kar raha hai aap kia kar rahi hain.. (wow, you've melted seeing your husband work, but he's working so hard what are you doing)

khanak: matlab (what do you mean)

anand: aap ek pati wrata nari ban ke chali jayengi mumbai
but dhulwadi ko kia milega
dhulwadi took care of u
not only u but shan also
but what did u give the gaoon

(you will leave with ur husband, but what will dhulwadi get out of this, the village took care of u and ur husband, what are u giving it)

khanak: wat can i give
anand: this is the first question uve asked which is sensible, u can help the children
u can teach them, they need a teacher

focus on shan, same scene, khanak anand in the background: 

shan: bus yar, cant do this nemore..thak gaya hoon may ('m tired)

remembers what he promised khanak

continues with it

khanak to anand: i cant do it
anand: arey wo dekhiye, shan ko dekhiye, kia kia nai kar rahe, aapke liye kitna kar rahe hain
(look at ur hubby he's working so hard for u)
khanak: wo mere liye nai , he's doing it to rectify his mistakes, to save his naak
(he's doing it to save his own honor)

khanak continues to watch him

anand: jo bhi kar rahe hain kart to rahe hain.. (whatever, atleast he's doing it)
khanak: he has to do it to win my trust again 

anand: so u also do ur farz, hes doing his

khanak: i dont have to listen to u to do my farz

anand manages to  convince her

khanak: ok now let me go i ahve to make food for shantanu

anand smiles

khanak leaves

shan in foreground making faces

anand in background: kitna mushkil hai inko manana, all the best shan 

Scene change..
khushbu fooling around in the gaoon

gaoon ki gori banne ka sapna poora karing (she wanted to act as a village girl always)
looking for a pond
with her matki's 
wearing sunglasses
men watching her..

asks 2 men "pond kahan hoga" (where will i find a pond)

men: pond?

khshbu: talaab, mujhe matki bharni hai, all gaoons have talaab where is it
(talaab, i want to fill these matkis, all villages have a pond)

guy: yahan sirf handpump hota hai (u'll only get a handpump here)

khushbu: now how will my dream of becoming gaoon ki gori complete..how boring, boring gaoon

khushbu: handpump ho ya pond mujeh to pani bharna hai, (doesnt matter if its a pump or a pond, i only want to fill water)

she tries working with the handpump

women laugh at her

she s happy

picked up one matki cant pick the other
women laughing
a man helps
she thanx
she leaves

her blouse is backless
she's catwalking in kolapuri chappal
anand aims with catapult
breaks khushbu's matki

kids praise him
she turns around angrily "how dare u"

runs after him
anand runs along with children

she falls in gobar.. (cow dung)

kids watching

shouts "i will kill u"

shan sticking gobar pieces on the wall
calls "gobar wala bha" (cowdung man)

he asks him to praise his work

guy: ye kia hai (what's this)

shan explains

guy: u did 2 days work in one day
wait i'll bring ur kamai (earning)

shan is happy

he gets 1000 rupees

shan: wow 1000 rupees 
guy: u have to come again tomorrow

shan is extremely happy

"wow 1000 rupees in 1 day, 5 days ke 5000"

khanak ko le jaoonga saath may (this is easy, i can take khanak home easily)

"ye log to sheher waloon se ziada ameer hai, sheher waley to gareeb hote hain "
(these ppl are richer than city people)

rahul jenny scene

they drink

kal wala scene hai ye to

jenny: i dont think u can drink
rahul: 1 more

i like their music

so glad jaania maania saalia is gone

drink again

jenny is drinking water
n his glass has drink

jenny: last shot
rahul: ok
rahul is tunn

rahul: but after this shot, u'll tell me abt the mystery

he tries drinking without holding the glass, it falls

rahul: finished

jenny tries to hold him when he beings to fall

rahul: im the best, now answre my questions

jenny: yes
rahul: tell me what u were saying abt club mischief , why have u come here, sam kahan hai mujhe sam se baat karao, sam 
rahul falls on her shoulder
jenny: rahul

she makes a "im upto something face"

anand in heat... feeeling sick

anand in room

falls down

not well
holding his heart

i think

Scene change:
rahul in bed

they've slept together i think

jenny has left
there's a rose and a letter on his side

maybe they didnt sleep together and she posed it like that?

clothes on the bed

rahul sees himself naked
there's a kiss on his shoulder

and everywhere

he's fished up

he reads the note "i'm sorry "

Scene change:

anand in the room

tries to hold himself..

he's holding his heart


i think he's suffocated

pulls out medicine ka patta

its finished

walks holding the wall

anand reaches room

about to pass out

throws the finished medicine ka patta

goes to a table i dont know why
table also falls with him

tries to get up

opens cupboard

(ok that is why he was going there)

throws the clotehs away
looking for something
ok found another medicine ka patta

takes medicine

hehe its actually chewing gum

feeling better i think

thinking crying or maybe tired ready to die


shan sleeping on hay

khanak watches from behind
shan's feeling cold
but he's smiling

khanak in tears watching this

(he looks jaanu)
khanak puts blanket on shaan, he turns she's almost over him facing him

he turns her dupatta gets stuck..

she pulls out gets up 
shan holds her dupatta

gets up 
comes behind her "kia tumne mujhe maaf kardia, agar tumne mujhe maaf kardia to tum aogi" (have u forgiven me, if u have, u will come)

Posted: 11 years ago
thnx teech!!...
still laughing at jaania maania saalia comment!!...
Posted: 11 years ago
thanks for a lovely update,,
Posted: 11 years ago
Thanks teech for awesome update
Posted: 11 years ago
thanks for a such a quick n awesome update......Embarrassed
Posted: 11 years ago
thaks for the update teech :)
Posted: 11 years ago
OMG...so 2morrow a special shanak scene
Posted: 11 years ago

Loved your update Teech .Thanks!

that brown line comment cracked me up LOLLOL ..Yes its such a relief  na ..
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