18th Feb.'11 UD~Mission-Akruti ki shuruaat!

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Posted: 11 years ago
Hey guys!....Howz all??....Well,I'll be doing today's update,coz Bee darling's a lil busy!....I hope I don't bore you!!LOL....

~Hit The Chaska Meter~
We simply rock guys!!.....We got it in he top-20 once again,i.e.on no.17!!.....*yeaaahhhhhhhhh*....PARTY!!.....So,keep voting guys!!!....
~Celebrity FCs~
Come on guys!!...Their ranks are falling down...so....If you're drooling over your jeejz,Daksh aka Gaurav(LOLWink)....and if you're adoring Parvati as the sweet and cute Naina;then,please,go on,visit their FCs,join the clubs,and go on commenting!!>...That wou ld increase their celebrity ranking;which is,I think really deserved by the two,as they're doing a veryyyy veryyyy fine job!!!Embarrassed
~18th February Update:Where there's a will,there's a way!~
The episode starts with yesterday's last bit.Anjali greets everyone,asks Naina to take care,and leaves.Naina gets all sad,and her expression shows that she badly needs her back.Aai notices this.(awwwwEmbarrassed)....Naina leaves saying she has an important call to make.Here,Anjali is also sad leaving,is rying;and then,leaves.Daksh,who's sitting in the garden,sees this and feels bad for her(awwww,itni chinta hai Chintu ko saasu kiLOLEmbarrassed)....And then,he looks at Nainako window angrily.(*yawns*....this munda will neva learnSleepy...Naina na sahi khirki hi sahi.....LOL)...
Here,Naina in her room,rying badly.She salf-talks that she wanted her back because I'm he responsibility,her husband's promise.She didn't come back for me,for my love.Anjali is also sad in the car.She says she misses Naina,that's why she wanted her back;but she never gained the ourage to say that come back for me,beta.Shifts to Naina,still crying(ShockedLOL...no sorry...batameej me...)..she says she made a promise to her dad that she'll take are of me,but she never promised to give me  a mother's love and affection.Anjali self-talks that Naina always loved her like  a true daughter,but she could never pay bak for that.Naina's crying and here Anjali,too.(awwwww,emotional scene....me got a lil senti.Cry)....
Here,Aai calls Naina,and Naina starts pretending as if she was busy with the phone.Aai asks her and she says she had to talk to Mrs.Achrekar for her daughter's sagai.(jhooti....LOL)....Aai says that got over a week before.(exactly....LOL)....Tehn,they've a senti.talk and Aai says she's there for her...(awwww,she's a jaan)....Naina can't resist anymore and breaks down.She hugs Aai.(awwww,absolutelyyy cute bit...must watch....Dakshu ko bhi hona chaiye thaLOL)...Tehn,naina says she's ok;and they leave for dwonstairs.
On their way,they hear Akruti shouting at her mother.Aai is tensed about her and she says she's irritated 24*7,now-a-days.Nana asks Aai to make her an "ilaichi wali chai",tilll that time,she'll set Akruti's mood right.
Naina comes to Akruti's room,when Akruti's shouting at Kaki.She says she doesn't move,as she feels pain.Kaki tries to convince her to get downstairs for dinner,but she doesn't agree,anyway.She says she's gonna remain closed and introvert,all her life.She doesn't want anyone.Naina enters and asks about her health but Akruti ignores and asks them to leave.Kaki and Naina leave.
It's the next day,and Naina comes to Akruti's room.Asks her to come downstairs with her,and they'll go for a walk as it's a pleasant day.Akruti taunts her tha tit must be one for you but not for me.I can't walk,I don't feel like coming to.And says that Naina doesn't have any problems in her life,that's why she feels happy everytime.Naina seems hurt and says that every person has to face problems in life,but people who can't stand against those odds,must not ask for happiness,then!....(Man,i love her..*applause*)....Akruti is in no mood to hear her bhaashanLOL....and asks her to leave.Naina says whtever you do,but you're to work for me as as assistant.Akruti says she won't be working for her coz she hates her.Naina says she doens't hate but she wants to be like her.But she has to work hard for that,as to become like Naina Bharadwaj isn't  a simple task!....(waaah,confidence.....I like thatLOL)...Akruti has had enough of her and asks her to get out.Naina's stubborness continues.Anyway,Akruti gets up herself after a lot of effort,and pushes her out of her room.Naina says that look,it wans't difficult for you.Akruti thinks but closes the door on her face.Naina says she's begun with her task!..(Man,sooo love her...*claps claps*)...
In the lounge,Kaka seems in some hurry,lol;when Naina enters.Kaka asks he heard Akruti shouting.Naina,being Naina,says No!....We were actually discussing something about our work!LOL...Kaki's taking lbreakfast for Akruti and Kaka calls her.Daksh also enters.Kaka says I told you not to treat Akruti like that.Let her come herself if she needs anything.Daksh looks-on in anger.Naina says she agrees with Kaka,and if she doesn't agree with love,we've to teach her a lesson through anger.Daksh gets damn angry!LOL....Kaka asks Kaki to leave,and snatches the plate,too;and begins eating!LOL....Daksh is still angry!....*yawnsSleepy*LOL....Naina talks about Akruti being assistant to her!....Daksh looks on angrily as he also puts-on his shoes!LOL...Kaka says yes,Akruti would be working from today,itself!....Naina's happy hearing this,while Dkash looks-on angrily!....The episode ends on his all-tym angry face!LOL
My 2-cents:Nice episode!....Naina's already started with her task!....But Dakshu jee's angry face might create problems!!....LOL....But anyways,ok one,with no DakshNa together!....Ouch....I'd give it a 7/10!Big smile
Gusy!....I've writtten this one with a really heavy heart!...Did you guys hear about the rumours of Gaurav being replaced??>...I hope there are mere rumours!.....I might leave this place forever if he's replaced!....He's the only reason I watch this show,and I'm no idiot to continue with it,even if he aint there!.....We've to do something!......Please guys!!
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Posted: 11 years ago
like your update meenu.....gr8 work and well done.....
Posted: 11 years ago
thanks for the update...keep doing that please please please...
Posted: 11 years ago
Thanx for the update!! :D:D
Posted: 11 years ago
*hugs and Kisses*
luv u darling for such a superm update, i love ur comments they helped me get through reading this, Yaar Daksh is soo willing to believe that Naina is the spwan of the Devil, i cant wait till her realises how she really is and apologises for his behaviour!!!
and what is this? my Jeeju cant leave, n im with u and Jeeju, Jahan tum dono wahan main!!!
Posted: 11 years ago
Thank u for the update..

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