Why is there so much anger towards Rupesh?

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Posted: 11 years ago
I have read many people in this forum that have said that rupesh should be punished, but why? I dont think he has done anything wrong. It was Murli who was shockingly rude and i am surprised in his change of behaviour. I think the cvs should get another lead in, who will be a good character (normal height) and get married to bharti. and murli should get married to a girl of his choice (but who keeps nagging him!), that can be murlis punishment!LOL 

what do you guys think?
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Posted: 11 years ago

Actually Only "Gaushala" shuolkd be punished....
murli and baba both apni jagah pe thik hain...(My  opinion)
may be...a new guy will enter in show for bharti..but  actually i dnt want to see bharli  break-up...Unhappy
Posted: 11 years ago
I think they should break up. It was Murlis decision to get married to bharti so he should behave nicely with her. the poor girl was being punished for no reason Ouch It was unacceptable the way he behaved with her. He should take some lessons from gaurav in maryada LOL Indian serials seriously need to bring in divorces in their shows. Its shocking how some characters get tortured really badly and still there is no sign of them getting a divorce. Angry It is unrealistic and plus it influences real women who go through domestic violence not to get divorce. 

I am so glad bharti asked for divorce! i hope her wish is granted because realistically there is no way for them 2 to be together again Smile things have got out of hand.

Guashala should definitely get punished and i eagerly wait for that day. but i dont think that will happen Ouch

Murli even though he was right in some parts, his actions were OTT and that made him wrong in my eyes!
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Posted: 11 years ago

What makes me angry about rupesh…???Angry the way he calls bansilal & his family ehsaan faramosh, really gets on my nerves. If he claims that amit helped bharti without any selfish motive, then what about himself?Dead He also helped bansilal& his family to get out of poverty by providing lots of money & house…why? Bcoz he wanted to grow greed in their minds so that they would at least accept bharti for the sake of money & ignore her short height? He was bargaining with them coz he wanted to buy a guy who would marry his daughter. Didn't he have a selfish motive behind it?Angry He who himself helped others with a motive now claims & decides what is helping others without a motiveThumbs Down Even murli helped bharti at neelam's wedding without a selfish motive, he helped rupesh to re-establish his business without a selfish motive. Even when bharti was getting burnt… did murli save her with a selfish motive in his mind that now rupesh teaches murli about what is helping others without a selfish motive…Thumbs Down this is what gets on my nerves… Angry


The other thing that rupesh claims murli for not being someone who is trust worthy…Confused what about rupesh. Didin't rupesh ever lie to anybody? He's saying it as if he's never lied to anybody in his life… he definitely knew that his property, business & house was never going to remain his as he had lost the case against his cousin. He knew it, but still he was displaying his entire property in front of murli & his family to grow greed in them so that murli marries bharti… isn't that true? Rupesh said his entire business, houses & factories would all belong to murli after he marries bharti, he wouldn't have to find another job but could own all those factories & be the owner… it was rupesh who claimed murli would have a secure future after marrying bharti… wasn't that a lie? Rupesh who knew all the truth that he had lost all his property to parmeshwar chauhan was saying that all his property would belong to murli in future… is rupesh trustworthy?Thumbs Down


If rupesh had never lied or if he had helped them without any motive then I wouldn't have turned against rupesh. He himself is like this & he still blames others… this is what I don't actually like about rupesh. If murli is bad then so is rupesh… rupesh has no rights to blame others if he himself is at faultOuch


Don't tell me that rupesh did all this to marry is daughter off. That's no justification. If it is… then murli lying at the police station is also justified coz he lied to save his family. If rupesh was worried about bharti & had to lie to get his daughter married then murli was worried about his family & his father who almost died… & that's why he had to lie at the police stationShocked


But all the above points mentioned by me are only the things that are the additional points that make me mad about rupesh. I didin't get a very good impression about rupesh in the first & second episode of this show itselfThumbs Down The way rupesh was begging in front of the people to make them accept bharti was really not a good signThumbs Down Ok fine, rupesh was worried about bharti's future but one thing that I don't understand is that how come rupesh thought bharti's life would be secure only after marriage. Rupesh was displaying all the certificates owned by bharti to get her hitched, then why couldn't he realize that bharti is really talented & can make her life worthy being independent.


Plus rupesh was displaying his entire wealth in front of the people to make sure that they accept bharti at least for the sake of his money….that money which he knew was no longer going to be his coz he knew he would lose the case against his cousin. The thing that got on my nerves is that how come rupesh thought if a guy marries bharti only for the sake of money then her life would be secure. What made him actually think that if a guy actually marries her only for the money & then finds out that the money now no longer will be his, nothing would happen to bharti. Did he still think that bharti's life would still be secured even in such a situation? Why did he never think that what if her sasural kills her when they know now they won't be getting any money that they were promised to be given by rupesh. Was he being careless about his daughter's future? What kind of security was he finding for his daughter especially by lying to the groom's family? He should make sure that the guy who marries bharti marries doesn't marry her only for money. But instead rupesh went the wrong way & did all those things that would mess up bharti's life instead of making her life secure.


During bharli's engagement, rupesh knew that he has lost everything on which bhushan asked him what will happen to the marriage coz now they don't have money & they know that murli has agreed to marry bcoz they need money. Rupesh then decided to get bharli married within three days so that murli won't be able to refuse to marry after knowing the truth of rupesh being poor. He knew the motive of murli's but just ignored it, went ahead with the marriage decision & now blames murli for being greedy…that greed which rupesh had sown in the hearts of the groom's family…


& btw everybody is finding murli's faults in everything so I don't need to highlight the fault points of murli. Had everybody been finding rupesh's faults all the time, then maybe I would be going against murliLOL coz… it's fun to go the opposite wayWink It creates the environment for a having discussions making the forum interactive. Just imagine, all the members going against only one person & all saying yes, yes & agreeing with each other & having nothing more to say, just a plain Yes…then the forum will become so boring…WinkLOL

Posted: 11 years ago
Originally posted by vik rocks

& btw everybody is finding murli's faults in everything so I don't need to highlight the fault points of murli. Had everybody been finding rupesh's faults all the time, then maybe I would be going against murliLOL coz' it's fun to go the opposite wayWink It creates the environment for a having discussions making the forum interactive. Just imagine, all the members going against only one person & all saying yes, yes & agreeing with each other & having nothing more to say, just a plain Yes'then the forum will become so boring'WinkLOL


Posted: 11 years ago
I think its really unfair to put the entire blame on rupesh when he is not even at fault. Yes like any father he wanted his daughter to get married  and be happy. I don't think he was expecting so much. He initially did try to persuade murli and his family members by using his money but this may have been because he was aware that bharti was a dwarf so his daughter has one weakness and murli's family has theirs, which is the money. It was upto murli and his family to refuse, the decision was entirely theirs. If anyone remembers, when murli refused to marry bharti, rupesh was upset but he wasn't forcing murli wasn't he? but he was still determined to get his daughter married off, if not to murli but someone else.
It was murli who wanted to be mahaan since he found out that he was not the real son of the family. He wanted to sacrifice to make himself mahaan in front of his family, trying to prove to them that he is the ideal son. What was murlis' family doing at that time? veena and kamla shed a few tears and that's it and agreed for the marriage. If he was their real son, wouldn't they have forced him and tried their best to stop them?
Murli' married bharti just for veena's marriage so that he could have enough money, that was his own selfish motive, not rupesh's.
Bharti even asked murli that if he doesn't want to marry her, he shouldn't, but murli still said yes out of his own free will and greed.
After marriage he  treated bharti so bad, despite the fact that he was living in her house. It was murli and his family who had started this all mess. For once they didn't even try to find out who is prakash, what does he do? despite knowing  that he was mridang's friend, they still blindly trusted him and went ahead with the mariage. They trusted prakash over bharti. Eevn rupesh was clever enough to actually go and inquire about prakash but murli's family became so desperate for the marriage like if prakash was the last person on the earth.
All that murli's family went through over the last few weeks, served them right. It was god's signal that there were wrong since the day bharti left their house , nothing went right for them. Mridang sold the house, he said so many cruel hings to his father and mother, they had nowhere to live,bansilal got ill,  there had to face the humiliation in the jail  and then the faces got blackened and every time it was their own fault. Kamlawas boundto get punished by her own son, and the police oficer after the way she treated bharti.
I don't think rupesh had any expectations from murli when bharti was gettign humilated in the wedding, for once he didn't even look at him for help, it was only bharti who was looking for help becuase she felt that murli still cares for her but i was proud of rupesh for not asking for help from murli but sorting everythign out himself. This reality check was needed for bharti, to make her realise that murli is not worthy for her. I am so happy that for the first time bharti stood up for her self respect and asked for a divorce, the look on murli's face was worth watching. wonder why murlis' family were so shocked, why so much drama? they all wanted that didn't there, for them it was all about murli's happiness and whom he wanted to stay with, there should be happy.
im glad that amrit reentered the show, it looks like he will be an important character in the show, i hope bharti and amrit get really close and murli gets jealous, he totally deserves that. I hope prakash's truth gets out soon so tht murli will realise what he has done?
Posted: 11 years ago
ya gaushala should be punished
Posted: 11 years ago
sometimes i seriously feel that nobody understands my posts at all...ROFLi've always found Mupesh at fault... i've never blamed only murli or only rupesh...Wacko are my posts so complicated to understand??? ROFL

i've mentioned it thousands of times in my previous posts... that yes murli said yes to the marriage coz he thought he had to repay his family for bringing him up though he wasn't their real son... & his family knew why he took the decision but instead of stopping him, they went ahead... i've said it many times & i say it again... except for mridala his family is full of bunch of morons...Angry in fact i agree with gau's statement which gave bansi a heart attack that they stayed quiet coz murli was not their real son...had he been their real son then they would have stopped him... i've never been able to forgive bansi, veena & kamala for not stopping murli. they made murli a scapegoat for their own daugther's happiness bcoz the truth was not hidden from them as murli did say he's marrying bharti for veena's sake, so where did our mahaan bansi's principles go that day, why didn't he stop murli from doing something that was morally wrong or was marrying a girl for money was a good thing in his eyes coz it was for veena...Angry they were seriously selfish... & i hate them... AngryAngryAngry

i was always against bharli's marriage...Thumbs Down & i'm still against it. getting hitched in a hurry & then repenting later is one of the worst things that has always been shown in tv serialsThumbs Down & now BAVD is another victimized serial... i really wished the CVs had done something else rather than showing bharli getting married too early...Ouch

murli's biggest mistake was to take the decision of marrying bhartiThumbs Down especially thinking to be the scapegoat, he should have realized by doing so he was not only ruining his own life but bharti's tooOuch after marrying he treated bharti badly... Thumbs Downthere's no doubt on this. i've even mentioned about the bad things about murli in many of my previous posts, it's not that i've only been going against rupesh only. there are many places where i've not supported murli's decisions... & i'm not going to discuss anything more against murli in this thread coz this thread is dedicated why anger for rupesh???... if somebody opens a thread why anger for murli... i'll definitely fill my posts with murli's buraiyaanzWinkLOLLOL

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