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Posted: 11 years ago
A story about that first feeling of love,how you feel when you see that person and the pains u have to go through to get ur love.It shows the sacrifices you may have to give and how friendship can blossom into love even when u dont want it to.Love cant be made to happen,it just happens and then u have no other choice but to listen to your heart.
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Posted: 11 years ago
Episode 1
I was nervous, I won't lie. But then, it was my first day at a new college. Who wouldn't be?

As I walked in, I could feel everyone's gaze on me.I felt uncomfortable and kept my head bowed as I walked in.After what seemed like a distance of 10 miles, I reached my form room. I took a seat at the back and focused on my desk.Then,the bell went and more people started filing in.I noticed a friendly looking girl who was very pretty come and sit at the desk in front of me.I noticed the teacher calling her Annie.Yet,there was a weird atmosphere surrounding her,one of shyness but confidence. How could that be? A few minutes later, she turned around.

A: hi

G: are you talking to me?

A: oh no, I'm talking to the desk. (SHE LAUGHS) of course I'm talking to you.Im Annie.

G: I'm Geet.

A: Nice Name. It suits you.

G: Thanks.BTW, I love your clothes. They're so trendy.

A: Me and you are going to become best mates. I can tell.

G: I hope so.I really need someone to show me around.

A: well, you don't need to look far.I am here, so don't worry.

Then, our form tutor called for order as the bell went.

Teacher: Ok, quiet everyone. We have a new student,ge-

A boy dressed in jeans and a shirt rushed in and interrupted.

Teacher: Maan, you are late.

M: sorry, miss.I woke late.

T: ok, now go, take ur seat.

He walked down the aisle and then stopped near me.

I looked up and for an unknown reason, when our eyes met, my heart started pounding faster.

M: your sat in my seat.

G: oh, sorry.

I got up and as I collected my stuff, our hands brushed together.

It was as if a current of electricity shot through me.I don't know why, but when he pulled his hand away, I begged for him not to.

I went and took a seat on the other side of the room.

I kept glancing at him and he realized. He looked at me with annoyance. I ducked my head and covered my face with my hair. I had to stop looking at him. But I was confused. What was that unknown feeling when our hands brushed together?

Please comment and tell me what u think.

Should i continue?Smile

Part 2
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Posted: 11 years ago
hey i loved it...plz add me in ur pm list...update soon
Posted: 11 years ago
Originally posted by --ANGEL--

hey i loved it...plz add me in ur pm list...update soon
Thanks Smile
And i will Add youSmile
Posted: 11 years ago
ow tht was baeutiful...cont soon
Posted: 11 years ago
nice concept...
loved it...
Posted: 11 years ago
Originally posted by princess_xaini

nice concept...
loved it...
Posted: 11 years ago
hey great concept......
something new......
do add me to pm list if you have any......

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