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Posted: 13 years ago
Originally posted by ammoos


Hello balikas..Hug

These days the story is getting interesting and we are getting eager as well. 

We are more active in discussing also..
So until the update thread is up we can discuss things here in this thread.
We can discuss the high point or precap or the silly point of each episode here..
The thread will be up by Monday morning IST every week. Its a weekly threadEmbarrassedSince this is the frst one this will stay for the coming week as well.
ie, its until 25th Feb
Looking forward for a god participation
Happy discussing
BV Dev Team
Hello to allHug
Know we already had one before but now its time to revive and go for a new so that we can discuss about each BV epi here itselfEmbarrassed

But if you think your post is more apt for the threads posted below then use them instead of thisSmile:

Something that you are not liking in BV now?
=>its our 'Critics Corner' where one can share freely about what he/she is not likking currently in BV or which epi or scene or character he/she dint liked much.
Appreciation Threads:-
  • Shyam:
~KeSaRiya BaLaM~ Vikrant's Appreciation Thread #16
  • Anandi-Jagdish:
.:I'll Be There For You:.JaAn Appreciation Thread

-*-Guppa Shappa Zone-*-
=> our very own gup shup corner where we can talk about anything and know each other better:)

Hope together we can have some healthy discussion on BVTongueLOL

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Posted: 13 years ago
thx aditi for the post!
Posted: 13 years ago
ok yesterdays episode was so
i really didnt think madhan singh wud agree so easily and cum to dadisa on the very same day( well nite)
n sugna is being completely stupid, Shyam is willing accepting her n her child and she's still sticking to the "mera Pratap" thing...whats wrong with her!!
i hope she agrees soon
Posted: 13 years ago
hey this is an idea i got from the DV forum so im using it here
23rd june episode:
    Vikrant/Shyam-he was awesome in teh last scene-loved him today! Shyam and Sugna conversation the end Shyam's dialogues when he was trying to convince Sugna to trust his
  • the Sugna-Bhairav-Sumitra conversation-their chemistry together on-screen is really gd and convincing
    the fact that Dadisa still doesnt trust Madan Singh JaAn were missing yet agen
  • Sugna-she's being stupid and still hasnt agreed
Hoping to see tomorrow:
    More SuSh(shyam-Sugna)scenes JaAn  return
  • Sugna's agreement
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Posted: 13 years ago
i don't understand why sugana can't see the logic in what sumitra and everyone is saying. she used to be pretty smart, what happened to her
Posted: 13 years ago
sugna is behavin mad
Shyam is accepting her n her child and she's still sticking to the "mera Pratap" thing..??!! goshhhhhhhhh 2much
Posted: 13 years ago
i loved today's episode...actually loving the episodes from past few days.esp after the family comes to know that shyam is interested in marrying suguna

what i loved
1)bhairav telling suguna that, she wldn't be able to keep her child n that, the child wld be send far awar from her....... that shut her up..he was behaving like an idiot till that time
2)vikrant n his expressions............OMG he is so so so lovely
3)shyam giving perfect answers to suguna
4)when suguna says that "i have not seen a person like u", shyam replying "to ab dek lo.aur zingadi bhar dekh lena

what i liked
1)bhairav n sumitra explaining everything to suguna
2)bhairav saying that, she is saying all this in her bachpana, n if we support her now n fall for her zid, we r commiting a big mistake

what i didn't like
1)suguna still continuing with her "pratap ki nishani" dialogue
2)anandi/jagadish is not shown.......they didn't have any role to play.but still they cld have shown some scene like those two discussing among themselves.
3)suguna telling shyam that "she has still not said yes to the marriage"

what i am waiting to see
1)shyam telling abt the marriage to anandi/jagadish...it will be such a cute scene
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