Choti Bahu-17th.Feb.2011...Update

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Posted: 11 years ago

Choti Bahu-17th.Feb Update...

 Barkha says that she liked Kishen kanhaiya most.. Radhika gets upset and she says Barkha you are my friend and why you are praising him?...Barkha replies, aisa hi hai...ache lage toh lage..she smiles..Smile
A lady comes there and says to Radhika, that Dubey jee has send Amrood (Guava) for you..Radhika takes one and eats..she says arre wah kitne meethe hain...Chanda is fuming in anger..Barkha tells her to give one, but Radhika says that no, my sister will eat..Ouch(Lagta hai Chanda mein Vishakha ki aatma aa gayi hai..)Tongue
Radhika comes to Chanda and says, Chanda if you had not helped me, I wudhv never been Radha Rani..
Chanda shouts in anger to her that you took my chunni and became Radha Rani..She tries to snatch chunni from Radhika....they both fall on floor, their parents come and one of the lady says, arre Mansa, this is what your kids are learning? fighting like cats and dogs...upbringing is most important, they are staying with you, being an illitrate, what else they can learn from you?..(Aunty jee Tom and Jerry kaho na..kutta billi decent nahi lagta hai..)LOL
Shanti (Ghor-Ashanti KumariLOL) is angry and says to her husband Mansaram to ask the forgiveness from behenji...this brahmin girl must have done something wrong...Radhika is in tears...
Shanti(Ghor-Ashanti Kumari) goes towards Radhika and tells her that you must be happy seeing your father humiliated in front of others..Im cursing that day when your parents died, you should have been gone with them...Dev is waiting outside and listening everything..Radhika goes away crying...(Lagta hai Amma ji toko sharir maan aa gayo hai chhori, oo to abh Daimaa banke sudhar gayi...toko bardasht karna padhego..)LOL
Rohan is talking with Virat in mela..suddenly Dev comes there looking for Radhika and he rubs his brother Virat and says sorry to him, but he gets angry and warns him not to call him Bhaiyya but chotte are just a servant..Virat pushes Dev in anger and as he is about to fall, Dada  jee holds him from behind..Virat gets scared.. Dada  jee tells him to say sorry to Dev, but Virat doesnt like the idea and he says how can i say sorry to Dev, dada jee?..
Daada jee tells him that like you are my grandson, Dev is also like my grandson....
Dada jee praises Dev and gives him a flute as a gift..
Dev says that Dada jee the girl who played Radha Rani's part very well, no gift for her?..
Dada jee gives the mala to Dev and ask him where is she?.Dev replies that he will give this mala to her..
Radhiks is crying in front of Kanha and ask him why Maa always talk with her like this?is it cos of me my baba is insulted?my baba is so nice and if someone talks against him, I feel bad..I know Kanha I wont do anything wrong so that my baba gets humiliated.
Suddenly Radhika hears flute sound and she turns around, Dev is standing near entrance and playing beautiful bansuri...Clap
Radhika tells him that he plays the flute very nicely...Dev ask her did you like the bansuri? now..? you should do something which I like..
Radhika ask what?
Dev tells her to smile...She doesnt smile, but she walks sadly..Dev tells her that Dai maa says when you are hurt, you should smile and half of your pain vanishes..
Apri pe tupri, tupri ke baan,Kanha pakdo Radha ke kaan...Dev pulls her ears..and they both laugh..LOL
Dev shows her flute and gives her the mala saying that Dada jee has given for her.
He ask her name...she says Radhika, he ask again what is your real name? she says Radhika..Dev replies that of your name is Radhika thn my name is Krishna Kanhaiyaa..
From today onwards we are firends. Radhika says but you wont make me cry. Dev replies that he will always make smile..
Somebody comes and informs Radhika that her Baba is looking for her.
Mansa's house:-
Baba is worried about Radhika and asking about her, Shanti(Ghor-Ashanti Kumari)  tells him that dont wait for her, she wont go anywhere, she will come back soon to give us more trouble Moong dalne ko aayegi.
Chanda says so what if she doesnt come. let her die..( Hailaa yeh choti Savita Tai kahan se aa gayi hai?...badi mirch toh badi mirch, choti mirch toh aur bhi teekhi haiLOLLOLMoong nahi lohe ke channe dalegi..Amma ka video dekh le..LOL)
Baba gets angry with her and tells her not to talk nonsense. Hearing this Mansa gets angry with him and says why you are getting angry with her? can tell anything to Radhika and today cos of her we wont have our dinner..
Radhika comes and Baba ask where she had been?..Shanti(Ghor-Ashanti Kumari) goes to her ask her where is atta?..I had send you to bring wheat flour and you went to mela...she snatches the mala from her hand and throws away...Shanti is about to slap her, but Mansaram holds her hand and tells her why she is ill-treating her always?..She tells that you dont want to say anything to her, I had given her some work to do, but she dint completed the work..? who is going to bring the wheat flour at this hour?
Suddenly a boy come there and says Babu jee has given me this wheat flour to give it to you, as there was no light in the evening, he cudnt send it earlier.
Shanti (Ghor Ashanti Kumari) is embarrased and she is not able to see in Mansa's face. Mansa tells her that you were shouting at Radhika, now the matter is clear, Radhika cudnt get wheat flour as there was no light, now you take bath in this wheat flour.
(Mansa jee, kaisi Ghor Ashanti se shaadi ki hai?..aur Chanda beti toh Miniature Ashanti hai..LOLLOLif she will take bath in wheat flour thn all the ghosts from village will runaway seeing her..LOL)
Mansaram collects the beads and give it to Radhika..
RP House:-
Dai Maa hands over the list to Raj purohit jee...seeing him tense she ask him whats the matter?..RP says Amba as the festival is coming, people are forcing me to announce the name of Raj Purohit..all the ashrams and mutts are asking me who will be next RP.?..God gave me three sons and two are no more, but my only son Gopaldas is not interested in RP..and he doesnt deserved to be a RP, Gopal's vices and Maheswari's greed is never going to end..
Dai Amba says that when one generation doesnt fulfill the wishes, so we have to see someone in next generation...someone is always there to follow the path..
RP ask about Dev and Dai Amba replies that he is studying in his room, Maheswari is listening their convo hiding behind door.
RP says AMba you had given moral values to Dev, wish if Maheswari had done same thing..
Virat is fighting with Dev in his room and he is about to tear his book and Dev takes a paper weight to hit him, but Dai Amba comes on time and saves the situation. She explain to him that You played the role of Kanha and Kanha won the Mahabharat withh taking weapons in his hands..Clap( kya baat hai Dai jee..? Amma se Amba ban gayi..ka chamatkarwa hua..Tongue)
Radhika ask from baba why mother is getting angry with her always..? and at the same time Dev also ask questions from Dai is a beautiful and touching conversation between them...
Gopaldas is busy in his riyaaz..maheshwari comes there and says that he is wasting his time in music here and Babu jee kundali maar ke baithe hain RP ki kursi per...some funny moments between them..(GD is a cartoon his words jaise jalebi mein tabasco sauce, karele ke juice mein rasmalai, Neem ki mithai, gulab-jamun ke ander chutney etc...)LOLLOL
RP is busy with some villagers, seeing him from the window Maheswari drags Gopaldas so that they can hear what RP is doing?...Few people brings the cloth to RP and informs him that these are for Saamuhik vivah(Mass marriage), RP says that this is in white color, it should be dyed in yellow color, he ask if someone can dye the cloth? since it is the most auspicious yoga and it comes once in hundred years. One of them suggest Mansa's name and RP tells them that he will go with them, but Maheshwari suggests let Virat handle this work. RP agrees.(ei sasura sab muhuratwa 100 saal mein ek baar hi kaahe aawat hai..?..)LOL
Virat comes into the hall seeing Dev busy he tells him to go to Mansa's house to dye the cloth..
Radhika wants to go to temple but Shanti tells her to get the water from Yamuna river, and Dev is shown going to Mansa's house...
highlight of the episode..
Beautiful conversation between Dai Amba, Dev, Radhika and Mansa... ClapClap
They are showing haldi rasam for mass marriage, all the couples who are present there for marriage are shown applying turmeric, Radhika is grinding turmeric and her hands get yellow and Dev is shown taking a cloth from a someone and his hands get yellow cos of turmeric applied on cloth and head priest announce that everyone can take bath in Radha ghat...Dev and Radhika are splashing water on each other alongwith other couples...
I hope you enjoy reading the update...Sorry for the delay..
Waiting for views and comments..
God Bless You All...
Jai Shri Krishna...Clap
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Posted: 11 years ago
Parnam Raj ji....bahoot bahoot dhanyavaad
Edited by misti73 - 11 years ago
Posted: 11 years ago
RBG liking the style and ur commentsLOLLOL in between the update Badi mirchi choti mirchi badi ghor ashanti and miniature ghor ashanti , Dai AmbaLOL Liked the update and commentsTongueBig smile
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Posted: 11 years ago
thank u for the update.. LOL
Posted: 11 years ago
Big smile bhayya , r  u back.!!!!...  good to see u ..
LOL now it will be  more fun....LOLLOLLOLLOL
Posted: 11 years ago
I'm in love with this cb from the starting this is amazing
Posted: 11 years ago
Good to see you back on the forum.  Lets see what names you come up with this time.  Had loved your "Sob sob kumari" in the past.  Do hope Radhika is not one in CB2.  So far doesn't seem that Radhika is much different from the older one.
Posted: 11 years ago
Thank you for the updates......waiting fr the next Big smile

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