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Posted: 11 years ago

hi, i'm new here

i'm starting a fan fiction - my first one, called "Collegikku Povom"
I hope my efforts are appreciated
here goes...
Part 1 - Page 1
Part 2 - Page 1
Part 3 - Page 1
Character List - Page 1
Part 4 - Page 2
Part 5  - Page 2


1st day back from holidays

The gang are meeting up after six whole weeks.

"hey, how r u , man, Rahul?"asks Arjun.

"ok da, machaan " he replies as if there were no holidays and were just meeting up after the weekend.

Rahul and Arjun are best mates along with Karthik and Jeeva and have known each other since they were 7.

"hey waste fellows!" both of them turned and before they realised their mistake Meera had already started grinning and was now running towards them.

"hahaha, after 2 years of knowing u and calling you by this, only now u respond. must mean you've been missing me so much over the last 6 weeks!"

"no" Rahul blurted out.

"I wasn't asking u, idiot!"said Meera slightly annoyed with Rahul.

Rahul was even more annoyed with himself as he knew well that it was not a good thing to get on the bad side of Meera, that too on the first day.

Meera and Rahul never got along well with each other. They would always fight with each other even for the littlest things.

"so where's everyone else?" Meera asks Arjun.

"they said they'll be here in five minutes but..."

"god, they're gonna take forever to cum especially priya and dee..!"

As if on cue they came together that second.

"hey, Meera!"shouted Priya and Deepa.

"hey!" shouted Meera running towards them and they start chatting away about their hols

After a while Meera spotted that Rahul and Arjun were missing from their seat on the outside wall.

"hey, where have they gone..." wondered Meera out loud.

"who?" asked Deepa.

"arjun and rahul!" said Meera

"oh, arjun's probably gone to meet his luv of his life!" said Priya

"she doesn't even like him in the first place, she even hatched a plan to get rid off him but still after all that has happened he is still running behind her...thirundavae maataan!" said Deepa

"i suppose that's wat real love is..." said Priya

"love?" snorted Meera, "look we're talking about Arjun here ' he never stays on one girl for more than a month..."

"except this one. she must be the one for him, "said Priya


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Posted: 11 years ago
good start Thumbs Up
continue soon...
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Posted: 11 years ago


"hey, Sandhya, I'm Arjun, naan idha solliye aghonum nee avalavo alaghu, inga evanum inda alagha oru... ivalavu alagha partirika mattanga and I'm in love with you"

"vanduthaanda, enda kalutha arukarukku," she says under her breathe

"hey, unnakku vera velay illa!" she says

"unna parkurathu thaan enda velay" he replies

"enna parkurathu irrukatam, muthala undae munchiya nee kanaadilae parthirikiriya?"

"yes, many times,"

"and wat did u see?"

"a very handsome..." he begins

"basically a korangu!" she finishes off.

"thanks, i am glad to be ur chella korangu"

"ARGHHH! Ennakku unna parthalae piddikalae,"

"enna mathiri pasangalai paartha pidikaathu, parka parka than piddikkum"

"shut up, neeyum unda cinema dialogum, thaanga mudiyilae" she walks off leaving arjun open mouthed at her beauty

"hey close ur mouth before a fly gets in" said a voice

Arjun turned around to see jeeva grinning at him


"what about rahul? Where is he?" asked meera

"oh, look whose interested?"

"shut up, i am just wondering coz he is not in luv with anyone..."

"well, you've got that one wrong"

Meera is confused.

"well, basically ..." she starts...

"hey girls!"rahul came along with karthik interrupting their convo just as meera was about to get to know rahul's matter. Meera was for the second time that day annoyed with rahul...

"hey, how was your holidays, guys?"asked priya

"Great!!!"rahul replied with loads of enthusiasm

 "and u, karthik?" asked deepa with a lot of concern

"uh, good,"said karthik with a quiet voice

"so have u seen arjun and jee..." rahul started just as he spotted jeeva dragging arjun to where they were standing

"what happened machaan?" asked rahul

"dey, ivannukku marupadiyum sandhya paiythiyam thodangirichuda"

"well, some things never change" stated meera and all laughed as arjun was still watching sandhya from a far distance...


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Because there were seven of them in their gang, they weren't in the same class for certain subjects. They went to their first lesson and they were already split. However, Jeeva, Priya, Rahul and Meera were in the same class.

Jeeva and Priya choose to sit next to each other-they were the only couple in the group and have been going out for over a year ever since Jeeva had asked her out near the end of the first year.

And there was no way Rahul and Meera were sitting next to each other -  Meera deliberately went and sat at the other end of the room and Rahul got the message. It was not like they hated each other  but if they sat next to each other there was bound to be some sort of problem between them every lesson and that would just disrupt them from learning anything.

But fate had it that they should sit next to each other because the teacher came in and saw Meera sitting at the back and moved her to the front to the empty seat that happened to be next to Rahul. The teacher thought that she may get disrupted (and she easily gets distracted) if she sat at the back and she was a brilliant student.

She came and sat next to Rahul moaning.

"urgh, if u do anything to annoy me..." she started...

"hey, first u don't open ur mouth, then i won't annoy u" he replied as annoyed as her because she had already started her moaning and it hadn't even been 2 minutes!


In the class next door it was Arjun, Karthik and Deepa from their gang. Sandhya was also in that class. Arjun normally would sit in the back row but he knew Sandhya was in this class so he sat on the second because Sandhya always sat on the first row as she was teacher's pet, and from the second row he could get a better view of Sandhya from the back as to the back row.

Sandhya entered the classroom after Arjun had and understood his plan so she deliberately went and sat on the third row right behind Arjun and next to Deepa. This way Arjun can't even turn around to see her without making it really obvious for the teacher to see. Arjun's plan backfired and he was rely annoyed with himself for trying to be clever.

Arjun was not the only reason why Sandhya had sat there. It meant that she would also get to sit next to her friend Deepa. Even though, Sandhya wasn't in their gang, she was a good friend of Deepa.

"hey, how was ur holiday, Sandhya?" asked Deepa hugging her

"It was great..."she started

"without Arjun!" Deepa interrupted

And they both started laughing

"hey, i heard that!" said Arjun from in front

"it was meant for u to her that dear" said Deepa


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Posted: 11 years ago
Awesome updateClap
i am just loving this story
Posted: 11 years ago
good work....I like the starting itself....Thanks .
Posted: 11 years ago
Excellent beginning! Nice character selectionClap


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