(OS)Why did u leave us geet?

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Posted: 11 years ago

This is written from Maan's point of view.

Maan sitting in dark room. This is his thoughts and flashbacks.

I sat there remembering this day, but 5 years ago.

It had started normally but ended tragically. This day had 2 sides to it; I got my Mishti that day but that very day, I lost the love of my life. Today's Mishti's Birthday but also G...Geets death anniversary.


 How can I celebrate this day? That day my life had ended. The doctors harsh words would be etched into my mind forever"Im sorry, Mr.Khurana,we, we couldn't save her.shes dead."How easy it had been for her to say it! But for me, from that moment, my life began crashing around me.In couldn't believe it.How could i? We had promised to support each other forever but she left me.How?

But I knew I had to live. She had left me a responsibility. Her Mirror Image. Our child, our symbol, our Mishti. I knew from the moment I saw her she had to be called that. No other name fit. I couldn't let her down. When I saw her, her rosy cheeks, her face resembling a fairy, I knew in that instant what I had to do.Geet gave her life for our baby so now it was my job to protect it.I made myself  promise that I would be the best father in the world. And I think I fulfilled it.Atleast that's what Mishti tells me every day. From that day on, I left KC and my Business-man personality forever and became 'Papa' and nothing else.


Geet, why did u leave me? There hasn't been 1 moment when I haven't thought about you. At that moment, I felt like taking my life.it felt like my whole body was on fire with the pain.


Today, our Mishti is 5 years old and she's missing her mum alot.Today,she, asked about you. That what's mum doing? I told her that she will be remembering you.Shes just like you, Cheeky, innocent, adorable and beautiful.


Mishti Walks in.

MI: Papa, you're crying?  (SHE WIPES HIS TEAR AWAY)

M: Bete, you're awake? You've become very naughty.

MI: just like u.u were talking about me behind my back?

M: I was just telling your mum how naughty u were.

MI: mum? I want to talk to her.

M: look at her photo and talk. She'll hear bcoz she's always around us, in our hearts.

MI: Mum, don't worry at all. Papa looks after me very well and he loves me a lot. He never lets me feel your absence. But yes, he does miss you a lot. I often hear him crying at night. But Ssshhh, this is our secret.

M: now go and sleep.im coming.

Mishti Leaves.

How mischievous she is!!Geet, always remember us, never forget. And don't worry about me.I've got a reason to live, My Geet No.2, Our Mishti.



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I hope u like it.SmileSmile
This story is to show that no matter what happens,life goes on.And you have to move on with it because life does'nt stop for anybody.Even when it

feels like your existence is useless, the meaning of your life has gone, you have to live. Because there will always be someone who cares about you who you have to live for. And in this story, the same thing happened. Maan had to keep on living. For his daughter, His Mishti.

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Posted: 11 years ago
Originally posted by sharmake11

beautiful OS
Thank YouSmile
Posted: 11 years ago
God , its a night for tears, reading all OS and crying. Edited by Shweta13 - 11 years ago
Posted: 11 years ago
Originally posted by Shweta13

God , its a night for tears, reading all OS and crying.
Posted: 11 years ago
aww so sweet...
loved it...
Posted: 11 years ago

Yaar loved it.aww i just love mishti . it was a beautiful os. :)

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