Feb 16th PR- Maanav Business Spl

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Posted: 11 years ago

Can someone please drill some common sense into that butt head Vaishu???AngryAngry Perhaps Satish would have, but alas, he is not involved in this.

Since our commentaries were being read, the CV's decided that kudi should open up her mouth and tell Vaishu that she is Dharmu's first wife and the other woman in his life is other way around. Clap Clap ClapBut it bounced off Vaishu's head ….. Viashu thought her head is no basket ball ring that the ball should go in….. so she chose to ignore the hard reality Kudi said. Instead she gave a mean look and asked her holy tai…"kya kaha is aurat ne" two times. Kudi is far more civilized than the K sister's. She atleast addresses Vaishali with her name and not like yeh aurath.Star Star

Kudi also told about her majboori…. But Vaishali still thinks that she is not the Rakhel and wants to believe that Kudi came into her life after her. She still wants to defend Dharmu's cunningness and thinks that kudi si the one who is manilpulating him…… Angry

The one thing kudi said rang alarming bells to me… " Mein is fact ke saath rehna seekh gayi hoon and dheere dheere Vaishu bhi seekh jayegi… bas time lagega…" looks like the CV's plan this track for the tri.. sucks!!..cuz Vaishu is also helpless, jobless and with a child…Shocked Shocked Shocked

Vaishu screamed I want Divorce from Dharmu and I will drag him to court. But our Holy Couple said HOLY MOLY!! You can't do that! You can't play with Aai's life…. At this I wish Vaishu should have slapped Archu for giving her that stupid advice. OuchBut she instead, said that she can't do it. What her tai is asking her is to kill her life and live like a zombie with her philandering hubby for the sake of her Aaai…. She should have reminded and asked Archu why she ran off from her mandap??Angry

Later we see Holy Archu come back home from a Bappa temple visit……..after loooooooong…… earlier they would go there every now and then…mostly to meet each other on the pretext of Bappa. But looks like they had used Bappa too for their convenience… So no more weekly upavas or visiting temple on a particular day…

Holy Bhags said that Shibu gave a brilliant advise to Manav…..and what was it?? To get signatures on stamp paper before lending money…….what a GENIUS!!! From a no schooler….. where as Bhags a 10th pass and Holy Archu a graduate by now…never realized that??? This shows how incompetent they are for doing business… Even the chalu wise Ajith did not think of it, surprises me.

Bhags became soooooo Andha in his pyaar worshiping his Devi wife that he totally forgot the important commandment of ' Thou shall not disrespect and forget your parents ever in your life' … He conveniently forgot that he had a set of parents who he should consider important and Mother especially so….Angry Angry Angry He was reminded by his Devi wife that his mom should cut the ribbon  and inaugurate his dukaan(Thela J ) ..This way CV's still wanted to glorify Archana's mahanta by knowing her place and still giving her sasuma importance…how sic!!!Dead Dead I wish his mom come to know if this ,that unless Archu mentioned his Mahaan son didn't even think of her as someone important in his life…..….. and give him zor ka two thappads.LOL LOL

I am soooo tempted to Christianize them both Mr and Mrs Convenient ….Big smile Since they manipulate people, situations according to their convenience.

So now was the big inauguration function… All came there to congratulate Mr. Convenient….. So that he can have a thriving business of Money Lending and become an Money Lending magnet…..and reach great heights like the Ambani or Mittal and lend money to Bollywood and Ekta Kapoor to produce more of such crappy shows…….lend money to dons….all you can imagine in the money lending dhanda…. And Ajith would be his co pilot in this….

It was so dumb of Varsha to ask who was Mr. convenient waiting for??? Would she or her husband started any party without their parents arriving??sic!!!(is there any emoticon for Yuck??)  to this, our intelligent Satish said, jahan tak mein jaanta hoon Manav ko, yeh apne aai baba ke intezaar mein hai….. what a GENIUS GUESS!!! It definitely needed a rocket scientist brain to make a guess like that… and ofcourse a Mahaanta of Mr. Convenient  to do such a task….. That total scene deserved a ….Thumbs Down

Then came Savita Aai and Narad Baba….. She really showed great emotion in her eyes when she realized her son still thought her the most imp person in his life……..she innocently asked kyat u mujhe abhi bhi itna manta hai…..( I felt so sory for her ....since that was not the truthCry) Then our Mr. Convenient conveniently said, tere siva mere liye kaun ho sakta hai important Aaai……I felt sick to my stomach on seeing Mr. Convenient  fake love for her when actually he didn't even think of her…….

Savita gave the most natural performance today as a proud mom of her son and took opportunity to taunt Evil Rasika and say kaali nazar wala tera muh kaala…indirectly to her….. Clap Clap ClapRasika could not take and and wanted to force Vandu to come along back to their house…. Wise Ajit stopped her and she left in a huff..

Mr. Convenient thanked everyone who came there and apna Satish prophesized that he is a true business magnet material……(One who does not even know that money should be lent on signed stamp papers)…… and the former gave hom and ear to ear grin of approval and hugged him tightly like a soul bro……And said tumne mera saath humesha diya hai….yeh sab aapki good will ka nateeja hai……what about Ajit?? ShockedWhere does this leave him?? ShockedMr. Convenient again conveniently did not even mention about Ajith there, without who's help he could not have started the business in the first place…….


Ohh did I forget to mention Savita Aai's visit to the K house?? She was her natural best telling that she want's Sulo to be alive and kicking to fight with her and listen to her daughter's burayiaan……. She also confessed that she does not know pyaar ka language…. True…she does not have a candy coated speech but her intensions and heart is sure sweet……LOL

Precap:- Vishu is shoping (Where did she get money for that?) and Marwadi Mather sees her.. stops herand both are looking at each other with shock……But guys this is again an eye wash….kuch nahin hoyega……. Vaishu will give a silly lie as an excuse and Mather will buy it….. she will perhaps drag her home and Vaishu will go there like a Gangi Gow…will bells hanging her neck…… and live there till she finds a solution. How about Mather spotting Dharmu with Kudi and her son….??

This PR is such a drag!!!! I totally cant watch it any more…. But now I am kinda addicted to your feedbacks and comments and love the forums more than the Soap itself and so here I am commenting….

Hope CV's realize this and spice up the story to make the commentary's more worth while rather than PURE WASTE OF PRECIOUS TIME, which it is now……. I luv you guys to not communicate with ya through this site….

Take care and enjoi!!!

Chao DubleKwel….

Posted: 11 years ago
great post..

I think manav sounded very genuine when he told sav he wanted her blessing....didn't like the fact that he didn't think of her first.....

the cvs are trying to butcher his character again..

why was satish not thinking 'what is hell is going on'....he heard what sav said to dharmesh..he knows how dharmesh feels about manav...surely the warning bells must start..Angry

I think ajit shd have been mentioned at the ceremony...without him there would be no business..

liked how ajit deals with rasika....

shibu was also good...
Posted: 11 years ago
nice post..... esp the mandir part.. i remember how religious they were in the divorce phase..Wink

ajit should have been sidelined and manav shld have mentioned how ajit is helping him... bcos wen he was busy solving saali problems it was ajit slogging his a** out....

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