Ashu's Stress-buster AR mini last pt - pg22

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Posted: 11 years ago
Before anything Happy Eid Milad Un Nabi (S.A.W.)  (i know it was the 15th...)
pleasee everyone pray for me as well...i'll explain why in a bit...

Okay first of all - yes i know the title is strange, lekin haan this ff is my personal stress buster....
secondly - it's going to be like 90% fiction and maybe 10% my life.... a  bit... the major difference being i haven't met my armaan yet....

haan i know after reading the horrible aspects a lot of you may think ki wow ashu ki zindagi kitna horrible hain, lekin really it's not that bad - woh main sirf some aspects par focus karungi...

okay pehle woh main apne dosto se bhi yeh sab nahin kehsaka....i mean tum sab bhi meri dost ho, lekin u know what i mean right? aur well ab main tum sab se kahungi kyun ki well i need to let it before i start with the AR story i want to share my life and stress with you.....

bear with me as main koshish karungi hindi main bolne since i'm in my school library aur main nahin chata ke mere paas jo behta hain woh samjhe....

toh well jab main high school ke last year main enter karne wala tha (US main), tab pata chala ki mere papa ka ek BOHOT ache job offer mila hain - ek dusre country main...toh hum sab ne shift karliya tha...ab nearly 3 saal ho chuka hain ke we've been in this diff country - aur ab mere papa ke boss ko aur ko larahain uski position mere papa koi bura kaam ya kuch nahin kiya, infact everyone LOVES him aur nobody has ever done so well in such a short time! aur unke boss jo kare hain wel she is doing it all against policy aur well as she is the boss nobody can say papa uske job lose nahin kar rahe...lekin humme yeh bhi nahin pata ke where we are going next... i'm in college lekin mere family mujhe akela ek desh main rehne nahin denge...toh i have to leave in between aur go with them...kaha?  pata nahin...toh i can't even apply yet! i'm in a 3 year program here aur currently doing my 2nd year...kab jaana hain? woh bhi pata nahin...shayad march...shayad may....shayad june ye july? def. by july.... mere year june mein end hota hain...lekin agar we have to leave in march toh my entire semester is wasted! aur phir fall semester bhi wasted hain either way as i need to spend summer and fall applying to colleges...toh basically one year gap in between my studies...

now mere family BOHOT close hain, aur hum muslim bhi hain - toh no drinking, aur u know all the typical things. toh parties and such? not allowed...clubs? not not allowed...going out with friends just hanging out? well before we moved tab main un logo ke ghar jaa sakte the....occasionally, but like randomly hey let's do this! not allowed...ab toh i dont even go to my friend's houses here...only woh typical family wala parties...

main pagal hojaunga!!!!! i mean not knowing anything about my kaal kya hoga? hum kaha honge? kuch nahin pata! 

oh did i mention ke although humme nahin pata ke kab hum desh change in might be march...but possibly we have to change our house in this country? apparently the house we rented - well ghar ka mallik ka kuch strange chakar hain...toh.....

oh haan humme driver hain, security guard hain - hmm i know ki some of you are thinking wow what a life! lekin no it's like wow what a lack of privacy! i mean als o driver hain but phirbhi mere mom dad aata hain mujhe haar jaaga drop karne aur pick karne! - school main bhi!

i just ugrhjhgkjgerkg....okay after sharing all that, i've decided ki most of the story fiction hi honge, lekin small details here and there (a lot of which you may not notice) will be like my life...

anyways! here goes!

intro - look down
part 1 - look down
part 2 - page 6
part 3 - page 11
part 4 - page 14
part 5 - page 18
last part - page 22


intro - a bit boringish - but imp. as it introduces a basic background of ridz life thus far:

"Riddhima jaldi karo! humme jaldi jaana hain plane miss hojayenge!"
 "jee ma abhi aayi!"


RIddhima was so used to this now, but at the same time not at all! She wasn't just travelling - no she was moving....She had been doing this all her life....pehle toh it was just her house - a few times she had to shift schools, but no mostly they stayed in the same area...but phir ek din shashank, riddhima's dad, ko ek promotion mil gaya! aur it was so great for his career that riddhima was happy too! even if it meant moving countries and leaving everything else behind...haan she had grown up in the US, but then she moved to Bahamas (no guys that isn't where i live - nor have i ever lived there...). It was nice there. lekin it was different...bohot different.... at first dost banne mein bohot mushkil hogaya tha...she had to complete her final  year in high school there. she was sent to a private american school. woh school bohot chota tha...aur most of the kids were well bohot ameer log the...not the nice yeh sab bohot snobby the..infact teachers ko bhi bribe karte...aur sab riddhu ko lekar mazaak karte...riddhima smart the, sundar the, lekin woh date nahin karte, conservative kapre pente the, drink nahin karte, drugs nahin karte, sabke saath ghumne nahin chalte...parties main nahin chalte...toh sab use to make fun of her...kabhie unke samne nahin...lekin uske peeche haan...ridz ko sab pata tha...lekin wo kya karte? haan phir uske chote kuch log 11th grade main tha...unke saath ridz friends tha..well friends nahin really. lekin they were nice with her...aur ek do larka tha 12th main jo uske saath nice the...but woh sirf nice the kyun ke they thought ke they could date her....ek bohot cute aur hot bhi tha lekin ridz allowed nahin the date karne ke liye toh she never did....(yeh school wala aur dost wala saach hain)

Phir ridz college main chala gaya....well she went to the college in the same country while all her classmate went to the US....actually the larka toh went to ridz home state! 
College main at first ridz ko really zyada friends nahin tha...ek do larki were nice to her, aur sab larka bhi nice tha...lekin koi close dost nahin tha...phir second year main jaakar toh she made friends...bohot ache friends....haan they never went out together, lekin school main roz milte the...ridz khush the! (true!)

ridz dance karte the...well occasionally - she mainly coreographed while her little sister minnie and brother gappu danced with their dance school kids. ridz became good friends with those kids and their older siblings - who also danced...woh sab family ban gaye the...they didnt mind that ridz and anjali (ridz ka baari behen) were older than all of them!

In the meantime ridz ke sab us wala friends had grown apart from her...they had been away from each other so long, that even with facebook, blackberry chatitng, aim/msn sab kuch...they just drifted apart....

Phir achanak pata chala ke shashank ka job transfer hogaya! ( half true - pata nahin kaha jaana hain yet!) riddhu year finsih karsakta hain, lekin konsa college main admit karenge pata nahin kyun ke admissions ka deadline already pass ho chuka! 

lekin ridz khush the aur bohot excited the kyun ki woh India ja rahe the! papa ka kaam ke liye he sahe...lekin shayad waha she'll fit in more...shayad waha usko uski sapno ka raja miljaye? shayad...

haan toh bohot packing aur wagra ke baad ab ridz plane board karne waala hain - India ke liye...waha jaakar shashank kuch strings pull karne ka koshish karenge - to get ridz and anji admitted into college...

kya kar payega? pata nahin...lekin haan zarur koshish karenge...

part 1


riddhima woke up was only 5 am...earlier than she usually woke, but she just could not get back to sleep...

rid: hmm kya kar sakta hoon? thora unpacking? baaki sab toh so raha hain abhi...nahin unpacking nahin abhi abhi toh packing finish kiya tha...hmm jogging jaun? lekin mumma papa naraaz hojayenge...lekin hum toh ek complex main rehte hain aur frosty (their dog - shihtzu) ko toh walk pe le jaana hoga....haan i'll take frosty with me....aur i'll be back before they get up! haan perfect!

toh riddhima changes into yoga pants and a fitted tee-shirt aur puts frosty on his leash. 

She slowly tiptoes out of the house...

rid: haan ab kaha jao? right ya left? hmm i think ki right pe playground ya basketball court ya kuch tha? haan waha jaata hoon...

riddhima aur frosty dono jog karte karte basketball court poonch jaata hain

rid: wow frosty yeh court toh kaafi aacha hain! hmm dekho dekho yahaan toh ek  ball bhi hain! chalo main try karta hoon? basketball toh aata nahin mujhe...main toh sirf football khelsakta hoon...woh bhi american wala nahin....

riddhima ties frosty to the fence of the basketball court and messes around with the basketball. She dribbles a bit and take freeshots, suprisingly she makes most of them

"not bad miss basket"

riddhima was shocked to hear a guys voice! she had not expected to meet anyone there! 

Slowly she turns and is shocked to see the guy standing in front of her.

he was everything she was ever forbidden from...everything her parents told her to stay away from...large muscles, tattoos...but she was so captivated by him that it frightened her...

rid: woh..woh sorry i didn't know ki yahaan koi aur hain...

" hmm it's okay, waise i take it your new here? i'm armaan by the way. armaan mallik"

rid: riddhima...riddhima gupta...haan my family just flew in last night...we just moved to india...

arm: hmm toh miss gupta where do you go to school? i assume your in college?

rid: um haan, i'm going to go to mumbai university to try and get admission...

arm: hmm my dad is on the board of admissions, i'm sure he can pull some strings!

rid: omg that'd be so great! lekin actually woh i'm not supposed to be out right now..aur agar mumma papa ko pata chala toh...

arm: oh i see your point...hmm toh don't worry it'l be our little secret!

rid: thank you!

arm: waise, how about a one on one match?

rid: um mujhe actually khelna nahin aata...i was just messing around...

arm: i can teach you if you'd like? *takes a step closer to her*

rid: um maybe some other time...i have to go...before ghar main koi jag jaata hain...

arm: sure, btw cute dog, what's his name?

rid: thanks, um woh it's frosty

arm: i hope to see you and frosty again soon...

rid: bye...

with that riddhima and frosty literally run off without turning back...

once back in her room

rid: hmm use milkar why was i feeling so strange? bohat larke mil chuka hoon, lekin pata nahin....anyways if mama and papa catch me talking with him i'm so dead so....

Riddhima takes a quick shower and starts unpacking a bit before she makes breakfast for everyone. Soon everyone wakes up and they all spend sometime unpacking together when suddenly right before lunch their doorbell rings. They are confused as they don't know anybody yet. Riddhima opens the door and is shocked to see Armaan standing their with a huge grin. He was cleverly wearing a long sleeved button up shirt hiding his tattoos. Behind him is another guy - slightly older looking, but not much, a girl - slightly younger looking, and what seems to be their parents. 

arm: HI, I'm Armaan. Armaan mallik. Aur yeh hai mera bhai atul, aur meri choti behen nikki. Aur humare parents Billy aur Anaya mallik. 

rid: h..hi

just then padma and shashank come

sh: riddhima beta kaun hain?

rid: woh dad...

Billy: namaste bhai saab, We live two doors down. We noticed you all just moved in, so we came to welcome you and invite you over for lunch. I'm Billy Mallik and this my wife Anaya. These are our three kids Atul, Armaan, and Nikki. 

Shashank: Hi, that is so generous of you! We'd love to!  My name is Shashank, Shashank Gupta and this is my wife Padma. Children! (the other kids come rushing) and these are our kids Anjali, Riddhima, Gappu, and Minnie. 

Anaya: hmm btw it looks like you still have a lot of unpacking left! if you need any help after lunch we are all free! we'd love to help! and i'm sure armaan and atul can help arranging furniture and stuff! 

Padma: yes that'd be great! thank you so much! 

Anaya: no problem! so are you all ready for lunch? would you like to freshen up or anything?

anji: haan aunty, bas hum do minute mein aaye, chal ridzi, gappu, minnie - come on jaldi fresh ho jao.

rid: chal minnie i'll help you (minnie is 9, but babied by everyone)

atul: hmm so that's our house (points to it), we'll meet you there

shashank: sure beta, thank you all so much!

arm: no problem uncle!

Riddhima ran up and helped minnie get ready for lunch before heading to her room to change as well.

In her room:

ridz - thinking: hm what is it about him so captivating? and the way he was looking at ridz you need to keep your distance with him...mama and papa will not like it...haan...

riddhima quickly changes into a simple yellow churridar and checks herself in the mirror

hmm okay ab jaldi chalta hoon warna phirse sab meri wajase late hojayange...

Riddhima runs downstairs where luckily she realizes she beat anjali and padma..

soon they all head over to the mallik's.

at the mallik's:

Pad: thank you so much for inviting us over! we honestly had nothing ready for lunch! we were going to just order a pizza, but even then we weren't sure of the number!

An: hey it's no problem! what are neighbors for? waise i hope ki we become very good friends!

pad: i'm sure we will! 

an: waise tum sab kaunse school join karne wala ho?

anj: ji gappu aur mini tohh american school join karna wala hain, aur well riddhima and i are going to try to get admitted to mumbai university, but the deadline has passed so...

billy: mumbai university? what do you want to study?

anj: jee main international law, aur riddhima psychology

billy: if you'd like i could pull some strings for you...i mean i could speak with the dean of admissions if you'd like? get you admitted immediately in th fall term?

anj: omg uncle that'd be sooo amazing! but how will you pull that off?

billy: well your looking at the dean right now..

anj/rid:no way!

atul and armaan laugh while ridz gives armaan a meaningful glance as if to say you never mentioned he was the dean! armaan just smiles...

arm: hmm toh how old are you all? *meaningfully looks at ridz*

minnie: i'm 9!

arm: wow! tum toh bohot baari ho! hmm i have a feeling that you and me will be very good friends *winks*

gappu: i'll be 16 in a month

nikki: cool your only 2 years younger than me!

anj: i'm 23!

atul: hmm 2 years younger than me!

ridz: and i'm 20.

arm: hm 2 years younger than me....interesting how that worked

anj: hey can we ask you guys a favour?

arm: hey sure

rid: do you have a webcam?

arm: haan...kyun?

rid: woh actually we're really missing some friends from home...well the last country we were in and we promised to skype with them...they should be going online to check if we are on soon, but we don't have internet at home yet

arm: oh no problem, come you guys can use my computer. it's in my room. come on!

they all (anj, ridz, gappu, minnie, armaan, atul, and nikki) go up to armaan's room.

they log on and riddhima shrills!

rid: omg manisha's online! yes! *she clicks on her name calling her* 

suddenly manisha's face pops up! 



anj: toh kaise ho?

man: tom logo ke bina kaise rahunga? aadha adhura! how's india?

rid: it's nice, lekin tum sab ke bina toh hum bhi aadha adhura hain! omg suraj is on too! hold on lemme add him and let's three way!

man: haan

suddenly suraj's face pops sup

su: omg riddhu, anj, gaps, minners! i miss you guys!

A/R/G/M: we miss you too suraj! 

suddenly a 16 yr old boy and 9 yr old girl come and sit by manisha

vir: omg guys! i miss you all! gaps life isn;t the same without you!

dit: haan i miss you minners!

min: i miss you too dits!

everyone starts crying

rid: omg manish hows the prep for the show coming?

man: tumhari bina what show? without your coreographing, and gappu and minnie leading dance to it's chaos and i can't find anyone to sing with me...nobody is as good as you riddhu!

rid: what about tanzi?

man:  i need you babe! she sounds like a chimp in actually she sounds worse!

with that armaan/atul/nikki giggle

suraj: huh

man: who was that?

anj: oh actually we don't have internet yet at our place

gap: toh we are at our neighbors house

minnie: here see? *adjusts camera to fit everyone* this is atul bhaaiya, armaan bhaiya, and nikki didi

man/vir/dits/suraj: heyy

arm/at/nik: hii

man: hey guys please take care of our friends

suraj: haan esp. yeh ridz, she wont show anyone, but i can bet you she is the most depressed

man:yup aur i can tell you've been crying in the bathroom missing us again huh? i can't believe it's been 2 days! 

ridz starts crying more

rid: i miss you guys so much! yaar moving is so hard!

manisha starts crying too

man: i know yaar, we miss you tooo, aur  guess we all knew ki sooner or later you'd have to move, aur we will never lose contact okay! promise me we'll talk every single day by hook or crook? keep each other updated on EVERYTHING! EVERY LITTLE DETAIL! ooh talking about details, ridz we need to talk - on the will never believe what happened

rid: omg don't tell me

man: yes!!

rid: OMG NO WAY!

man: seriously!

rid: yaar not fair! right after i leave?

man: haha must be due to depression! whatever the case i'll take it! lol

sur: earth to best friends care to share?

man: not yet, but soon i promise guys! do you guys have cellphones yet?

rid: no not yet

gap: talk about torture lol! we kept our blackberries so the pin will be the same, just a diff phone number

vir: awesome

man: omg on a side note ridz have you met him yet?

rid: nahin yaar, i just got here! samay hi nahin mila! plus mama papa haven't let roam around yet

man: yaar not fair, lekin hain after you meet him do ask him if he's sure he wants to marry know if not i'm always willing

rid: no ways he is MINE

sur: and nicole?

rid: screw nicole...

arm: your getting married?

anj: omg armaan don't even get her started...these two are crazy! they are madly in love with karan singh grover...they have this crazy dream that ridz is going to meet him and sweep him of his feet and they will get married and live happily ever after...

arm: kya? your chasing an actor?

man: what? no he;s nnot just an actor! he;s so much more!

rid: haha dont worry we just joke about it...

arm: oh okay

man: does that mean i get him?

rid: no it does got sallu okay? im still heartbroken over that

man: hey it's sallu jeeju to you missy

anj: to clear confusion, these two girls split actors up so they dont argue over them, but salman, ksg, robert pattinson, and Paul Wesley always have them arguing 

nikki: hmm you two sound like my kind of people! i just LOVE THEM!

dits: uff mama just a minute na!

suraj: yes mama! bas ek minute!

anj: lemme guess mommy time?

man: yupp

rid: let me call our parents just a sec

riddhima brings padma and shashank so they chat with their friends for a bit too...even padma shed a few tears

rid: mama i'm gonna head home, maybe go sit at the park in the complex for a bit

pad: take anji with you

rid: nahin mama woh i want to be alone

anj: mama let her know ridzi na?

pad: alright lekin be careful

ridz: th..thanks mom

riddhima rushes out without even saying bye to any of the malliks

arm: everything okay?

anj: if i know my sister she will either go cry or sing now....probably both...esp after talking to the gang she's probably a bit emotional right now...

arm: hmm will she be alright?

gapp:yea don't worry

arm: sure...hey i  just realized i promised to drop by a friends house...i'll catch you guys later okay? i'll meet you all at your place to help unpack...i'll just be a couple minutes

at: why dont we all come with?

arm: dont worry, i promise to introduce you all soon, but this friend isn't well right now so...

anj: oh okay no problem...

armaan runs out and jogs over to the park where he hears singing, in the most beautiful voice he had ever heard...but doesn't see anyone

I used to think he walks into the park
I had the answers to everything,
But now I know he goes to the other side of the park
Life doesn't always go my way, yeah...
Feels like I'm caught in the middle
That's when I realize... he spots something on one far end by a tree

I'm not a girl, he realizes its riddhima sitting on the ground against a tree
Not yet a woman.
All I need is time, she is crying while singing
A moment that is mine,
While I'm in between. she has her eyes closed

[Verse 2]
I'm not a girl,
There is no need to protect me. looks up
It's time that I
Learn to face up to this on my own. armaan moves closer but hiding himself
I've seen so much more than you know now,
So don't tell me to shut my eyes. she opens her eyes

I'm not a girl,
But if you look at me closely, she gets up
You will see it my eyes.
This girl will always find he hides behind a tree
Her way.

I'm not a girl
(I'm not a girl don't tell me what to believe). she walks over slowly to a different area of the park
Not Yet a woman
(I'm just trying to find the woman in me, yeah).
All I need is time (All I need), she walks over to a swing/bench thing
A moment that is mine (That is mine),
While I'm in between. she sits down - still crying btw

I'm not a girl she puts her feet up
Not yet a woman
All I need is time (All I need), armaan goes behind her
A moment that is mine,
While I'm in between. she closes her eyes and wipes her tears

I'm not a girl, armaan goes closer
Not yet a woman riddhima opens her eyes and is shocked to see armaan

rid: ar...armaan? t..tum yahaan kya kareho?

armaan slowly leans forward and wipes her tear

arm: hmm i had a feeling that my new friend needed me...

rid: woah nahin i'm fine bas thora emotional ho gaya tha

armaan silently walks around the swing and sits next to her.
he doesn't say a word, just gives her a look, a look that says if you need to talk i'm here

riddhima didn't know why but she couldnt hold her emotions she once again broke into tears and found herself crying in Armaan's arms. 

armaan just slowly patted her back until she had calmed down...

riddhima spoke without moving

rid: i can't even explain ki why i'm crying...i'm not upset about moving i mean i knew ki we would sooner or later...i love travelling! i'm so happy for my dad that he's gotten his dream job! but im so confused! leaving all my friends behind, my life....everything...and i'm at such an akward stage too! like i'm not a little girl anymore...i'm not a teenager...i'm not a woman relly - no i dont feel like an adult really...i'm just lost somewhere in between...amongst this i have no idea what's happening in my life...i really  just i dont know...everything is just so overwhelming...i miss my friends and everything....i just...i'm so know one thing i hate about moving is having to remake start your life over again...anji, gappu, minnie they all  make friends so fast lekin i just....idk why lekin it takes me so long to be friends with someone....who knows will i even make any friends? will i fit in?

arm: hey look at me *lifts her face up and wipes her tears*, you've already made one friend haven't you? hmm? aur rahe baaki sab baat ki - well i can relate to the moving...i moved here from the US a few years ago...mushkil tha lekin i'm happy...i like it here....aur woah confusing age - we all go through it...bas everyone tackles it differently...just go with the flow...enjoy today! enjoy life and tomorrow will work out on its own! aur if you need anything main hoon na?


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Edited by ammy_ka_ashu - 11 years ago
Posted: 11 years ago
Hey ashu....omg this is I notice that some part of your life match mine... Update soon and I'm eagerly waiting for the complete part...Btw have I ever told you the you are an amazing writter...keep up the good work...
Posted: 11 years ago
Love the intro
Update soon n if u hav a pm list add me
Posted: 11 years ago
Originally posted by iceprincess101

Hey ashu....omg this is I notice that some part of your life match mine... Update soon and I'm eagerly waiting for the complete part...Btw have I ever told you the you are an amazing writter...keep up the good work...

aw thanks!
and what aspect matches?
Posted: 11 years ago
HEY ASHUUUUUUU!!!!!! Big smile
I really LOVEEEEEEEEE your FF! Wink
part 1 was awesome eventhough it was incomplete, Thumbs Up
i really loved it!!!! Clap
write more soon! Smile
Posted: 11 years ago
Originally posted by ammy_ka_ashu

Originally posted by iceprincess101

Hey ashu....omg this is I notice that some part of your life match mine... Update soon and I'm eagerly waiting for the complete part...Btw have I ever told you the you are an amazing writter...keep up the good work...

aw thanks!
and what aspect matches?

ur welcome....well for one thing my dad's business run in two diffenert counties so sometimes I'm here and other times I'm there...right now I'm in US...the other part is the muslim girl and all...also the friends part it's the same with me...well that mainly the things the match...
Posted: 11 years ago
gud job the concept is great
part of ur life is jus like mine
"how do you get out of the labyrinth of suffering"looking for alaska
tht is wat i wonder all the time cuz most of life is a test of suffering.

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