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Posted: 11 years ago

Epi starts with scene, where Sarja is still is hitting his boxing bag. Chandu comes there and asks his boys secretly whether Sarja will calm down. Boys nods negatively hinting him no hopes. Chandu says loudly "What yaar? You brought Biryani. I was getting smell in my house even". He slowly asks a boy whether Sarja dada had food. A boy slowly replies "No". Chandu tells him, "Why are you saying it slowly? Say it loudly" That boy realizes Chandu is up to something. He says loudly "No. Sarja didn't have food". Pakkya says, "He will not have too". Chandu adds "I know my Sarja dada. He will surely have this food. He can never say no to his Chandu" Pakkya says let's bet on this. I am sure Sarja will not have food. Chandu agrees for bet. He says I can bet for 100 Rs. Sarja dada will have food. Pakkya says I can pay 150 Rs. To you. I am sure Sarja won't have this food. Pakkya puts 150 Rs. On table. Chandu takes out his wallet and says if that is so, all money I have will be yours. He puts his wallet on table too. Chandu walks near to Sarja. Sarja is still taking out his anger on boxing box. (Its so painful to watch this CryCryCryCryCryCryCry)   Chandu tells Sarja lets have food. Its matter of my prestige. Sarja doesn't pay attention. Chandu says I will count till 10 only. Sarja still doesn't pay attention. Chandu starts counting....... One.. Two.... Three....Four........Five........Six........Seven.. Eight........ Chandu's confidence start going down. But Sarja doesn't turn. He is still busy in taking out his anger on boxing bag. Chandu slowly counts...... Nine........ Ten.........

Sarja doesn't turn. Pakkya smiles and is about to pick up money. Sarja holds boxing bag and says "Khabardar!!". He angrily looks at Pakkya and walks near to them. He warns "Khabardar! No one will touch Chandu's money". Sarja picks up chandu's wallet and 150rs and put it on Chandu's hand. He takes food from Chandu and seats on table to have it. Sarja says "And one more thing. I can never neglect what Chandu wants me to do" He starts having food. Chandu gives one flying kiss to Sarja. Chandu slowly returns money to Pakkya. He hints other boy to bring food from home. Boy runs upstairs. He sits down and smiles looking at Sarja.

(Very much cute scene. I told you na. Chandu and Sarja are having great onscreen chemistry as bro)

Sushila is in kitchen and cleaning the plate. She is again saying to herself. I made so much food, but see right now its complete waste. Her attention goes to Sarja's plate. She starts crying again. She continues, "This Sarja is complete animal. He lives like animal only. But animal also have feelings. But he doesn't have that even. When he will understand my feelings? How I could eat when he didn't had anything."

Maruti is reading newspaper in the hall. A boy secretly enters into kitchen without Maruti noticing him. Sushila is busy in work. Boy tells her to give chutney and onions for Sarja. Sushila understands he had food. She secretly prepares food plate for him without making noise and sends that along with boy. He secretly walks out. Sushila comes outside too. Maruti looks at her and asks her "What mother India? Have you managed to give food to him?" Sushila understands that Maruti knows about it. He asks her "Atleast have your food now!" She says "Let damu come, I will have after that". Sonali says there is no need to wait for them. They will have food outside. Sushila doesn't listen. Chandu walks inside house. Again Sonali's and his aankh-micholi starts. He asks her what happened? Sonali hints him, Sushila is not having food. Chandu walks into kitchen and brings food plate. He makes Sushila sits down forcefully and feed her. Sushila feeds Chandu and Sonali too.

Maruti is lying on bed. Chandu is busy in study. Sonali is reading some book. Damodar and Alka(Damu's wife) walks inside house (They are Marathi actors too). Alka says again "Aa gaye fir narak mein". Chandu asks Alka, "What happened Vahini(Bhabhi), entry and that too with anger" Alka replies him, what to do now? Everyone is talking about incident happened today. She came to know about what all Prabhatai said. What else Sarja do every day. Sonali is angry. She asks Alka, whatever Sarja dada does is tamasha but what she does every day? Nautanki? Chandu asks Sonali to keep silence but Sonali doesn't. Sonali says doesn't she understand that she doesn't like to stay in this house and loves to eat pop-corn outside. Alka replies why you are jealous if I enjoy with my husband. And moreover do you have peaceful dinner in this house? Every day I have to work in office and don't have peace at home even. There counter argument continues. Finally Maruti shouts to keep silence. He asks Damu to go inside his room and take Sunbaai(Daughter-in-law) with you. Damu and Alka goes inside their room. Sonali taunts them something and gets scolding from Maruti too.

Niru is shown in her room. Vishwa asks her when Holi is? Niru replies there is still time for Holi. Phagun month is yet to come. Vishwa starts again, you have brought me here. Now what will happen to our fields in village? We should return now. Niru somehow convinces Vishwa to stay back. Vishwa is upto something. Niru senses something wrong and asks him what are you planning? Vishwas says he will not tell anyone. Niru asks her not even me? He says no and runs outside. Niru is about to run after him but Albela comes in between. He asks Niru to give his Kurta. Niru is not willing but she gives it to Albela. Niru is about to go check Vishwa when Albela again stops her(What happened to his hand? Bandage??)

He tells her; she never understands his feelings. Niru looks at him irritatingly. Albela tells her at least she can give smile. Albela says he can do anything for her. If she needs any job then he can manage that even. He is still trying with his chance but Sharda comes. She asks him, what he is upto? She is observing that he is running after Niru all these days. She wants them to return to village but he is making all ways to stop them. Albela tries to avoid Sharda. He makes an excuse that he just came here to take his kurta. Sharda tells him, doesn't he understand that if two ladies are talking there is no need of him. Albela walks out. But he hides behind wall listening conversation between them. Sharda tells her why she is wasting time here for mental Buddha. Its better for her to return village and find some nice boy for her. Niru is irritated. She asks Sharda, why do you always call baba as mental? He is not mental. Sharda taunts her if she behaves like this, she will remain unmarried for lifetime. Niru says she is ready to stay unmarried for her father.

Alka and Damu is shown in their room. She asks Damu when we will get rid from this house? You know very well, neither Sarja nor Chandu is going to do anything. Everything is relying on you only. Damu asks her to keep silence for 4 months atleast. They have already booked house. Only thing is she needs to keep patience then both of them will shift to their new house. Alka is happy (I knew it. They are of no use)

Sharda is giving pravachan. When someone shouts "Fire. Fire". Sharda gets hyper and runs outside. Everyone else runs too. Everyone is shocked to see that Vishwa has lighten fire and he is throwing furniture, Sharda's stuff in holi saying "Holi jalao, Burai ko mitao" Niru is shocked looking at situation

Comment - Very good episode again. Damu and his wife are hopeless. As per new promo, Niru will tell Sharda that she will pay single penny to Sharda for her loss.But I am loving drama at heroes house more than at Niru's side.

Edited by darshana23 - 11 years ago
Posted: 11 years ago
Thanks Darsh!!

Highlights of the episode: 

Chandu- Sarja bonding..Totally loved it!

And Susheela giving food chupke chupke LOL

Maruti Rao hitting the TV...God, he couldn't even tolerate that cable wasn't coming despite of paying imandari ka paisa ROFL I kind of enjoyed it because of Chandu and Sonali's expressionsLOL They were cute Wink

4th, Sonali and her Bhabhi's arguments. Loved the girl when she stood for herself Big smile
Posted: 11 years ago
Thanks for the lovely update Darshu dii....

Such a sweet Sarja-Chandu moment.HugHeart....... i really loved Sarja's declaration.Embarrassed... that even if the world changes ... one thing will never change....... and ie he can never tell no to ChanduDay DreamingBlushing........and also the way Chandu blew a small flying kiss towards Sarja...Day Dreaming

Their mother....... felt really bad for herCry.... when she was telling herself that how can she eat when Sarja has not eatenOuchCry...... and also the way she gave food through Sachin to Sarja.... the way their father called her mother IndiaLOL....... and that as she has already given food to Sarja now she should eatWink....... as expected the older son & bhabhi are a terrorShockedAngryLOL.... but i would love to see Sarja and that bhabhi's equationWink..... it would be totally funnyLOL....... loved the way Sonali supported Sarja and stood up against her bhabhiEmbarrassed....... looks like not only will Sarja but Sonali also has a problem with that BhabhiEmbarrassedLOL..... matlab when it comes to troubling BhabhiWink....... both Sarja-Sonali will join handsEmbarrassedLOLWink........


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