BV - Feb 16th 2011 - Written Update

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Posted: 11 years ago
Jagya and Anandi sleep facing away from each other. They remember their argument. Gauri calls Jagya and he doesn't answer. In the morning Jagya wakes up to find that he is alone in the room. Room service comes in with cake for Jagya and says that Anandi had got cake for him the previous day and never asked to get it and he saw her going out just now. Jagya tells him to leave the cake and go. He looks at the cake and feels bad and cries.

Meanwhile Anandi is on the way to the airport. She remembers all her happy times with Jagya.Jagya sees the card that Anandi got him. Song plays as Anandi heads back. Jagya in college looking pre-occupied.

Anandi comes back home. DS and the bheendnis are very surprised to see her back so early. Anandi says she came back since Jagya's birthday was over. She says she got prasad from Mumbai's temples for DS. She lies that Jagya took her to the temples and misses the family. DS is happy. Sumitra asks Anandi why she came back. Anandi lies that Jagya wanted her to stay back as well, but she didn't want Jagya's studies to be affected and that Jagya took her everywhere.

G&S ask her details about Jagya's birthday. Anandi lies that they had a good time and that Jagya was very happy. She tells the women exactly what they want to hear.  The women are happy and leave to go to the temple. After they leave, Anandi goes to her room and cries.

Precap : Anandi yells at Nandu and Gehna sees this. Sumitra asks Anandi what happened in Mumbai that she is trying to hide

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Posted: 11 years ago
Thank you for the fab update...
Feel so bad for Anandi... :(
Posted: 11 years ago
Feel bad for her. I guess, she told everyone what they wanted to hear so that she cud get some time to think abt what to do next. Telling the truth would have made everyone upset and in any case not really resolved her current situation.

Hope she can figure out its - to each his/her own -  and so to find a route to enrich herself through education or whatever but not just rely on being a 'good beendni'
Posted: 11 years ago
Thanks for the update Priya...

Such a Boorrriiinngg epsiode....and Anandi is back to looking morose and crying again....back to sqaure one and being  "Sati Savitri" and "Mahaan" by hiding the truth about her Pati Parameshwar.....UghhhhhAngry, ....I dont feel any sympathy or any respect for such people !!! ....and what are CV's trying to prove here? trying to garner sympathy for Anandi by showing how big hearted she foot ! 

Rather than staying back, facing and questioning Jagya she just walked out...and now trying to be miss goody two praising him infront of everyone...seriously?? 

Today's gyaan at the end was also soo cheezy...

"Kyon apne pati ke katuvachanon se aahat aur prachodit hokar bhi naari samaaj mein uski buraayi ujaagar nahin karna chahati....kyon??"

Ans:  Kyonki aisi naariyan "Bewakoof" hothi hai LOL

What message are the CV's trying to give here?? that all the women should follow Anandi's footsteps and be a sacrificial demi goddess??  we aren't living in stone age Mr. Creative Head..Angry

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Posted: 11 years ago
Divs, I agree, if my hubby doesn't do dishes to 2 days, I am all jumpy calling him a donkey and lazy lump and what not LOL and here Anandi is trying to protect Jagya. I am hoping that SUmitra is able to get the truth out of her tomorrow. If B&S find out, Jagya ki khair nahi.

For a change, it was nice to see Jagya atleast feeling a little guilty and ignoring Gauri instead of looking like a lovesick puppy..BTW, where is Makhan????
Posted: 11 years ago
Why why why did they show Anandi be a mahaan doormat? And why did she walk away from Jagya without a clear resolution? Now she will sit and wonder what he might be doing, and shed more tears ! Aaaargh !
Posted: 11 years ago

my post on the last update dint get posted only..stupid net connection..anyways,i agree totally wid divz both yest and today..yes anandi was right in yelling at jagya (finally,may i add) bt not abt leaving her studies..tht was her own idiocy..and jagya was the staunchest opposer to the ridiculous if she has to blame sum1 for it,its herself..

and today as we all had expected she is back to being the bharatiya naari who will not say anything abt her 'pati parmeshwar'..go ahead dear,just sit and cry while he is romancing in the rainbows wid the other girl he is cheating as well..
Posted: 11 years ago
No new twists in mumbai,no more drama.Ermm. Anandi back home as dutiful beendni  in crying mode..Now she has no problem lying either ,what happened to  anandi's ideal of never lying -Ab naak nahi  phoolegii iski?Shocked jhooth pe jhooth ..Shocked
jagya  ,now he seems sad and guilty, but isn't this what he wantedD'oh -anandi leaving quietly without revealing all his lies..he is SOoo  confused ..Confused
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