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Posted: 11 years ago
Hey Guys welcome to this week's DLMH

"Discussion Of The Week"

This week's topic is "Love"!!!

Though the show has a political backdrop, one of the major tracks on the show is love.Between Nandini and Abhishek, Alka and Ralph, and Chander's love for Alka. Not to forget NNT and Savitri's love for Alka and Abhi, Chander's Dad's love for him, Abhi's love for his sister Alka.

So, as Valentine's Day has just gone by, what are your views on love??Any kind of love not only between a couple!Sibling love, parental love, love for your pet, for your belongings.Why do you love what you love?Is there a reason behind your loving that someone special or that favourite t-shirt??How far would you go to get what you love?? And the list could go on and spread the love!
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Posted: 11 years ago
res...I will think and I really wonder if Love is like how they show in the know, all colourful and stuff...?Day Dreaming Love is when you understand someone..they become a part of your lives, such an important part that you can't imagie life without them. You want to be with them as much as protect them, trust them, have faith in them....yeah thats all I can think ofLOLEdited by Suvi7884 - 11 years ago
Posted: 11 years ago
Views on loveHmm.gif

Apart from the parental love, sibling love, and love for my husband (couple love) I love two is my daughter and the other is gardening!

My love for my is not easy to write up what I have for her, but those who have kids will know the feelings better. A mother's love for her kid is never measurable and no one will know the depth of it. She is the only reason why I smile, live and fight against all the hardships in life.

The other thing is I love gardening. Most of you won't know more about my country, which is very small and only common trees grow here cos of the climate. I loved the garden my mom had when I was a kid....she used to grow various kinds of roses and different types of flowers....I still remember how much I hate some kids for plucking flowers from our gardenLOL

Now as I live with my immediate family, we don't have much space for gardening....but I still grow and look after few plants in potsOuch and every time I go for vacation they become so dead....but still I don't give up, I start all over and grow more...I could never sleep if I don't smell fresh flowers in my I buy from the florists, when I don't have in my small gardenSmile

P.S. I hope you won't be bored to read my loooooong post!
Posted: 11 years ago
love is all about care and responsibility.Love needs no definition.
Posted: 11 years ago
LOVE is friendship.Pyaar dosti hai!!Everyone has heard this dialogue Im sure but I really think its true.If the person you love can be your best friend there's nothing like it!Someone who understands you,cares for you-like bina bole sab samajh jaye types!

At the same time love for one's siblings that is a very special bond.the people with whom we live with our most significant time of our life-childhood.The ones we fight with the most and the one we love the most too! There is no match to the relation shared with one's siblings!

Posted: 11 years ago
Guys please post your views!!
Topic acha nahi laga kya?Cry
Posted: 11 years ago
acha hai, bahaut acha haiSmile

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