Plus and Minus points of 14/2 episode

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Posted: 11 years ago
The track these days seem to captivate our attention quite well; like a dying candle , flickering and trying to  burn  the last wick, brightly and glowing..
Yesterdays episode was filled with some good and some bad scenes...
The good or the plus points;
1) When Sacchi came to the kitchen, to appreciate the cook,Shravan managed to ward of showing his face; avoiding shock to her..
2) His replies, very touching and trying to convey that she is indeed his wife..
3) Dadhi and Neetha full of emotional tears but holding them in check, least Saachi sees something amiss..
4)The bonding of Dadhi and Potha, bringing tears to one's eyes..
5)The total concern and dedication of Shravan in taking care of his wife, bearing in mind her delicate health..
6)So many other small things that can be said on and on
The minuses or bad points;
1)Saachi behaving senselessly, saying that she dosent want to see shravan's face nor speak to him..
2) Insisting she wants to leave the house that very moment..
3) The useless mama,instead of trying to know what happened venting  his anger and warning shravan..
4) on the whole mama and bhanji ; their reactions towards Shravan was likeAngryConfused
Your take on this guys
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Posted: 11 years ago

Yes, Maris, you have correctly, pointed out the scenes (good n bad) .

Saachi's personality surely seems to have undergone a drastic change. She is no longer the timid, demure and shy girl, we had all seen, before her wedding. Regarding mama, the less said the better. All in all ,I hope she regains her memory as soon as possible, because her behaviour, irkes me to the core.
Posted: 11 years ago
Maris, you've mentioned them all perfectly but one more thing I really LIKED about yesterday's episode was the part where Shravan is laying outside Sanchi's room holding a mirror in his hand. Day DreamingThat part totally touched my heart as it was such a treat to watch Shravan adoring Sanchi through the reflection.Day Dreaming

Apart from that, everything has been mentioned above in your analysis!Embarrassed
Posted: 11 years ago
well said maris......
shravan has scored a very rank in all our minds wid his this attitude that is so emotional n lovable n adorable..............
saachi's condition n her charactor makes me pity her......she has got a lovable hubby.......but she's unaware of his love n dedication 2wards her........
anyway ydays epi....acc 2 me it was all shravan..........but now i want bac his old cheerful face.......
Posted: 11 years ago
I just couldn't stop myself from just wandering and dreaming ever since Dadi's and Shravan's conversation...Where she was saying tum dono ki jodi banii rahe and seriously i was liek..Could it be a hint that there's gonna be a 2nd season of BHPH...If yes,i lurve you Dadi...And oh boy,Dadi is indeed the best dadi and Shravan's the best potha and best pati!!!
Lurved both of them yesterday...And surprisingly i saw a lil leniency and understanding nature in junglee mama yesterday when he talked to Shravan in the end...

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