Dilon kay rastay dil se dil tak part 13 on page 4

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Posted: 11 years ago
Wink hi friend this is one of my ff  here is the old link
dilon kay rasatay dil se dil tak
and today part and a gift 4 u all :

Sorry friends updating my ffs after a really long time but this is a valentine gift 4  u all hope u all like it and plz do leave ur comments I will be honured

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part 12 :page 2

part 13 : page 4Wink







Part 11:



Nupur is wearing blue saree nt full and heavily dressed like a bridal but she was like simple but beautiful bride .she was standing at the window looking at the birds sitting at the tree infront of the window ,the birds were sitting together and singing in their own sweet voice which was some feeling in nupur but why was this happeing she hate man then why fews lines said by mayank were making so big imoact on her but then she heard a knock on the door and she moved maynk love thoughts away and opned the door and saw pritha standing with a breakfast tary in her hand with a smile .


Nupur let her in the room ,pritha puttes the tray on the table and hugged nupur tightly .nupur gt confused but smiled simply .pritha relised nupur from the hugs and say" thanks nupur  4 coming into our life and secially mayank life , he is so simple and caring person .juts takecare of him he has only u and his brother only never let him fall apart "


Nupur just moved his head in yes but she didn't knew why she was saying yes to pritha 4 a promise she is never going to meant?

Pritha leaves the room by saying come down in half because she has to go a pag paiary ki rasam at her mayaka .

Nupur was lost again why  she is this man effecting her , is he true or same bloody crap of men cast ?

But then mayank came from the washroom wearing casual trouser with a t shirt  and he saw nupur standing at the window  .he was about to moved toward her but then he saw a proper suit 4 him layed ob the bed  and her shoes on the floor and he smiled to himself that nupur is already started her wife duties and started caring 4 him .mayank moved toward nupur and stood behind her but saw nupur lost somewhere and he puts his hand on nupur shoulder and she turns like she got sacred but the turn made mayank sad because he saw tears rolling on nupur cheeks .nupur saw mayank standing behind her and looking at her tears and she tried to remived the tears by her hand but in the middle mayan hand were on her cheeks and he took the tears in his hand and looked at nupur and nupur saw the same tears in his eyes and was just staring at mayank.

"yeh ansu kyun nupur , tum tik hona yahan"says mayank

"who '.who '''mein '''..mama"says nupur she couldn't complete the sentence

"tum royo mat pur hum abhi jayin gayi mama kay pass .mein ik ansu bhi nahi daik sakta in chand si palkon mein"says mayank

"who bhabi nasta day kar gayi hian who ap karain phir pad pairon kay liyay humein mama kay pass jana hai  aur who apka suit bhi nikal diya hai meinay par agar apko pasand''.."saying nupuy but mayank putted a hand on her lips and says"tumhey jo pasnad hain who meri pasand hai kyun ki meri pasand tum ho aur meri sundar si princess  ki pasand bhi sundar hi hai right,princess"

Nupur cheek goes red and she look here and there which didn't go unnoticed by mayank and to relief the enviriment 4 nupur he says" waisay aj nasta bhabhi ne apki pasand ka banay hai "and nupur simply smiles

They get dressed and mayank is waiting  nuupur downstair meanwhile he has areday given order to everyone specially samar and pritha not to him and not infront of nupur u see newly [email protected]

They all are waiting 4 nupur and then heard payal sound coming from staires wearin red saree wit matching jewellery and he was just starring nupur and was admiring her beauty





She came downstairs and mayank was still staring at her  and nupur was looking down because everyone was looking at them and mayank recives a elboe from samar and samar say"sharam kar behsharam teri hi biwi hai sab jay samney gurna band kar aur nuour ko shraminda mat kar bechari sharam se lal ho rahi hai  romeo"

And mayank looks at nupur who is red  and mayank says"ouch ' and nupur moves toward maynk but stops herself as it was a joke but mayank notice her feeling but to not further emabris her more they moves toward the cars and leaves 4 nupur house.



Everyone is realyy hapy 4 the pag pairey ki rasam and specilly he mother  but someone is nt in deep tension and that person is gunjun and she wants to see hr di now and then they geard car horn and gunjun and their mother goses towards the door and saw mayank and nupur standing at the door  .Nupur see gunjun face whixh is totally balnked  as she knew this was the next phase of her plan to convince hr own her sister 4 the dangerous plan





What are the plan of the Nupur to test the marriage?gunun is ready to end some one dreams to make her sister feel satified? Nupur having affect of mayank is true or just pretending  by nupur to move the plan at next level?is mayank going to know about nupur plan?


hope u all will like it
Edited by maria_awan - 11 years ago
Posted: 11 years ago
tht was sooooooooooo niceeeeeeeeee i hope soon nupur in love and her plan to hurt mayank got fail coz i want mayur love and want to see sajan as well
Posted: 11 years ago

am so happy that u updated it dear....

it was awesome..
loved it.....
happy valentines day dear..and thatnx a lot 4 ur gift........................
Posted: 11 years ago
Happy Valentine's Day dear.
 awesome part. loved it.
 continue soon.
Posted: 11 years ago
Hi Maria
Nice update
loved it

maynk is so sweet and caring
i hope nups will give a chance to mayank
thanx a lot for ur valentine gift
plz this time try to cont this ff

Posted: 11 years ago
m soo happy that u hav updated
i loved the update
eager to know Nupur's plan
waiting eagerly for the next update
continue soon
nd plzzzzzzzzzzz add me to ur pm list Smile
Edited by Favouriteofall - 11 years ago
Posted: 11 years ago
Originally posted by Shafoo

tht was sooooooooooo niceeeeeeeeee i hope soon nupur in love and her plan to hurt mayank got fail coz i want mayur love and want to see sajan as well
thanks shafoo nupur is getting into love but the plan is important 4 her otherwise she will not trust mayank ever in her lifeWink
Posted: 11 years ago
Originally posted by achoose

am so happy that u updated it dear....

it was awesome..
loved it.....
happy valentines day dear..and thatnx a lot 4 ur gift........................
thanks achoose u like it

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