Monday Feb 14th Update- Jhansi Ki Rani arises

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Posted: 11 years ago

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Posted: 11 years ago
Thank you for the lovely update Meli. Hope you have a Heart Valentine's Day!

Instead of a lovey-dovey epi we got an adi-thadi epi! LOL For once, Thulasi is the Star of the episode! Congrats ClapClapClap... I was so impressed by her today. Though I always sensed Thulasi had a little bit of Jackie Chan in her, never did I think she would be as fierce as TA! So when her maanam or loved ones are threatened, she rises turns Bathrakaali. I only wish Charu had seen that, she may have backed off TA out of fear ROFLROFL

As for Mr. & Mrs. TA being more like Mr.& Mrs. Tube-light, I kind of forgive them today. I too was a tube-light as I didn't realize that IF had hearts on the Background until now, I was like something is different but couldn't put my finger on it...D'oh

I have no idea what is going to happen, but what a way to start the week! Wink
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Posted: 11 years ago
Thanks Meli for the Wonderful Update & Super Comments!!!

TA didn't even notice Deepa/Kalyani's arrival...good thing Sudha let them know about Thulasi is in GW's house....psychovukku most important work irukkam and she is very very busy...that's holding TA's hand and athai izhuthukuttu hall fulla azhaiyirathu...just like that pulling toy that kids use when they start to walk....kodumai....poor TA's hand is going to get hurt...psycho please vangannu izhukira izhuvai irukke...his wrist bone is going to displace...she better not drag TA at 1am saying please vaanga so she can introduce him to the wedding hall watchman and people around that area...i am remembering Charu when ever i hear the word please LOL.

Wow Thulasi is that's you? omg the way she got out of auto...and the way she dodge when he try to hit to go Thulasi and she wont hesitate to do anything or even kill anyone who harm her hubby...she bravely chased him with out worrying about her self the only thing she remembered was the pain that TA went through because of stabbing...GW/Charu must see this Thulasi...i hope they will one day....i am starting to think as someone said yesterday...will TA go to station and say its not him..then killer will call VR and say what happened in station....then VR will go to hall to stop the wedding as he knows that he is completely safe as TA back stepped thinking about Lav's marriage...b/c he still firmly saying he wont come to hall...if TA say this, then again its going to be Thulasi who will get hurt because of the killer as Theiva Akka said several weeks ago. stabber is not going to leave Thulasi that easily that's for sure....

Director decided not to give viewers some break from Charu/GW's eye to eye romance.   Stupid Charu is going to stay beside TA on all pictures...she and her disgusting pose...then we need to see her talking to that photos in few weeks.....GW overa living in dream world....enna oru ugly smile and eye contact between Charu and GW...heights of irritation...Kumaran we hope you will put a full stop to this disgusting track pretty soon...TA why are you not using your brain..she is your wife..cant you call her at least...i wonder if he will ever know that his mom planned to leave Thulasi at her house so she can make Charu to be close to him and she didn't even bother sending anyone...

Charu got heart broken when she heard that her Athai sent someone so Thulasi can come to hall....if GW truly did that Charu should have killed her on the spot or faint...GW'kku TA and Charuvai serthu parkum pothu cant control her happiness'am..but poor viewers'kku cant control their kolai veri....this GW still calling Thulasi as eloped girl...whats her name for supporting Charu for the sake of money?...and whats the name of Charu for wanting TA even after knowing he loves Thulasi madly?..
omg i again ended up writing a essay lol...
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Posted: 11 years ago

Thanks for the wonderful updates!!!

Deepa looked so cute today!!!  Aiyoooo...Charu locking her arms around Tamil and dragging him everywhere was just unbearable to watch!!!   But to me, it looked more like a sister dragging her brother around and annoying him.  Yay!!!  Sudha did something useful for a change!!!  She was awesome today!!!  But then again, Deepa and Kalyani are really smart and they figured everything out themselves.....but sill good job Sudha.

VR thinking on the sofa was hilarious!!!  He lost it completely today!!  Confirmed Psycho who needs to go to the hospital asap!!  He just hates this wedding so much!  I'm still wondering if may do something later.

Awww...Kutimaa!!  She is so innocent and cute, taking care of the velaku so well.  Simple, pretty, cute, etc, etc.  But as usual, she did not believe Deepa and Kalyani at first.  The dialogues for Deepa and Kalyani were so funny!!!!  Look how she still believes that GW!!    Thank goodness that Deepa is a smart thinker....she handled the situation perfectly and brought Tulasi along. 

Part 3 was super duper!!!  Both Tulasi and the killer were right beside each other.  He gave himself a self appu by talking, making Tulasi to see him.  The little flashback was sad...but the anger on her face was priceless!!  She grabs his shirt and gets out on the wrong side of the auto was fun to watch.  Again, Deepa the smart one calls the police to follow them.  Tulasi ran super cool today.  I loved her bravery and even though the guy had a huge stick she was so mart and ducked so fast!!  It looks like Tamil needs to get some self defence lessons from her.  I can go on and on to praise our Kuttima!!!

Chaaa...Charu (did not like her outfit) standing beside Tamil and smiling was so disgusting, and it was even disgusting to see his mom smiling at them both!  So looks like in some cultures the reception comes before the wedding....which means that the wedding may stop!!  Please stop the Lav and GW and Charu deserve that.

Tamil, is starting to make me mad at him.  He should go and bring Tulasi instead of listening to his stupid mom!!!  Can we expect a bike scene…of course not…  Man....I wanted Tulasi to stand beside him!!  And the very last scene was........My goodness, those two can't live without each other!!!!

It's still a bit confusing from the promo as to what will happen, because everyone is on the phone talking.  Also, now I don't think that Tamil will get the killer arrested, as he does not want the wedding to stop.  I clearly remember GW blaming that it was Tulasi who set someone to kill Tamil.  I want to see her face when she finds out that it was VR all along.  Also, where are Bhuvana/ Laxman/ Sundari?  Will they come tomorrow??  MM is already at the wedding but he is are they gonna meet in the morning?

A good start to the week though...Tulasi was the best today (Congrats Sruti!!!!).  Let's see what happens next.

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!!

Posted: 11 years ago
Thank you Aahaana for the nice update with a very much suitable title,

I loved todays episode for Thulasi's angerBig smile..!! She was just superb and that really shows her love towards TAEmbarrassed, I really liked when she jumped out of auto from the other side and held the killer and the way she ran was superb..Wink!! So nowadays they are showing Thulasi's love towards TA as they showed TA's love before..!! Smile

Yeah today really Thulasi was the star of the show.Star.. By seeing the second part of Thulasi's i really don't get to remember the first and third part...Deepa's presence of mind was superbClap... Even when running she got reminded of informing police..!!Star
The way Thulasi fought with that killer was like a true heroine character..!! Wink And it was also little shocking that Thulasi was so brave..!!Shocked

I think in tomorrow's episode she will inform about this to TA..And now if TA gets to know that killer tried to kill Thulasi, I cannot even think what he will do to the killer..!!LOL

GW is just too irritatingAngry..!! Why is TA again believing his mom's emo blackmail??..!! Ouch And it was most irritating when Charu held her beloved athai's face in joy..!!AngryAngryAngry

Deepa and Kalyani were great..!! True friendship can be seen in them..!! Really superb..!! Clap

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Posted: 11 years ago
Thanks For The Super Update Aahaana Smile
Deep&kalyani Also Rock today ClapClapClap
Our Jaansi rani IS Super rocksClapClapClap today "enna kopamdaa saami" LOLLOLi can not wait tomorrow episode beacause i want see TA & VR reactions.

Posted: 11 years ago
Thanks Meli for the super update!Big smile

Sudha has done a favour to us and Thulasi. T's friends were the right ones to inform about GW's plan. That was a short cute scene between T&D&K. Awww so cute Thulasi actually misses TA and he too misses her besides him in the wedding hall. I think soon TA will get irritated with Charu's behaviour and run away whenever he sees her....avlo thollai kodukkara avanukku Angry

WOW are the Star of today's episode Thumbs she jumped out of that auto and ran and that too in Saari. The last thing i want TA to do is lying abt not knowing the stabber.....if he does so...he is going to make his wife a fool infront of everyone in police station whereas his wife almost risked her life for to find her hubby's stabber....i hope he does not lie for the sake of his sister's life. He better should calm her down and explain her the situation. 

Grrrr GW &C...athungalum athunga romance um......wish them to go to hell after this wedding hall's epis. Yes you unwantedly told TA that your wife is gonna come to the mandap....this is gonna happen as a super shock to you both Ouch. I want TA to bring her in his bike to the wedding hall.Somebody pls arrange an ambulance....coz either one of them is gonna heart attack or is gg to faint.....even better if both go together to Kilpauk and can continue their romance with other mentals.....ange irukkara mentals ivanga romance paathu kandippa thappichu odiduvaanga......avlo kodumai Dead

Posted: 11 years ago
Thanks for the Wonderful Update Meli.

Charu can you please take your hand off from TA's hand? he know how to walk & he dont need your help. Deepa & Kalyani are good at judging people along with Sudha. The way how Deepa made Thulasi agree to come to hall was so sweet, Thulasi flattens when she hear the name of her hubby.

Thulasi stole the show. She was just too awesome, this episode plus that episode with Vishwa shows how Thulasi will react when someone try to harm her loved ones. This girl forgot herself soon after she saw the killer, the way she got out from that auto plus chasing that killer, Wow Thulasi, that was great. I wish TA saw this or at-least Charu, if Charu saw this, she would have dreamed herself in that killers spot. Charu will probably get broom stick treatment pretty soon.

TA better not lie to police that its not the stabber that stabbed him, but with this rate i think this is what going to happen. Then Thulasi will get very angry towards him for telling lie in the station, but if he say so he also should tell thulasi the rest of the story on how he arranged Lav's marriage. Stabber will plot Thulasi soon as he kept staring her when police was dragging him so there are a lot of chances that TA might lie in the station.

I think TA is going to rush to station with out telling anyone after Thulasi calls him, then our psycho will search him and call him nonstop & will make his friends to call too. After sorting everything TA will comeback with Thulasi, then psycho & GW will get heart attack.
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