February 14 2011 written update

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Posted: 11 years ago
hello people,

This is the update. I've tried to make it as detailed as possible and i hope you guys can make out what i wrote. im really sorry for the wait. i've had classes since 7:30 this morning and im still at school :( so this was done at school for you guys. i love pratibha in this episode thought. damakaydar thappar. lol.

The scene starts off with Abha declaring that she will not sit in the pooja. Everyone is shocked. Pratibha quickly asks why wont she sit in the pooja. Abha explains, "don't think that im ignoring your desision, i just think in the pooja why does the son and daughter-in-law have to sit in the pooja. Why not daughter and son-in-law. The daughter has the same rights as the son in her fathers house. Mom, it wont be wrong if in the pooja, kanika and prakash sit".  Pratibha smiles and explains that nothing will be wrong, but the reason will change. Prakash is the son-in-law of the family and kanika is the daughter. After marriage, there is nothing more for the daughter than her husbands home. The pooja is for the shanti of the house. Abha agrees, "you are right. For a daughter, her husbands house is everything. But so is her maayka , where she played and grew up, capable of being equal to her husband. Dont kanika and prakash want shanti to be in this house? " Everyone smiles proudly. "a daughter prays just as much for peace in her home and the peace in her sasural". Sasurji agrees, and declares that kanika and prakash will do the pooja. Abha is relieved.


Everyone is sitting for the pooja. Panditji's are doing the magic. Abha turns to look at "Karan", and sees that he is sleeping. She shakes him awake. All of the sudden, karans phone rings, with the ringtone "Sheila ki jawani" playing.  Karan is embarrassed and picks it up saying, "hello, are you crazy to phone. I'll tell you later" Abha grabs the phone from Sidarth and turns it off. Everyone looks on.  Arti starts, and abha takes a glance at Sidarth, and finds that he is sleeping again. Abha pinches him and he wakes up. Pratibha turns to look at yasho, who is standing behind her. Pratibha recalls yasho's threat, and is a bit scared. Abha sees this and comes to glare at Yasho, and takes pratibha away from there.  Everyone does the pooja. Sidarthji turns to look at Abha, who is standing next to him, and asks, "is any relationship normal in your house." Abha is mad and tells him to look ahead.  Vinod silently lets abha know to take the plate of pooja (taali). Abha is nervous and looks at Sidarth. Sidarth smiles and gets the taali from vinod. Abha decides in her mind that she will not do the aarti without karan and doesn't move from her spot. Pratibha  guides abha to Sidarth and he looks at her as if to take the taali. Abha has flashbacks of karan. Sidarth gives the tray to abha and abha looks at him.

PRECAP: Yasho is demanding to know who Ranchod Tiwari is. She then asks Pratibha if Ranchod is not the illegimate child of Sasurji. Pratibha is furious and screams Yashodara!  And slaps Her across the face.

Abha is about to take the tray but "accidently" burns her hand and runs away telling "karan" to do the aarti without her.

Everyone is giving blessings to Prakash and kanika. Then abha and Sidarth comes for blessings. Pratibha tells them to give her a grandson. Abha is shocked. Sidarth smiles and asks abha where she will get the fake grandson from. Abha glares at him. Yasho looks on. Karan sits down with 10 bananas against a pole. Sasurji thanks thakur that he came with the family to the pooja. Thakur smiles and says family is together in happiness and sadness. Abha sees Sidarth sitting against the pole eating banana's and gets mad. CP smiles and tells pratibha that she is happy to see her in the family with proper recognition and responsibilities. Pratibha says if anything good is happening, it is because of your daughter. Abha looks up. Thakurs are proud. Pratibha praises Abha. Shelly and Yasho are jealous. Abha is furious at Sidarth, but gives Prasad to CP for Sanskar and Sanya. She sees Kanika and goes to her telling her that after marriage that she hasn't come to stay at Swarn Bhavan after marriage, will you stay? Everyone is happy but Thakurs. Yasho intervenes saying that how will you keep kanika at home, everything is under renovations, even im in the storage room. Kanika is Shocked, and says who touched my room? She doesn't want any changes. Abha agrees. Kanika smiles at Abha.

Vinod suggests that even prakash should stay. Kanika's face falls down.  Prakash refuses, then sidarth says stay. Everyone is shocked. Prakash says work, Sidarth cuts him off saying "what work, leave it. Stay we will have fun." Everyone is still shocked. Sidarth tries to persuade prakash and gives him the banana's, telling him to eat them.  Abha clears her throat, and glares at him. Sidarth is nervous and explains what he means. Sasurji agrees. Yasho is shocked.  Panditji's wife murmers to herself that which room will she get, whatever she will get will be better than her house. Panditji asks if he should send her to S.B as abha's dowry. Thakurs politely refuse, saying that the S.B is now theirs. Yasho says that it would be nice if you stayed. CP snaps that "its not right if they stay at their daughters sasural. You stay here." She hugs Abha. Yasho angrily goes away to abha's room. Yasho walks around and thinks that everything is her fault. abha is very smart and she has everyone wrapped around her finger. She worries that Abha will take Dushant and Devyani out and she will be alone. Yasho decides to find something that will separate the house into 2 sides. Realization dawns in her mind with one word, Ranchod. She has to find out about Ranchod. Who is he? He is the only one who can make her plan work. Who would  know about this. She plans to get pratibha to tell her, and then tell everyone that half of S.B belongs to ranchod, then everyone will split.

PRECAP: Yasho is asking to know who Ranchod Tiwari is. She then sneers at Pratibha if Ranchod is not the illegimate child of Sasurji. Pratibha is furious and screams Yashodara! 

Pratibha is ordering the servants to do stuff. Yasho comes and asks if she is very happy today, her family is together. Pratibha says "Whatever mistakes you've done, are not capable to be forgiven. Look everyone is happy. We can still be happy. I can forgive you. Lets start again". Yasho says, "really, and what would be my status? The other woman, who lives on her sisters money? I don't want it. I want to rule S.B. I want its respect, status and money. And the dreams that your dreaming, i wont  let them succeed. Give me the papers that karan was supposed to sign" Pratibha says that those papers were burned at the temple. Yasho is shocked. Pratibha continues, "maybe god wants us to be happy together. That why he burnt them." Yasho Accuses Pratibha that she burnt them. She continues, " Papers can be made again. I cant trust you anymore. Well, if not karans signature, then how about ranchod's?" Pratibha is shocked. Pratibha asks "how do you know Ranchod". Yasho says that she doesn't know him but wants to know who he is. The person who owns half of S.B. she then asks "is he your husbands illegitimate child???" Pratibha is furious and yells Yashodara! And slaps her across the face. Yasho is angry and says that she will remember this and wont let her forget. Abha comes. She says, "if mom forgets then i will remind her what status you have! If she had slapped you earlier then this wouldn't have happened, and if papa had heard what you were saying then he would have thrown you out." She then takes pratibha away. Yasho thinks that this slap will cost pratibha a lot, and that she has to get to ranchod before abha.

Sidarth is texting with a cigarette in his mouth.  Abha fights with him and asks him what he is doing. Sidarth says its 300 messages. Abha is astonished and asks who would send you 300 messages. Sidarth says "my "Ma". She has to know everything. She's crazy.Everything. And if i don't respond then im screwed." Abha is curious and asks, "She's that strict?" Sidarth says yes, and she will show up anywhere, he continues that he is lucky she isn't at Ujjain yet.

We see a ladys feet.

Abha asks again, "She really is that strict?" Sidarth compares Ma to hitler.  Abha says, "and your like this? She must get mad with your clothes".

We see the lady again walking.

Abha says, " and by your talks, i think that she must be a proper woman" Sidarth looks up.

We the skirt and long hair. She bumps into someone and yells at him, accusing that he's trying to take a chance.

Abha continues, "she must do pooja every day and you?" Sidarth runs away and sits down.  Abha compares his ma to him thinking that ma is sidarths mother.

The lady steps on someones foot and the guy yells "cant you see", the girl turns around (we see her lips) and swears at him. She goes to a rickshaw and tells the driver to go to S.B.

Abha says that mothers are like that. She cant live without her kids. "Theres a mother in this house waiting for her son. Waiting for Karan. I have to go to Mumbai to find out where he is." Sidarth Agrees. And they go to book tickets.

The girl gets off the rickshaw and walks into swarn bavan. We finally see her face. Sidarth walks in and the girl runs into his arms. Everyone is shocked. Abha is petrified.

TOMORROW: Yasho asks sidarth who the girl is.  Everyone is curious. Yasho continues to say why is she calling him Sidarth.

Episode ends.

well??? please comment and if you like it then click the magic button lol....

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Take your time we'll be waiting.
Posted: 11 years ago
thank you for lovely update
Posted: 11 years ago
thank you 4 nice update
Posted: 11 years ago
Thanks for doing the update.

I know that you have an exam tomorrow. I will try my best to fill in for you, but I can't promise. I'm going through a rough phase right now. My friend just passed away yesterday and I'm still in shock. But I'll try to update, otherwise someone else is free to update for me!
Posted: 11 years ago
Thanks for the update... Clap
Posted: 11 years ago
thanks for the great update
Posted: 11 years ago
Originally posted by Cutiepie Rani

Thanks for doing the update.

I know that you have an exam tomorrow. I will try my best to fill in for you, but I can't promise. I'm going through a rough phase right now. My friend just passed away yesterday and I'm still in shock. But I'll try to update, otherwise someone else is free to update for me!

Dont worry about it. Ill do the update. U just take of ur self and let me know if u want me to update for the rest of the week. Take care.

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