Parul/Surabhi should be strong

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Posted: 11 years ago
I hope the creatives do not make Parul's character rona dhona...

I want her character to be strong and face injustice well

She has respect for her inlaws, but at teh same time when something is going wrong she should stand up and face it.

She seems a little timid..Lets see how the character turns out !

She dose'nt seem to be wearing the gungat while the other bahu is wearing !!

Posted: 11 years ago
lol shnati ghoongat nahi hai acha hi hai but yes i want her strong...strong and stand up against injustice warna i may skip this show..already language of some of characters is making me rethink my thoughts about watching the showErmm
Posted: 11 years ago
nice thread shanti, i hope her character is strong too, but rona dhona is what gets the trps, so expect buckets of tears.
Posted: 11 years ago
hope.... surbi will be strong..... and wating to see a superb acting form our parul....
Posted: 11 years ago

@shanti...parul is talented no doubt about it..

 watching the show and her character sketch it seems she is the docile bahu respecting her in laws and also very scared.
now with the twist coming her bro will again change hiscolors towards his wife meaning sister of expect some more insult and tears for surbhi..
so i just hope parul's character as surbhi is not wasted in the show already concept is so complicated..both families seems at each other's throat..
lets hope there is a change in her character and she becomes more strong to face injustice..gosh even abhay too seems so scared of his parents.
lets see how her character is developped later and hope she does not end up only doing romantic scene..another thing parul needs more dialogues in the show to express her feelings.pain etc not only when she is with abhay she  has a few dialogues.
Posted: 11 years ago
Yes Surbhi should be a strong character.SmileI don't want Parul to cry ,she should stand up and oppose the injustice.Smile
Posted: 11 years ago
Yaar shanti dii, I feel in the near future we wont find a changed surbi.Confused Par dii have you ever seen a bahu who is not docile or demure like surbi?????? All the female characters are protrayed this way to improve  the trps I guess.. Ragini, sadana, tulsi, sakshi and many more. There may be drastic change in surbi par not now........... May be in futrue. Ek bath to hai dii ki colors channel mai ladies ko aise he demure docile agyakari zulam sahene wali  he dikahthe hai , so dont expect a change tto fast.LOL

 I am just happy ke parul got a meaty role and I have full faith in her ki she will do full justice to her character.Thumbs Up and i can see her everyday.Embarrassed
Posted: 11 years ago
agree wid u....................Smile

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