akward transition

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Posted: 11 years ago
hey was it me or did anyone feel like the transition between arjuhi fighting and then arohi asking if arjun will remember her was weird... i mean i know they feel for one another but i feel the writers oculd've put in another dialouge that would've made the transition easier..
Posted: 11 years ago

i kinda like it when they feel the love between all this war :-)

there is hope!

Posted: 11 years ago
@ desigrl05 Yes i agree with you 100% the transition was very poor putting in another sentence something like arohi saying

 "do you make all memories with you girl friends like you did with me, then forget about them? will you think of me"

Something along those lines could have saved this blunder.

Posted: 11 years ago
^^yeah i was hoping arohi would say something like 'are one of those cards for me 'or somehting else ..but it was just stop and go
Posted: 11 years ago
havent seen epi but from readin it sounds weird
but will say my opinion after watchign it
Posted: 11 years ago
saw it and i agree
it was like all of a sudden
they should have made it better but yeah
it was like to show that they will still think about each other..b ut it could haev done better yeah
Posted: 11 years ago
i dont think it was sudden cuz it shows how they are always subconsciously thinking abotu each otehr. and arohi was jealous probz when he said he wud invite all those girls and she asked if u wud think about me? so yeha it makes perfect sense to me.
Posted: 11 years ago
After reading your post i watched  the episode again for like the 5th time lol and i agree with you. i wish they had one  more sentence between that too. it didn't flaw at all. i think the editors need to be more careful as we (India forum mohabatians ) are  pros when it comes to anything about KMH! lol

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