The most awaited proposal !!!!

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Posted: 11 years ago
Hello PRians Hug

We saw Sushant proposing our girl Ankita, that too was so romantic with lots of emotions running through ...( even we were equally nervous)

I am very happy for Sushant and Ankita, DancingHug
Finally this is it!!!!!!!!

It was so lovable to see a boy proposing girl, 
First he sets his untidy hair after his performance, so that he dont look 'bad', while proposing that was so adorable, just like a simple guy will do, even though Ankita accepts him with what he is......Embarrassed
And Anki punching him every now and then, LOL she was so shy at that moment, obviously anybody will...Embarrassed

Sushant, 'Jo main pichle saath janam nahi keh paya, agle saath minute mein ye kehna chahta hoon, ki Main agle saath janam tumhara saath dena chahta hoon'ClapClapClap

Anki replied, 'I love you too kukoo"....Blushing
And after a little push by PC to get more vocal, Ankita saying that main 'tumse shaadi karne ko taiyaar hoon'ShockedPartyDancing
That was a surprise for me coz Sushant proposed but Anki was also in no mood to hide her emotions, well emotions are to be expressed Heart

Congratulations Sushant and Ankita for your future
They are surely our 'Rab ne bana di jodi'Star

So lets party guys love is set in the air......HugHug

P.S I cant forget to mention pleaseeeeeee vote for Sushant and Ankita Big smile
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Posted: 11 years ago
Yes Sonii.
It was so Lovable.And we were on the moon Day Dreaming and Party on seeing our Love Birds proposal.

So Happy here.And cant express how Happy I was.
Really feeling so Happy for them.
And especially on seeing Anki's reaction,she seemed too emotional.And she was so sweet
And Hug for opening this thread sonii sweetu.

Posted: 11 years ago
The Proposal
OMG, OMG, OMG .....
Don' t have words ...just don't know what to say .It was so beautiful was so romantic .Thank you Sushant , than kyou so much for giving us this special valentine treat .
What a beautiful boy he is ..just look at the way he  fixed his hair , he wants to look good for her genuine and so romantic ..
I swear the first thought that came in my head was ' please God let something  like  this happen for my boys too ' .....LOL
They will make fun of me if they read what I am saying ..
He was so lovely  and Ankita , what can I say for her ...for the first time  , the  girl was at a loss for words ..she was so  shy and was hiding her face .Her shyness was so natural and genuine ...She looked lovely  .I am so happy that she did not waste even  one second to say yes ....She has fallen very very hard for him , one can tell with the way she was behaving ...
Many many congratulations to both of them .Hope they have a beautiful life together and thanks a lot for sharing  their special moment with us .Our blessings  will always be with them  now ....
And thanks to the judges for pushing Ankita to give the right answer and not just I love you Kuku ......( what an adorable pet name she has for him ) .....nope , she  has said the   M   word and that was what I wanted to hear .....
I am very happy  for both of them ......HeartHeartHeart
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Posted: 11 years ago
anki just dug her face into sushant's chest ..Blushing
This time i didnt even aww.. I mean I did .. but soundlessly .. i just mouthed aww the whole time that i was watching...
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Posted: 11 years ago
I have never seen Ankita this shy . She was just hiding in him or hiding her face .The part I loved best was his kissing her hand .... BlushingEdited by Tanyaz - 11 years ago
Posted: 11 years ago

Like a gentleman Sushant took the charge today, waited for the right time, without any waste of time, bol diya Dancing

Me too never saw Anki so shy, guess any girl will be after the proposal, she was just herself, straight to the point!!!

There was no point accepting denying, as they both know what feelings they have for each other and reacted in that way

Then the hug Day Dreaming she wanted to hide herself in his arms so that no one see her blushing the emotions pouring through her eyes....

I am very happy day ended for uson happy note, 
God bless them !!!
Posted: 11 years ago
@Tanya Di: Nicely written Di.The feel the way you expressed was Good.Exactly what we all felt.

@Sonii: Yes Anki was too shy and we have never seen her like that.we know her as a Bindass one.
This side of hers,really sweet. Her reaction to sushant was so cute,lovely.
Both were sweet and lovable today.

Actually Liking sushant more for making us see this adorable scene.
Thank you Sushant for making us feel Happy with the way you proposed to Anki.
Posted: 11 years ago
Very happy for Sushant and Ankita, they are more than good friends now
Sushant was so keen to say whatever is in his heart, and everything went well......

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