Is the touch lost?

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Posted: 11 years ago
Dear Friends,
Am I missing out something or are any of you feeling the same....well Nakusha could hear Dutta when she was away from him, she knew he was on the other side of the phone without him making a sound but once they were in the car, while Nakusha was senseless, Dutta inspite of touching her did not realise her presence...I felt it would have been appropriate he trying to show his concern, asking Seema how she knows her, indirectly asking maybe how she looks like...nothing that sort happened....somehow I feel everything is there but the touch is missing, the pull is not there, some scenes you love to watch again and again I am sorry for last one month there is not a single scene which I would like to rewind and watch including today' it me only or many of you are feeling the Tin
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Posted: 11 years ago
I think maybe you feel that way, cause we have been Tasha-less for a while. They are both physically debilitated at the moment...hence though Dutta can probably sense her being around, he may be feeling that its just his imagination.
The story is moving..maybe not as fast as we would have hoped...but it is moving.
I am hopeful of a good week :)
Posted: 11 years ago
hey jayati,

same here dear....... the intensity is gone i think..... or might b its becos of the stress from LTL issuesLOLLOLLOLLOL

seriously for the last 30 to 40 days, there have never been any intense scenes...... even i felt D n N can feel each other when far apart, but when near, they didnt...... when S told, N is searching for her husband they showed as if D got a doubt..... he should have askd S her friend's name........ that would have done it....... oh god, these CVs na, najaane kya kya ideas hey unke dimaag me.........

Posted: 11 years ago
As I mentioned in another post since Jan I havent downloaded an epi. I usually download any good epi...but nothing has inspired me to do so this year. The touch has been missing for the past month.
Posted: 11 years ago

I have been thinking the same ... it is a blooper again .

Why did not she call to him again ... nd why did he remain silent
I was like this at first when she called out  DancingDancingPartyand the next  moment D'ohD'ohD'oh... Nahi ... 
Posted: 11 years ago
Hey Tin,
Yep , have the same feeling, we get Tasha in the same car , but somehow the magic was missing.
Maybe they are doing it for the benefit of Seema, since until now Dutta has not mentioned about his wife.......just the one line , that she does'nt have the Haq anymore. And Dutta does'nt talk to seema unless it is even though he senses something, he does'nt question her regarding her friend..... maybe he just attributes it to his health....
I watch some old clips sometime and they are so damn good.....never get tired of re-watching them. Hope we get similar scenes in the future.....Kash yeh CVs hamare purane LTL waapis dheydhey.......
Posted: 11 years ago
let the truth be spoken!LOL and what you have said is soo true. there isnt one sence which has hooked me over these lasts months..for god sakes if she is at the other side of the wall...shout dutta!!! dutta always has steaks of crazy anger now would have been the time.!!
Posted: 11 years ago
Nope the touch is not lost

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