Devil's Den : The return of the Dev-il

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Posted: 11 years ago

Firstly wish u all a very happy valentine's day.....

my jaap here... :)
No Maan-Dev faceoff.... :(
Maan just decides to take back geet to delhi so that she doesnt see Dev again as she will get stressed if she comes to know that dev is really in shimla...
yipeeeee AA love story.... arjun actually showing concern for annie.....
this gal is just toooo much.... poor maan is trying to convince her into going back to delhi as he doesnt want her to see dev but this gal..... she is just too keen on sightseeing in shimla.... first these 2 din wanna come for HM n now Geet doesnt wanna go back home... lol.... Ms Hoshiarpur express just doesnt let Maan speak....she just goes off to get ready for sightseeing......
Annie - wake up call by Manav.... arjun tries calling both n finds both fones r busy.... is wondering whether they both r speaking to each other...
Manav is now flirting with annie... trying to hint at his interest.... lol...WinkLOLLOLLOL.... Annie today wants to meet at KC office.....
Arjun calls Annie and is irked that annie was talking to manav...
Maan tries to look sick so that geet will stay in the room but this gal is just too much...she is hell bent on goign out... asks maan if he is pregnant..... gosh this gal acts like a 5 yr old..all in the name of pregnancy mood swings..... lol.....AngryLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOL
seeing that she wont concede defeat, maan gets ready to take her out..... on the way out he sees dev n tells him that whatever dev is doing can nvr hv good intentions..... hmmmm why do i feel that some day Geet might forgive dev but Maan will nvr forgive dev ....
well makeup man.... AngryAngryAngryAngryAngry...... so much surma for maan again......AngryAngryAngryAngry.... y doesnt the make man understand that GC has nice eyes....let them be natural..... soooo much kajal.... Geet was searching for her kajal pencil.... now was that to re-do GC's kajal??? ConfusedConfusedConfusedConfused
Maan-Geet r back from kufri ...n geet is back with ballons.... she's immitating Maan.... n then we get chup bilkul chup finger on her lip.... i love it when maan does that to geet... n then again maan cornering geet..... hmmm...almost kiss n a ballon so no kiss again.... LOLLOLLOL
finally Geet sees that maan is really worried bout something... she sees the change in him when they were at kufri n now at the hotel.... but maan doesnt tell her anything n just says he is tired so wants to eat food in the room.... geet is ordering for room service but as fone isnt working, she goes to the reception to order as she doesnt wanna make maan do it...
Geet at reception counter.... .... hmmmmm so i guess she will meet Dev..... Dev -Geet confrontation .... i have a feeling that maan will come out of washroom n see that geet is mising so he will go in search of her... will find her face to face with dev...... wow... maan-geet-dev confrontation..... me likey likey....
Arjun comes to meet annie at KC... they r discussing work when manav comes... arjun is evidently J of manav's frndliness to annie.... as per precap, arjun will see manav checking out annie.... hmmmmmm
The story is moving ahead ... it wud be good if they dont show Geet so OTT.. else am liking the AA track and also Dev's re-entry.....
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Posted: 11 years ago


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Posted: 11 years ago
- Geet making fun of Maan and his nautanki.
- Geet's nautanki after coming back from the invisible "hills". Loved her mock impression of Stalker King.
- Moron Maan and his 100,000,000 almost kiss attempt...I'm always a sucker for the bedroom eyes. :P

- Most of it.
- No continuation of Dev's confrontation with Maan. So he just walked away? Really? *two thumbs down*
- What kind of honeymoon was that? The ride there was fun and romantic, but once we got there it was pretty much a snooze. Not only that...they never even stepped out of the hotel premises.
- Have the CV's been trying to put the puzzle together and somehow failed? I felt like i was watching random scenes with complete lack of good flow and continuation.
- Annie and her green dress - she ask Arjun "you like it, don't you?" now where in the world did that come from? Also that horrible BG score when he tells her she should have worn pink needs to forever erased from our memories.

Anyways, I just wasted 6 minutes writing this...not gonna waste anymore.

Overall - Snooze fest. Sleepy Edited by Ann.A - 11 years ago
Posted: 11 years ago
 - New jeans for MSK and new style of shirt too.  For Arjun & Annie naya clothes as well?  Did someone finally wake up in wardrobe?  If so, how about some new nightware for Maaneet's moon talks?Geek

- DD rocks in her impersonation of Maan.  

- MSK took his little girl to the Mountaintop and bought her balloons!  Tomorrow he will do her pigtails and teach her to color with crayons.Sleepy   Sex is no no!  But, is "fun" banned by pour PH budget as well? Day 1 we get pool becoz CVs ve Shimla confused with Goa, Day 2 - Shimla becomes Dubai and Maaneet go shoppingROFL  Day 3 - We are told about an imaginary hilltopErmm  Guess they can't even afford the snowmaker!  

-  Dev haunts Maaneet and Jas Karan de Bhoot haunts Editing Department.  Maan & Dev played ringa-ringa-roses scene is edited or maybe undeveloped by MaanVez and dwarfs carry Annie to the couch.  

- Geet gestation is soon going to match real elephants.  . Before audience ditches your soap make a decision already  MC ya Baby.  I vote for Baby!  It is the Dor linking DevNT and Maaneet.  I suggest u keep it.  Its also emblematic of the triumph of Good over Evil in this story.  Geet losing baby wud be MSK's abject failure.  Do leap of few months if u need to or MC if you want to. Watever.    
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Posted: 11 years ago

So where do I begin?  Umm let me think.Ermm How about be begin where you didn't begin today, i.e. Maan-Dev confrontation.Stern Smile  After that dramatic spin cycle you give us nothing? Nothing?!! Stern Smile Don't you think you owe us a something if not a dramatic confrontation, after all that migraine inducing camera work? Apparently not! How can Maan walk away without smacking Dev, given how much he loathes him?Confused Did you figure that not showing anything was better than a flop? What a cop-out, good job CVs.  I have better idea, be creative and come up with a kicka$$ screenplay.Sleepy

The episode was not much to talk about.Sleepy For some reason I felt disconnected from the episode. Well, who am I kidding, I know exact reason for this feeling. The episode had no flow, due to poor editing. Are the editors on vacation or just on sleeping pills? After the first few minutes I was trying to figure out between night and day and left and right. All thanks to editing department's sheer brilliance. ClapPinch

Maan and Geet scenes, when we got to see them occasionally, were cute. Seriously, it was like watching Dumb, Dumber and Dumbest. There is so much you can laugh at crap for crap's sake. Since when did we sign up watch the kids play wedding planner, and suck at it? Confused Coming back to maaneet, Maan's concern for Geet is endearing. The poor dude didn't sleep at all. LOL Loved watching Geet call out Maan on his  nautanki and her impersonation of him.  DD was awesome. 


This accident track or has loads of potential if executed properly. This means Dev turns evil and the baby remains untouched. 


Maan and Arjun sporting new jeans!  Dark jeans are always flattering, helps you hide those trouble making hips.  LOL You know what else helps? Going up a size Big smileROFL

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Posted: 11 years ago
Happy Valentines day to allEmbarrassed
My Short take for today since nothing much happenedErmm
About the episode today..I hv mixed feelingsErmm....I liked the Maaneet parts but majority was once again AA-TrackOuch...
Coming to the Maaneet parts...I liked how MSK showed his care and concern for Geet..he just cannot see her sad or depressed and so he made sure she avoids Dev at any costEmbarrassed...but MSK just cannot lie in front of GeetLOLEmbarrassed...ok we may argue that Geet was acting silly....but I guess any wife will act the same on their honeymoon forcing the hubby to take her out for sightseeingLOLEmbarrassed..So for me those Maaneet scenes were quite cute since I love the way Geet shows her authority over MSK and even MSK lets her dominate him in privateEmbarrassed
Also Geet's talk regarding MSK getting pregnency mood swings was hilariousROFLROFLROFL...Barry did a good job thereBig smile...Also loved the one dialogue at night where Geet in her sleep casulally said "Maan Sone aaiye na" thats a typical wife calling out for her hubby on the bedTongue...Also loved the scene where Geet uses her hair to tickle MSK ka nose while he was sleeping..these r cute and natural moments between a hubby-wifeThumbs Up
I was not too satisfied with MSK-Dev confrontationOuch...first toh I was expecting their confrontation right in the beginning of the episodeAngry which they din't showOuch...later when MSK goes to Dev to tell him to stay away from them till they r in the hotel,I liked MSK ka attitude there especially when he says u can never do anything goodThumbs Up..but I wish they had shown a bit long confrontation between the two with some strong dialogues coming out from Dev's mouth as wellErmm...This whole confrontation scene was suppose to b the high piont of today's episode but it turned out to b a filler amongst those Arjun-Annie-Manav nonsenseConfusedOuch..and this is the problem with Geet series..they always falter during their main high pointsAngryOuch
When the episode was on..noone noticed the written precap which clearly indicated some Anhoni in Maaneet's lifeBig smile....and its none other than MSK ka accident....the accident will b shown to bring Dev back in KM and why ...I can give away now...but lets wait and watchLOL...but this is done not because GC is taking vacation..he is not taking any vacationLOL,..its done to bring the drama and story element back in the showApprove
AA-Part was blah for meOuch...and since half of the episode was dedicated to I hv mixed feelings from the episodeConfused....CVs r giving more footage to AA-Track could only mean one thing that soon the track will wind up once MSK meets with an accident and Dev enters KM to start the new trackBig smile...
PS:MSK ka bedroom eyes r always a killerEmbarrassedEmbarrassed..and he looked hot in white todayEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
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Posted: 11 years ago
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Posted: 11 years ago
ok.... I liked the episode guess why??

1, I dont watch AAM  ( arjun, annie, manav)Scenes Confused

2, i am getting mutated into a GCM??Ouch

3, i like BEDROOM eyes of a certain someone?Heart

4,I like a school gal behavior of GITH?LOL

5, i like Dev's specs?ROFL

Yes its All true,,,,ROFL y? because we can only watch it ,,,cant correct then y should we boil our blood and crib?? chillax.......and watch out the mein.....ROFLROFLROFL

The things i liked..

1, Geet telling maan "sone aiye Naa?ROFL my Gosh.. gal spilled it her selves....Ab toh Bhawnao ko samjho MSK...ROFL

2, Good Morning ....Exercise ....and maan's sone ka Natak...

3, geet Diagnosing Maan's Pregnancy .ROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL

4, and that.......mmmmmmmmmmmmm ............mmmmmmmmmm..............mmmmmmmmmm well samajh toh aap gaye hon gay???ROFL i am talking about bathroom errrrrrrrr bedroom eyes...ROFLROFLROFLROFL

5, dev's character consistency he gave no expression and said only BRO..ROFL

Things i did not like:

1, how?? how ? how dare they made his excellency Mr. Maan singh Khurana's BD a peon??ROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL hell man... you could have made him a client,, some catering wala,,, dulhan ka bhai... but Peon??? that tooo of AA?ROFL such disrespect to the BD of MSK?? i cant handle it...ROFLROFLROFL

2, Annie brings her Ram Leela ke bandars to KC?? kyon??? baap ka raaj ha kya?? or KC is a subh place for eye locks, catch practicing etc??ROFLROFL

3,, how can two guys fall for one NE??? and noone fell for moi???CryCryCry.... bohat na-insafi ha

4, and whats wrong with AA regroW*H  of love??? they are behaving as if they are falling for each other just now.... they remind me of a famous promotional line of a popular serial it was like.."shadi ke baad shuru hogi meri prem kahani.... which can be applied on AA like "CON ke baad shuru hogi meri prem kahani"ROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL

5, Dadi doesn't know  where their Khandan ki izzat (NE) is lotaofying her izzat these days??ROFLROFLROFL
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