KMH2- 14th February 2011 Written Update

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Posted: 11 years ago

itani Mohabbat Hai
14th February Written Update
Arohi gets out of the car and she tells arjun that you proved your words right and you did hit my car. Then arjun tells her that i dont just talk of nothing. Then arohi goes back to her car and gets the bottle out and gives it to arjun saying that i took this to celebrate your loss but i dont need it anymore. Arjun then tells her that you've learned after losing everytime. Arjun then drinks it and says nice. Arohi says i'll have to call the tow people and just then police comes there. Arjun looks around and sees the police. Arohi goes towards them and tells them how arjun drank and hit her car. Arjun tells them that i didnt do that i hit her car and then drank. Arohi tells him who does that and arjun tells her that you tricked me. Arohi then says that did i tell you to do that and arjun says no. Then the police says do you know each other and arjun says yea she's my wife and she's bringing personal issuses here. The police then tell them that whatever you'll say say it at the station.
Rudra is waiting for Arjun to come and just then Arjun comes and tells Rudra that he cant kiddnap that guy has he's on house arrest. Then he tells him how if he steps out of the house they will track him and arrest him. Rudra tells him if he's crazy and what is he doing. Then arohi comes inside and says that i'll tell you that, your son hit my car after drinking. Then Arjun says that i did hit the car but i drank after. Rudra then tells him that i think that your still high. Arohi starts to laugh and Arjun is about to go behind her but Arohi runs out and tells him that you cant across this remember. Rudra then goes to Arjun and tells him that this thing is getting out of hand now and i tho you wouldnt let this effect our work but for the first time im disappointed in you. Billu trys to talk to arjun but he tells him to go home. Arohi then goes to arjun and says what happened dad yelled at you and then says now you'll have to look after Raj for 2 days. Then she says that i won this by a huge margin and leaves. Arjun then says that you think you won but no you didnt i'll make this 2 days hell for you.
Arjun and arohi are sleeping when Arjun puts his hand around arohi and arohi thinks its raj and tells him to leave and arjun thinks that its Raj too and tells him to leave his hand. Arjun then opens his eyes and finds out that its arohi and arohi tells Arjun thinking that he Raj to go brush his teeth and take off his clothes and she'll come. Arjun then says that you still think of me that way and arohi opens her eyes and lets go of his hand. Arohi then say that you were trying to take advantage of me and arjun says i didnt you did you were holding my hand and you told me to take my clothes off and that you'll see me in the bathroom. Arohi says that i thought that it was raj and arjun says that i thought it was valentine's day effect and goes back to his side and sleeps. Arohi sees a gift and looks at arjun and then opens the gift and its a catcus inside and she sees other gifts and goes to them. She reads the note on top of the gift. Arohi thinks that he brought her a sports car and opens it to find a weight machine. Arohi then sees a card and it says never be my valentine..... I hate you.... Arjun. Arohi then looks at arjun and tells him how dare he ruin her valentine's day and then says that i'll throw all this gifts away and when i come back i'll throw you in the dustbin. Arjun gets up and says that happy valentine's to you arohi and people gets gifts the way they are.
Arjun then sees a gift on his drawer and picks it up and it says Happy Valentine's day arohi. Arjun opens the gift and its a book on how to commit suicide and then he sees the card and it reads that do use the book and never be my valentine.... I hate you. Arjun then says that first of all i'll throw this in the dustbin and then throw arohi in there too. Arjun and arohi start to hit each other when Dadi comes there and tells them that today is Valentine's day and she asks them if they all her and they say yes and dadi says that i want you 2 to stay with other each as my gift. Arohi says im not hanging with him you gave me a catcus and arjun tells dadi that arohi gave him a book on how to commit suicide. Then they both look at each other and start to fight. Dadi holds their ears and tells them to be quiet and then arohi tells dadi that you told me to be a mom not a wife. Arjun then says that im not staying with her not today. Dadi then says that whatever is written in fate will happen and if its you guys not staying together then nothing i do will work and then says that its in the destiny.
After dadi leaves Arohi says that i have plans today i'll celebrate with my friends and you cant cuz if you go then the police will catch you. Arjun then says i like lonelyness and you know why i like it when no one is home because i'll throw a party with all my ex girlfriends. Arjun then tells her that i'll call all my ex girlfriends one by one and after one goes the other will come. Then he calls romit and takes the cards from Romit. Arohi then says that i have a lot of cards too and where im going there will be a lot of hot guys. Then arohi goes near the door and then asks arjun if he'll think about her and arjun remembers all the moments spend together. Then arohi says no and then she says that i'll take your car and dont leave the house or you'll be arrested.
Arohi is dressed and is about to leave but the mail guy comes and says that arjun forgot to write the addresses and arohi writes them. Then arjun upstairs is on phone and tells someone to do this for him. Then arohi says have fun downstairs and arjun says Time for games arohi upstairs.
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Thanks for the update!
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Thanks for the update !Smile
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Thanks for the update.

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