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Posted: 11 years ago

Welcome back,''Mohabbatians'', to show ''Kitani Mohabbat Hain'' iss show se by sharing the analysis and constructive critics and comments;
However, not to forget few rules.

1. No actor or character bashing.
2. No derogatory terms to be used.
3. Keep the discussion off of issues not concerned with this forum.
4. Feedbacks appreciated not sarcasm or digs at the actors and the show.
5. Do NOT quote more than 3 times.
6. First page of the lounge can be reserved only for takes, NO conversations.

"Format, name and rules exclusively for KMH forum"

Note:Permission given by the KMH2 Dev team.


before we start with the analysis & discussions, i have few important links to share..
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lets show hume kitani mohabbat hai se kitani mohabbat hai.Big smile

link to previous thread:

Lastly, Happy Valentine's Day once again friendsHug

P.S. dad will be here anytime, so i opened the thread early today, sorry :)

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Posted: 11 years ago
HeartHeart Happy Valentine's Day HeartHeart

ya guyz me thinking why i reserved today too.. but chalo koi nahi.. CVs ki band bajane me aaj koi dukh nahi hoga mujhe..AngryEvil Smile

ok will accept that it was fun to watch. but still NOT mollified regarding the story trak.Angry

First stop: Arjun Singhania.. dude!! biwi ne wine ki bottle di, aur parking lot me hogaye shuru.. ofcourse it was hilarious when the police arrived.. he first divested himself off the offending wine..Wink n then police wale se biwi ki complain Wacko

"itne bade lambe chaude aadmi ko mujh jaise pyari masoom ladki trick kar sakti hai"
Next stop: Arohi Ulluwaliya Singhaniya: iske dimaag me kya chalta hai, shaayad isse bhi nahi pata.. beech sadak pe jhagda kar rahe hai, aur police wale bane referee.. Shocked

in dono se toh police bhi pak gayi hai..the way tht inspector was reacting, i wish he had vented by putting a homing device on arohi as well.Wink

Next stop: Rudr Pratap Singhania Hug
"mujhe toh lagta hai ki jo tumne pee thi woh ab tak nahi utri"
exactly RPS.. yeh banda hamesha talli hone me laga hai.. aur kehta hai, arjun ke sar ke peeche bhi aankhen hoti hai.. in aankhon ne police ko aate toh nahi dekha.. khotta!!

Rudr is getting scary. people buckle up. the pressure is building. hez gonna blow up soon. loved Mohan Kapoor again..the emphasis n loathing that he put into the word SON, was enough to underline exactly how pissed off he was with arjun. ClapStarArohi keep at it, n we will see Rudr's explosion n the connection between Arjun n his dad will be severed thereby seeing some intense stuff.. but wait a min.. yeh sab bolke kya faida.. Arohi se jo bhi bolo woh toh uska ulta hi karti hai..LOL

Back to Arjun: "round toh abhi shuru hua hai arohi, yeh do din tumhare zindagi ke sab se bure din honge" kya Arjun, hume sapne dikha kar phir 'tain tain phus' kara diya OuchAngry

Like the bedroom sequence.. hmm.. toh arohi madam sach me mom ban rahi hai..sho shweet. luved their expressions here onwards..
"kapde utar ke bathroom me milo, luv u baby" LOLEmbarrassedBig smile
"ghatiya valentines to you"Cry
"please never be my valentine.i hate you"Angry.. dono ko yeh kyu nahi soojhta ki atleast they have each other to give them gifts n card.. even if they r meant to spoil ur day.. kab samjhenge!!Angry

Next stop: Daddi Singhania
"dekh puttar, jo takdeer me likha hai na toh mujhe kuch karne ki zarurat nahi padegi." but takdeer toh KMH team ke haath mein hai.. maybe we shud send them valentine's day gifts to patao them?!?! Story aage badhane ke 13 tareeke ka book likhte hai aur unko bhej dete hai!!ROFL
ab toh mujhe sirf dadi, RPS aur raj hi pasand hai.. they r the only ones that seem to be doing anything constructive!! but daddi.. inke kaan marodne se kuch nahi hoga..dekha nahi...dono phir bhi apne apne plans bana rahe hai.. 

bechara romit, valentine wish from danny!! koi gal nahi.. hum kis din kaam aayenge..Happy Valentine's Day to you Romit!!Big smile

8 cards Arjun!! besharam.. khotte!! shaadi-shuda hai tu!! aise lafangon ki tarah behave karna band kar, aur seedhe seedhe apni biwi ko patao!!LOL

for once, i liked it that arohi asked arjun if he will think abt her.. AGAIN!! Embarrassedbut kya faida..Ouch dono ne ek pura gaana yaad kiya, ek dusre ke baare me socha..aur vaapas apni betuki ideas apply karne me lag gaye.. phew..D'oh.luv to hear KMH title song any time any day, but in addition to it aaj laga jaise we were being mollified ki valentines day hai..aaj ke din gaana suna, aur humko maaf karo..AngryShockedCry

luved arohi's haan aur nahi.. kya expressions the!! Clap
i wonder what addresses she wrote on those cards and what was the phone call about that Arjun made!?!Ermm obviously both r gonna be stuck with each other for valentines.. Sleepy

loved arohi's outfit for her valentine's day outingHug

kaam ki baat yeh hai, ki promo scene is not for atleas 2 more days coz arjun cant get out of the house for two days, n singhania house me maine koi barn nahi dekha hai.. toh..Wink we can safely go take a vacation, go into hibernation, break our tv's and then come back after a week or so, n i think we wudnt have missed anything other than some gud dialogues.. which i will always appreciate.. KMH dialogue writer ki jai ho!!StarClap
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Posted: 11 years ago
hey pranii hugs!!..happy valetines day'!! to everyone!!..

btw i just read the new TB article!...woner wat arohi is upto? why does she need to show arjun as a drunkard when she already has a proof of arjun's illegitimate son!!.Confused..
Posted: 11 years ago
Happy Valentine's Day everyone including Arjuhi Heart,   yeh dono to koi bhi din ho ladenge hii,  dekhte hai kal atleast sudhar jayenge ki nai Tongue.   
First Part :  CVs please tell me Arjun is not scared of police, huh , why did he behave like an ordinary man , isnt he a DON?  Singhania ka naam ka koi value nai hai ? usne chaal chalil aur ye phas gaya Wacko It was silly.   I was thinking that Rudra in a fit of anger coz of all this nautanki will order arjun to stay away from business until he decides to focus completely after this drunken driving,  but  is par to police ne homing device laga di ShockedD'oh.    To DON hone ka fayda kya hua ?  when they dont have the influence to bring arjun out of it without  all this process.   It was not impressive CVs.  When u show rudra and arjun are powerful and non-fearing Dons  you should also show them evading law in these kind of situations.   I did not like the way Arjun was put under house arrest  Sleepy .   I want to see Arjun Singhania a strong, tough and fear not man not like this giving in so easily, going in police jeep, get a homing device put on and meekly admitting to rudra all this AngrySleepy
Rudra planning some kidnap and arjun has to do it , and they are openly talking about it in the house Shocked Sleepy.   But  liked Rudra's lines and arjun's reaction to them and the hurt and guilty expressions on Karan's face and the angry and disgusted epressions's on Rudra's face,   I only wish the reason and the implementation was strong enough Ouch.   And arohi's repetitive silly talk once again, and the way billu left with sad face and arjun looked up with an angry face I thought a dhamaka fight will happen,   no nothing like that.   we are again shown a  silly fight over the gifts and notes.   Still liked the way they are slowly getting closer ,  it luked real the room scene ,  his arm around her and she assuming its raj. 
loved it when he said 'tum abhi bhi mere baare mein aise sochte ho' LOL  agar woh haan kehti to kya kar leta Wink.   pata pata hai kuch nai karta tha again u wld have said something like 'battameez ladki' and tab bhi jhagda hi hona tha hai na LOL.   any ways dadi orders them both to stay together.  Dadi  taqdeer to inki hum sab ko pata hai , lekin Kismat apna action kab legi aur kab inka  dimaak thikane ayega ,  but even when u said stay together whole day arohi is planning to go out Confused.    Arjun wants to send card to his 8 ex gf's Confused he has pics ,phone no and adress of them too Sleepy ,   but then why did arohi say they are empty and scribbled something on it ( I thnk it is arjun's house address only )  and why was that guy taking unadreessed cards to post Ermm . 
Loved the title track with flashbacks Embarrassed,  but would have loved Tere Sason Se Hi Embarrassed.   Loved how she suddenly thought if he would think of her when he reffered to his girlfriends and he too asked her the same since she mentioned some hot ladke LOL .   Loved her dress in the end  ,was looking very pretty Thumbs Up.   so both of them have planned something again Confused which will backfire in such a way that they will have to spend time together,   and from the new article we know she will do some harkat in the charity ball so till then no lovey dovey transformation will happen so this week is nok jhok week I think,  but I dont mind it completely since that much time is needed to show that they start to feel love again,  lets see. 
BG score is getting again mix and match mode,  when Arjun starts to open his gift from the time he sees it to the time he opens it , it is comedy tune then suddently for few secs it becomes KMH tune then once he see the book again it is comedy tune,   it cld have been comedy tune throught out na ,  why this sudden change I was not impressed at all.  
Kritika was luking pretty throught out ,  Karan - I liked in the scene with rudra and in the end when he was planning something , other wise the hairan and comic luks were ok.   No Raj today Ouch,   No Dostana Dancing,  No ullu's Dancing,   No  micky, jiggy and kumud Dancing.      Ok episode.   will edit If I find something worth adding.
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Posted: 11 years ago
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Posted: 11 years ago

Faida nahi tha reserve karne ka...Ermm

Ok Types thi ajki epi...nothign special to talk about ...BUT reserve karlia tha choice but to write something..Geek
The way they spent their VD, was very much expected...Hate you Arohi...Hate you Arjun...Angry 
BUT the KMH1 background score was a treat on Valentine's day...Day DreamingHeart
The scene where they're sleeping and he puts his hands around her..was 'oh' so cute...I was hoping for some cute moments there...but Angry...Gai Bhens pani main...LOL
'Something that geos from 0-80 in 4 seconds..was hillarious..ROFL ROFLROFL.."
Waise honestly i think dono main se kisi ko to kuch sweet karna chaey tha..Disapprove
I dont know when will these two stop jalaoying eachother and get their heads around the fact that they're so madly in love with eachother....QuestionConfused
The way they were both thinking about their past was very cute... and the way Arohi said, yes(no) No(yes)..was very cute...Hugand She looked gorgeous in the black and red dres...LOVEd her dress..mmmmuah..Day Dreaming
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Posted: 11 years ago
Posted: 11 years ago

HAPPY VALENTINES DAY to all my friends!! Enjoy urself to the fullest.. girls feel like a princess in all aspects and make ur bf/husband/fiance pamper u today!! LOL but also do something very very special for ur guys!! don't just wait for them to give u a gift.. do something in return that would swap them off their feet!! HeartHeartHeart

Alright guys!! One more downhill episode in terms of Storyline!! It was a fun to watch episode but I did expect a little bit of seriousness today, par CV's to DV's hi rahenge mere liye!! anyways!! wasn't a bad epi in terms of sweet moments..

I'm not gonna talk abut the 1st bit of Arohi fasaoing Arjun.. Yawn!! Sleepy sorry guys, I'm really tired of their fights now.. I just FF'd that bit untill our real DON RPS is shown!!

CAUTION: Arohi, beware.. It's soon gonna be time for biggest active Volcano on this planet to erupt!! Arohi.. tum sudhar jao nahito ur gonna be in a huge huge trouble by the hands of ur lovely sasurji.. and unfortunately, bcoz of u our dear Arjun as well!! On a serious note: RPS has started to loose his patience now, bcoz Arohi is unbearably playing with his business and in no conditions, is he gonna let his work suffer.. I could see a big warning from his side today which Arjun understood well but Arohi didn't, as she's still too immature to understand the seriousness of his attitude so far!!
But I loved that warning convo btw Arjun-Rudra!! I just Love Mohan Kapoor, he has this untamable flamboyant attitiude which makes him suit the role of a don perfectly.. claps for himClap. Coming to Arjun, the word disappointment from his worship figure "his dad", did make a blowing impact on him.. he was heartbroken and really hurt but kept it calm and composed, finally promising his wife that the War has just began and he's gonna do everything to make her life a hell!! LOL Poor him, use kahan pata hai ki jo pehle sher tha woh aab apni biwi ke samne bhigi billi ban gaya hai.. Arjun wake up!! u can't hurt her whatever u do!! par chalo.. dheere dheere tumhe yeh ehsas ho hi jayega!!

Liked the sleep talk bed seq: Arjun's expressions were hilarious LOL listening to his wife's commands and the loving lines.. he couldn't imagine ki uski gorilla wife usse "Love u Baby" keh sakti hai..LOL Finally, he couldn't take it.. aur pooch hi liya.. "ki tum abhi bhi mere baare mein aisa sochti ho"LOLLOL Arjun.. aww.. he's such a sweetipie!! and those Valentine gift were..ROFL Guys and Girls!! never ever use those tricks on ur loved ones.. unless and untill ur ultimate aim is to breakup with them!! I loved how they both got excited to see the gifts thinking the other one gave a gift.. that lovely expressions and smile on their faces was so evident.. but only until they opened the gifts!! LOL but loved how they atleast still care to love to receive a valentine gift from the other.. very sweet!! Par yeh dono kab samjhenge iss batt ko.. gosh!! I'm tired of saying this now..Angry

Loved dadi today!! Arjuhi humne kaha tha na ke sudharjao jaldi se before dadi ki dant sunni pade.. aaj to sahi dant padi!!Clap Btw.. I love dadi's focus.. she's always onto planningLOL.. kya mast saza di na tum dono ko.. saath raho aaj poora din..Gr88!! love u dadi..
par yeh dono sudharne kaha wale hai.. kya ideas hai valentine day spent karne ke.. uff!! dadi wapas aao.. plssssssssssssssss.. sirf ears kyon khiche.. 2 thapad bhi laga deti meri taraf se!!

Best part of today's epi!! surely the title song.. Thanks to CV's.. unhe yaad to aaya ki aaj Valentine's day hai aur unke viewers ko koi gift dena chaihiye.. and what could make us more happier than the Title song been played today!! I'm super happy with this!! all the kisses Heart and  Hug hugs to CV's for this bit... but only & only this bit!! The flashbacks were very apt and the best part was them asking if they would remember each other.. and Arohi replying in YES unknowingly and all confused.. implying her subconscious state which still wants to be with Arjun!! and Arjun witnessing her confusion.. lovely!! chalo.. at leat the realization has started turtle speed!! Slow and Steady wins the race.. hope this would happen soon!!

Read the new article abut the charity ball.. I tell u yeh ladki na sudhregi nahin.. I just hope this time Arjun knows her tricks well and he does something that Arohi herself get tricked.. plss plss CV's stop this nonsense tricks and fights now.. It is really getting onto my nerves!! AngryAngryAngry Hope they would listen this time around and get the story rolling with the realization phase!! before it irks me any further..

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