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Posted: 11 years ago
sushita  interview  for  ''v'''' day'
both  are  in  pavitra rista  sate and  anki  looking  so  beautiful  in  red  sharee
i  think  this  is  the  first  interview  of  sushita  after  proposal ,both  are  clearly  say  about  each  other
reporter   ask  how  you  celebrate  valentine  day
ankita  says''we  are  comes  from  middle  class  family  so  we  didnt  give  that  much  importent  to '''v  ''' day  just  celebrate  it  normally  and  she  also  said  she  have  no idea  what  is  'v' day  and she  had  knowledge  about 'v' day  after  reach  in  10  and  12 class'''Embarrassed'
reporter  ask  what  gift  sushant  gift  to  you  in  '''v''' day
ankita says'''he  has  give  me  a  lot  of  gift  before  also  in birthday  he  give  me  a  ring  and  she  also  shown  this  ring  towards  camera ....also  says  susant  is  a  very  shy  gye  she  dnt  know  how  to  express  his  feelings  to  girl  and  i  am  so lucky  that  he  give  me  lot  of  gifts  and  i  dnt  think  she  never  give  any  gift  any  girl  before'''''
sushant  says'''ya  right  i  never  give  any  gift  to  girl  girls  always  give  me  gift  and boost  my  that  time  ankita  give  a  rose  to  susant  and  say  happy  valentine  day''''Smile
reporter  ask  about  todays  planning
susant  says  we  have  busy  schedule  but  i  think  i  take  ankita  in  the  evening  in  a  dinner  becoz  she  like  food'''''' Wink
at  that time  of  interview  ankita say  always  manav  and  than  correct  it  to  sushant .....this   was  so  funnyLOL
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Posted: 11 years ago
yaar post the link!!!!
Posted: 11 years ago
And yaar what is the show in which Sushita interview came and is the channel Live India ??
Posted: 11 years ago
oh so dat Ring was gifted by sushant as i expected loll awwww
thnx for sharing..wish someone post the link
Posted: 11 years ago
heres the links..starts 8.40...
Posted: 11 years ago
bhavni..that is different link..this one she is referring is different segment...
Posted: 11 years ago
S the link is from IBN 7 serial jaisa koi nahi and this segment is from Live India. Wish some one would upload this video from Live India not sure which programme !!!!
Posted: 11 years ago
ok..if ankita is in the red saree then the interview must have been taken at the awards show on sat..

anyone know the name of prog??

maybe we will get to see it in sbs/ next few days..

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