Mere Saathi#2(RN):link to 3 thread,pg.149(21/05)

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Posted: 11 years ago
Heylo guys !!!
Nowww... this is something unbelievableee !! I mean ! I just cant believe it !!!
SECOND THREAD OF MERE SAATHI !!! Shocked Shocked Shocked Shocked Shocked
but this has been possible coz of all of your love, support and appreciation !
Thanks for loving me and my story guys !!
hope you'd continue to bless me and my fic with you undying love and appreciation !!!
loadddsss of luv !!!
mana Big smile
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waitinggggggg for da update r u doinh it now
Posted: 11 years ago
congratulations for completing 150 pages of first thread............PartyPartyParty
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wiaiiiiiiiitiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnngggggggg for the update!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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" RAJVEER SIRRRRRRR" , she screamed breaking out of her dream.

That cry wrenched Raj's heart....

Raj walked forward subconsciously....



Naina was shaking badly....


The memory of that incidence has filled her once again with fright....


She was weeping badly....


When....Someone placed hand on her shoulder...


" Sir ...!", she exclaimed turning back.


" Sir???"


" Gunny sir aap?" , she frowned and quickly wiped her tears.


" Toh tumhe kya laga kaun hoga?"


She didn't answer.


" Don't tell me .... you were expecting Captain Rajveer!"


She looked down sadly...


" Ohk...ok...sorry."


she looked around.


" were crying right? Partner....I told you naa ki don't lose balance of your mind....tum jiske against ladd rahi ho...woh..."


" Sorry sir.",she said finally composing herself.


" Naina tum me akal naam ki cheez hai?", he scolded.


" Gunny sir..."


" shut up !" , Gunny shouted ," Tumhe pata hai naa tumahari jaan ko khatra hai....aur tum aise bina kisiko bataye, akele yaha aayi....uss raat maine kuch nahi kaha iska matlab yeh nahi ki tum apni manmaani karo!!"


" Gunny sir woh..."


" Waha uss Lala ke aadmi tumhe..."


" I'm fine ,Sir."


" Let's go. ", he said finally.


" Can we wait for some more time......please."

He observed her and understood her state of mind.

" Okay. Waise...this is the ambush site naa?"


" Hmmm..."


Here, Raj and Chaubey had taken refuge in the safe corner of the broken fort from where they can observe and somewhat can hear the convo between Naina and Gunny, but also very well hidden to be seen.

Chaubey had pulled Raj at the end moment as he was about to go to Naina. Chaubey was playing safe..He knew he cant take any chances as far as Raj's security is concerned. He had seen Gunny coming. It was risky as somebody miht be following unny and Naina. Also naina's situation was such that he wasnt sure how she'll react on seeing her Captain Rajveer in front of her all of a sudden....and to top it all they heard that Naina's life has threat from Lalaji....they were utterly confused.


Raj scribbled something on paper and handed it to Chaubey to hand over to Naina.


Both,him and chaubey, were in disguise.Raj was confused some time back as he saw chaubey brought a flock of sheep. But he trusted him. and now he could see, how useful it is going to be.


Chaubey , disguised as shepherd dashed Naina...


" Aah !! ", naina was startled by the sudden intrusion and Gunny became alert.


Before chaubey could say anything,


" Iss sumsaam jagah parr yeh kya kar raha hai?" , Gunny asked, " Something is fishy Naina....yeh aadmi..."


He removed his Gun and before he could held it out,


Chaubey put forward the letter to Naina and said,

" Guns"

" Roses", Naina replied surprised.


Gunny was not understanding what was going on.


" Red " , Chaubey.

" Box" , Naina replied, her voice shaky.


Chaubey lifted his middle and index finger of his hand in 'V' sign and said,

" Victory."

" RAJVEER !!" ,Naina whispered wide eyed....


Naina immediately snatched letter out of his hand....


Her hands were shaking badly....


While they both were engrossed with letter, chaubey was gone and he took a long turn to return to Rajveer though they were standing nearby, because he was very well aware of Gunny's reflexes....


Naina opened the letter with shaky hands.....


It read...



Cadet Naina Ah' SingH....

Kaisi ho Naina? Surprised?? Well...i know you are not. coz u always believed that I'm alive.....

Yes....I'm Alive.

I know i have put you all through a lot By disappearing; you especially.

Trust me Naina, i did not have another choice.

I ...saw you all on the news and felt so proud of you.(ink blot) All of you.

I...I'm Fi9.

I saw how you managed to save KMA....I'm Proud of you Naina...

Feels Gr8 but don't know how? How I deserve 2 be you Mentor!? What 2 say....

It's just th8 i'm lucky 4 having you as my protege....

you managed 2 reop1 the case....


We'll meet soon...

Awa8n for you to contact....


Rajveer sir.


Naina fell on her knees....clutching the letter....


she kissed it....held it close to her heart.....her eyes closed, tears flowing silently....


She felt ALIVE today....after so many days....


A small smile appeared on her lips....


" Naina...", gunny said, " whose this letter? what's written in it?"


" Gunny sir, I told you...isn't it? Mujhpe bharosa nahi tha naa aapko? Rajveer sir...Rajveer sir Zinda hai! Yes....yes he is alive...!" , she said somewhat assuring herself too.


" Captain Rajveer? woh charwaha?? Nahi woh captn. Rajveer nahi hosakta!", he spoke to himself..


" Gunny Sir!!!"


" huh??? Waise... can I see the letter??."


She hesitated. It was her most priced possession.

nevertheless, Naina showed him the letter and he went through it.


" Gunny Sir, hume jald se jald sir ko contact karna hoga..." , Naina said, urgency in her voice.


" Maan gaye tumhare Rajveer sir ko. Letter likha, contact me likha, par kaha? "


" Sirjee...isse captain kisne banaya? Ek code nahi crack kar sakta? Waise toh bade charche hai isske....", chaubey whispered to Raj, irritated.

but Raj's whole attention was ahead...on Naina and Gunny.


" Aur yeh cadet singh ! Isne toh rone mein dhyaan hi nahi diya code par. Ab aapko abhi saamne aana padega. Aur yeh bahot risky hai. pata nahi ....Agar Naina singh ka koi peecha kar raha ho toh? ", Chaubey


" sshhhh !" , Raj silenced him.


" Rajveer sir aise hi letter....", Naina mused..." LETTER! hand me the letter....quick!"


" Naina...I have inspected......koi code obvious nahi hai.."


" Unki prote'ge main hoon ya aap?", Naina asked.


" TUM ! Aur mujhe nahi lagta kisi aur mein tumhara mentor ban ne ki himmat aur taqat hai ", Gunny said.


Raj grinned.


" There you go, cadet Naina singh... oh ! sorry Naina Ah' Singh.....what's this Ah?" , Gunny asked handling her letter.


" Nothing.", Naina said ," and please....don't try saying it. Doesn't suit any one except him."


Raj shook his head fondly looking at her from his position. His Naina was never going to change !


" There....", Naina exclaimed, " Here's the code!"


" Huh? You found it ? "


" I told you...I'm His Prote'ge."


" Waise...just the news that he is alive, brought cheer to your face." , Gunny pointed out.


Naina didn't reply and looked at the letter.


She was saying, " C....H....B... chb?...yes!!...chaubey..."


" chaubey?"


" haan...Lt.Bunty Chaubey, sir ke assisstant. Hume unhe contact karna hoga."


" I guess...I guess this is the mobile number...", Gunny said again inspecting the letter & taking his mobile out.

He dialed the Number ....982284218..


Here chaubey's mobile vibrated.


When phone was received at the other end,


" Hello" , Gunny said ," chau..."


But Naina snatched away the phone before he could complete.


Gunny looked at her, shocked at her action. She turned the phone on speaker so that even gunny could hear.


She quitely spoke ," Guns"


Chaubey's phone was also on speaker mode.


Rajveer smiled at the other end at Naina's alertness and how she was being careful as the call deals with him.


" Roses", Chaubey replied.


" Red?"


" Box"


" Victory?" , Naina's heart raced...


" Cadet Naina Ah' Singh!" ,this time Rajveer spoke.


" Rajveer sir !!!" , Naina said softly and clutched the phone tightly.


Her voice bore zillions of emotion....that can't be described.....


She was on Cloud 9 hearing his voice....


Tears began flowing...


" Haan Naina....Its me." , Even Raj's voice was heavy with emotions.

Naina was pressed her lips tightly,to smother the loud sob that was daring to come out.


Raj could feel her pain and emotions...


" Naina...naina listen to me...plzz...plzzz listen to me.."


" Sir...sir ...aa..aap kaha ho sir....I...we need you sir....aapka case..."


" Main jaanta hoon Naina. thanks.... and.... I'm proud of you."


" Aap kaise ho sir?", she asked now crying.


Rajveer felt a tear trickle down his eye...


" I'm fine Naina...", He said with a heavy voice.


" Mujhe aapse milna hai sir."


" Hum bahot jald milenge Naina. Bahot jald... Now listen to me carefully.....Main abhi Chauhan ko contact karunga aur.."


" NO!! ", Naina said , " Not Captn. Abhimanyu...."


" Naina....Mujhe Chauhan ko contact karna hoga. I need to get arrested myself. Mera hearing mein hona case ko strong banayega. aur main kal aise hi chal kar nahi aasakta.....It's risky. Ho sakta hai mujhe kisi tarah woh log waha andar pohochne na de...issiliye it's must ki I get arrested. Aur Mujhe bharosa hai ki..."


" Parr mujhe nahi hai sir..." , Naina said firmly ," Ek baar Kho chuki hoon. I....We can't lose you,sir."


" Listen Cadet ! ", Rajveer spoke sternly ," Now don't be a kid...and.."


" Aapko meri kasam hai sir....not Abhimanyu.....please....I know he is trustworthy, but sir when comes to rules, he won't support you sir....and you don't know what is going inside the academy."


" What is it Naina?" , Raj asked sensing danger.


" I can't tell you on phone."


" Listen Naina, I don't have any option."


" Captain Shekhawat !" , Gunny intervened , " This is ..."


" Captain Gunraj Randhawa a.k.a Gunny..." , Raj completed.


" Huh? How do you know me?"


" You were following Naina as a cameraman that day when she exited the HQ after reopening the case, Right?"


Naina smiled, Pride evident in her eyes for her mentor .


" Right! Actually can rely on me. I'll drop Naina at the academy as I can't let her go alone. she is under threat..."


" THREAT???" , Raj panicked.


" Don't worry Sir. Mujhe kuch nahi hoga.", Naina said.


" Shut up Cadet Singh! Captain, you please drop her at the academy ,and after ensuring her safety contact me on the same number and then we will decide...."


" Right ! Okay then Bye."


" Ahh...Naina?"


Naina took the phone and Gunny moved away to give her a little privacy....


" Sir..."


" Naina....baat kya hai? Tumhe threat..."


" Sir please don't worry. I'm Okay....Aur ab aap aagaye ho naa? toh mujhe kya ho sakta hai?", she said crying.


" Itna bharosa Naina?"


" Apne aap se bhi jyaada bharosa aap pe hai sir...And ....I'm ....I'm sorry..."


" Sorry.??.."


" For everything..." , she said sobbing.


Raj was finding hard to keep hiding,seeing her cry. He wanted to take her in his arms, console her....But he controlled himself.


" Are you mad Naina? What are you sorry for? and what's the problem with Chauhan?"


" Nothing sir...It's just that in last don't want to take chances...But I'm sorry....Aap unhe contact kar sakte ho.....main toh bass aise hi..."


" Ab Cadet singh, aapne kasam dedi toh dedi...", Raj said ligtening the convo.


He could see the blush rising her cheeks...


Just then Gunny came," chalein Naina? We have to plan a lot of things."


Naina nodded and,


" Bye sir. See you soon...and just...just Keep yourself .....Safe...for me..."


" Bye Naina. Aur apna khayal rakhna. Jald hi milenge."


and they hung up.


" Sorry Naina, but tumhare Captain sir ki call parr lambi chat karna....mera balance out ho raha tha."


Naina smiled and she along with Gunny left for Academy, while Raj and Chaubey for Hotel.




About an hour after dropping Naina at the academy, Gunny turned up with a masked man, hand cuffed and headed swiftly to BC's Cabin.


BC was surprised to see the person after being unveiled. He immediately made him sit seeing his condition and himself offered him water....


The Person was amazed at the care he was showing....


Gunny started ," Sir..."


" No need to say anything Captain !How and why he is here we'll see later. His security is now my responsibility.And I assign you incharge of it.Mask him and lead him to high security cell through deserted passage. You take his charge.Nobody should know it ! Not even Maj. Nair....well...that I need not require to tell maintain complete secrecy. Do not let anyone else meet him. Am I clear? DO NOT let ANY ONE....."


" Okay Sir....but Cadet Si...."


" By anyone i mean EVERYONE. His security is very important. It's an Order Captain Randhawa !"


" SIR !!"


Then BC turned to him,


" Ah...your health...", BC asked concerned.


" No...I'm fine...not to worry...."


BC nodded, though he looked unconvinced.


Thus he was masked and taken to cell.




Rajveer was damn hungry.....he had not eaten anything since morning....


He thought of reluctant she was to let him go to the prison....


Now he understood Naina's love for Naveen even better....


Naina....he smiled at the thought of her.


Even the dark, damp, dusky atmosphere could not suppress her thoughts....


Rajveer's face was rigid, masked all emotions but it was his eyes that spoke volumes.


Despite the darkness in his life all these months,it was his heart that hoped, hoped that nothing had happened to her.


His love for his country and for her ,only magnified with time.


He wanted to see her now only....


It was difficult to control himself.


It was going to be a long wait before he could have a glimpse at her in the court in morning.


But little did he know that his anticipated wait was going to be short lived.


He had been dreaming about the last trial when his eyes flashed open.


It was intuitive.


He had a weird feeling as if his Naina was there.....


He layed on the cold, stony floor....still dared not to get up.....what if his feeling is wrong?


when his sharp years picked up the sound of footsteps approaching.


' Who could it be? Must be Gunny? But seem like two person are coming...', Raj thought , ' Could that be Naina?'


He was hopeful.


' But how is that possible. BC has strictly prohibited from anyone else visiting me....and why will Gunny allow her to come here? But then Naina can do anything to reach out to me...'


He smiled at this thought.


Unknowingly, his heart began to beat wildly.


His body faced an involuntary shiver.


The footsteps stopped outside and then there was silence.


Slowly, he got up and his eyes captured the most beautiful vision ever.


He was shocked. There she stood, gazing at him with misty eyes.


There were moments of complete placidness and then the most loving word


escaped from his mouth.


" Naina, tumhein yahan kisne allow kiya?"

They were same as that of he had asked her 6 months ago.


Naina's face showed a rainbow of emotions as she saw him in person...alive...and heard him speak.

How she wanted to be in his arms wanting to comfort him and be comforted.

But gunny was standing besides her...


Raj's eyes were now strangely burning with a fire.


She knew that this condition of his was all because of her and she could never forgive herself.


Her love had to face the wrath of life due to her. And now it was enough....She had to be tough. For his sake....


He had been her support all the it was her turn!


But nevertheless, tears did not stop rolling down....


And she was about to break out a information to him, that would shatter him.


But she was there for console him, to gather his courage back.


Suddenly there eye-contact was broken by the jingling of the keys which Gunny had inserted into the padlock.


Before leaving them alone,


" Naina, BC ke mana karne ke bawajood main tumhe yaha le aaya hoon. Tum samajh rahi ho na? Zyaada waqt nahi hai tumhare paas. Agar BC ya kisi aur ko zarasa bhi shaq hua, toh tum jaanti ho kya hoga. Issliye jo discuss karna hai jaldi karlo."


She meekly nodded and he left.




Then there was stillness.


She gently shut the door behind her, and placed the handbag on a stool and then walked up to him.


She could feel his eyes fixed upon her noting each and every detail.


Her eyes lowered a bit as she was right in front of him.


Gathering up courage, she lifted her gaze and met him eye to eye. She could see his eyes moisten. She too broke into sobs, then weeping bitterly and shivering in pain and happiness.


She was about to fall but found herself enveloped by his arms.

He had hugged her tightly, as if he was holding onto his life.


She too hugged back fiercely.


" Sir....sir...ssssirr..." , these were the only words he could hear past her sobs.

He felt her grip getting stronger.


Those priceless tears falling from the beautiful eyes fell on his chest through the exposed part of his shirt.


He could feel the warmth of her trembling body simmer through him making him feel human.


After a couple of minutes, she unwantedly separated from him and asked,


" Aap kaise ho, Sir?"

That was the music to his ears- Sweet and concerned.

She had become more mature now....

But looked pale.....The glow on her face lost....

Dark circles beneath her eyes...

Signs of torture, mental and physical, some apparent and some inapparent, he could make out.

He was agitated at this state of hers but then he felt himself smiling genuinely for the first time in ages at her simple question.


He cupped her face and asked instead, " Tum kaisi ho Naina?"


She looked down biting her lips....


He caressed her face with such care and tenderness that she found herself breaking into sobs again and she clung to him....


Both Crying.....


Letting their pain, worry, Fear,and frustration out...


" Shshh...Naina...chup hojaao." , Raj said consoling her,"Ab main aa gaya hoon naa? Ab kyun ro rahi ho? Chup hojaao....bilkul chup!"


And she slowly stopped and separated from him.


Both made their way to the Stony bed and Raj made Naina sit.


He sat down beside her and was surprised when he saw her digging into the bag and take out a small tiffin box.


He opened it to smell strong spicy aroma spread through the cell and his eyes landed on Aloo Parathas along with a small bowl of curd .


The fact that she still remembered the minutest favorites of his brought tears to his eyes. When she saw that he was just staring at her, she peeled out a bite of paratha, dipped it in the curd and held it near his mouth.He glanced at her and took the bite from her hands....tears rolling their eyes..... Then, Without haste, he quickly started eating. After having finished, he told her,

"Thanks a lot Cadet! Suriji kaafi achche parathe banane lag gaye hai! Pehle itne tasty nahi banaya karte the! "

She smiled...

" Thanks Naina.", he said softly.


And she looked down again to avoid his gaze.


Then she again started digging in her bag.

" Ab kya hai Naina?"


She took out a first aid box. He looked at her inquisitively...


" Sir....Gunny sir bata rahe the ki aate waqt aapko chot lagi hai?..."


" Naina....chotisi chot hai..."


" Please sir...."


" Tum zidd karna kab chodogi?"


She just smiled and then tended his wounds quickly with her infirmary skills....and fed him Pain killer...


Raj was overwhelmed by the concern she showed.

He then asked, " Gunny keh rahe the ki iss baar bhi prosecution lawyer Captain Salve hai?"


" Jee....jee haan."


"Captain Salve ko kisne appoint kiya Naina? tab aur ab bhi. Gunny mujhe bahot kuch bata chuka hai parr kuch important abhi tak nahi bataya yeh kehkar ki mujhe waqt aane par pata chal jayega."


She kept quiet. She was searching for right words.


" Main jaanta hoon ki tum jaanti ho. Batao Naina? Kaun hai woh? wohi insaan involved hai mujhe aur Naveen ko phasane mein. Tell me Naina."


" Sir...woh...woh..." , she tried to bring herself to say it,because she very well knew the effect, which that name will have on him. She got up and moved from her position...turning her back to him.


" Naina, who appointed Captain Salve?" ,Rajveer got up too and demanded with hatred evident in his voice with the mention of the name.


She still was quiet.


" Cadet Singh , ANSWER ME DAMN IT!!!" , he jerked her towards him


And she knew that the answer would devastate him but she had to do this.


There was a slight waver in her voice when she answered , " Woh Sir,………. woh minister M.D. Gehlot....aapke mentor."

The reply shattered his world.


The person whom he respected the most in the world had done this to him?


And now everything made sense to him.....The words of Colonel Shakti, the strangely familiar voice, the unknowing surveillance on all his moves.


" Woh sab...woh sab Lala jee kar rahe the?" , He asked with pain in his voice.


Naina's heart ached at the pain he was undergoing....


He fell down. He was in a daze....completely shocked.


Naina couldn't hold back any longer and she rushed to him.


She sat besides him and softly placed a hand on his shoulder.


He couldn't bear it any longer and he broke down. He was glad that Naina was there with him. He hugged her tightly as if his life was only dependent on her. Naina gathered him tightly in her arms. He was in a vulnerable state.....he seemed lost....


After sometime she laid him down on her lap and he let out all his anguish. She softly ruffled his hair comforting him. It killed her to see him like this.


" Sir...aap aise toot nahi saktein..... You have always been a true soldier and a fighter. Sach hamare saath hai sir...aur jeet hamari aur sach ki hi hogi. "


He looked up at her.


She cupped his face,tenderly moving tendrils on his forehead,and smiled.


" Sir....ab rona hame nahi...un logo ko hai.", Naina said....her eyes urging him to smile...atleast once....for..HER....


" Meri Loh Havaaon Se Jhagadkar Jee Uthi
Mere Har Andhere Ko Ujaale Pee Gaye
Tune Haskein Mujhse Muskurane Ko Kaha
Mere Mann Ke Mausam Gulmohar Se Ho Gaye

Jeene Ke Ishaare mil gaye....

Bichade the Kinare Mil Gaye..."


He nodded and once again clung to her.


While she soothed him.....


The spark in him had ignited again. The tears stopped.


He was a true soldier and he knew that he has to fight.


He was a true son of motherland.


And a Source of inspiration for his cadets....


He then looked at Naina and was grateful that she was there with always. Her trust in him has not altered a bit....


His love was there with him....standing up for him and fighting all the odds for him.....


She was his weakness and SHE was his Strength too.


As he observed her,Major Nair's words struck him.


" Aap ki chaheti...Cadet Naina singh ne phir ek baar namumkin ko mumkin kar dikhaya...",He had said last time....


Sure enough....this time too. she had made the impossible possible.


Naina could feel his intent look and perceive the inquisitiveness. His rugged, unshaven look made him look more handsome. His unrefined gaze made her heart do summersaults. She felt a blush creeping up her neck.

" Sir..." , she said breaking the trance.


" Bolo Naina."


" Hame Lala ko yeh nahi pata chalne dena hai ki hum sach jaante hai. Abhi bhi pakke saboot nahi hai hamare paas."


" Hmmm."


" Aur..."


" Aur?"


She closed her eyes momentarily and asked,


" Aap mujhse ek promise karenge?"


" Kya Naina?"


She hesitated...But she have to say it....


" Agar Captn. Salve....peechli baar ki tarah...toh aap chup nahi rahenge....aap manaa..." ,she stopped immediately as her hand was tightly held by began to hurt her.....


She saw his face harden....


" Naina..."


" Sir please, aapki life aur honour se jyaada kuch nahi hai."


Before he could reply, Gunny came and asked Naina to leave immediately as Nair will be on patrol of the academy within next 15 min. Pooja had conveyed this message to Naina through Gunny.


But neither of them wanted to be away from the other.


Raj didn't know whether he had a lawyer or had to do defend himself. But he knew whatever happened Naina would always stand by him.


Before leaving, Naina tied around his neck a " Taveez " she used to wear....It was given by her mother for her safety.


This action of hers stunned him.


" Naina??"


" Sir....iss mission mein hamein har haal mein jeetna hi hai...and for that We need all the positive vibes and blessings . "

And she left.

Flash back ends.


Raj's eyes were fixed on her....But she deliberately looked downwards and anywhere but not him....


She had one focus in mind , to repay the man who had sacrificed his career and self-respect for his love , for her and her brother.......



DONE !!!

Posted: 11 years ago
 Hi !!!!!!!!!!!!
Happppyyyyyyyyyyyy Valentine's day !!!
and here's a valentine gift !!!
hope you'd like this part...
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awesomeeeeeeeeeee too good very nice part waitinggggggg for next asap.
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Happy Valentines' Day to u too..............awesome update, loved it................and congrats on ur new thread................

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