Dear Karan and Kritika (13/02/11)

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Posted: 11 years ago
Dear Karan,
LOVEEED ZINDAGI LIVE INTERVIEW!!! You both are Magical!!Day Dreaming Sometimes when i watch you both in interviews... Lagta Nahi ke tum dono sach mein Yaha humare saath ho!! Sometimes i really feel that You two are the most DOWN TO EARTH people and that you should get EACH AND EVERY LIL BIT OF HAPPINESS IN LIFE!!! Smile Arrey, Kritika ke sawaalon ka jawaab kyun theek se nahi dete ho, bhai!?? Its true that mein Teri Behen hoon, Lekin yaad rakhna, Girls Power Always Wins!LOLLOLWink! hahaha
"Bas hogaya" after Kritika said that You know each other for a very long time, lmaooo!! Advice doosron ko dete ho kyun ke SABSE ZYAADA NAUGHTY Toh Tum Hi Ho!!!LOLLOL hahahaha Lekin Haan, Your ways Better than My SRK!! Arrey Filmy Things only happen with ppl who love to imagine alot...Yeah i knw your working for Imagine TV, But hamesha imagine karna theek nahi hai.LOL..Anyways back to my point..So yeah if You Have Karan Kundra in Front Of you, then you dont need any SRK or any filmy things happen to you!! You two are Magical enough!! Smile MashAllah!
You know Karan, What you call ugly sometimes Meaning that Kritika starts a fight (She has the right btw! Shes a Girl! haha) Exactly those moments make you and your relationship so beautiful!EmbarrassedSmile MashAllah! :) Mujhe lagta hai , that Those are the moments contribute alot to Love!! Those are the moments that make you feel special and wanted!!  But OMG!! Your Not Only Funny People But HAUUUWT ALSO!!! Big smile hahahah
Pata Hai Bhai, when you proposed to Kritika, i thought i'm in 7th Heaven!! Tumne Sirf Kritika ko Nahi, Balki Hum Sabko, At least Me, Bahut Special feel karvaya!! Thanks Alot For those Moments that you shared with us!! :Smile Hahahahah Pata Hai, I just sent the link to my Friend and first thing she said was "OMG HE Can Dance soo Good!!" :Big smile The second i read that i was like "Screw all ppl who said you cant dance!" LOLSooo True, You completely ROCKED!!  Karan i Seriously was SHOCKED to read about the plane issue...Cry i was really close to tears...Please apna aur Kritika ka Khuub khayal rakhna!!
Love you much and Cant wait for tomorrows episode!! Smile Btwww before i forget, How was it Meeting Karthika Calling Karthika?LOLLOL hahahaha
MUaah and Sweeet Kritika Dreams!!
Dear Kritika,
(aqua blue for your dress Wink)
Kritikaaaaa!!! Btw, why do i always scream out your name in my posts...? hmm...hahah LOLanyways, Sooo FIRST OF ALL!! I hope your allright after that Plane issue!!Cry Its a shock to experience sth like this..Hope your feeling better now!! Then i have to tell you that I had a dream...A really Funny one though...hahahah It all started with SRK coming to Germany (Don2 ka promotion chal raha tha and all) So He was here and Everyone was able to meet him...For some strange but GREAT reason You and Karan were also here (Fingers Crossed !! InshAllah you HAVE To Come, Warna Nilo Dulhan aur Dulhaniya Le Jayegi!lol LOL)...Ok So everyone had this ONE CHANCE to meet him and since i know that you love thim just as much as i do, i went up to SRK and told him "Shahrukh, tum Kritika ke saath Baat karna! Mujhe syaada achha lagega When you Talk to her!!!"Smile I guess thats the amount of happiness i recieve when you and Karan are happy! Smile I could even do kurbaan in my dreams for you!! Big smile!!!
Achha, thodhi emotional ho gayi...sorry...:') (Khushi ke Aasoon!) hahahaha
Zindagi Live Interview was Awsome!! You looked Like an aqua princess in that blueish turquoise dress!! I loved your dress!! :) You know what the best part about you two is...Its your honesty!!Smile You dont pretend to be all lovey dovey...!! and EXACTLY that makes you so Special from ALL OTHER COUPLES!! Smile MashAllah!! Tum dono ki jodi hamesha bana rahe!!
Arrey SRK nahi hai toh kya hua?? Big smile King K Hai na!! Big smile Love one Karan get one King K free!! hahahah LOL
Omg...4 hafte pehle ka phone ki ladayi karti ho??LOL  Awsome!! Lage Raho, Kritika!! Yeh ladke bhi na...Hamesha bahane dhoonte hai!! Never Give Up!! Big smile I'm with you!! hahahah SmileLOL
Maine Bhai ko bhi bataya, that your not only Funny people, Your also HAUWWWT PPL!!! :D Very Hauwt and Very Cute mashAllah!! :)
Aww it was sooo Nice and funny seeing you two imitating each other!! hahahahah :D But KRITIKA!!! 5MINS??? LOLhahahah Arrrey FOR A LIFETIME!!!!InshAllah!! Smile
Aww Lagta hai that you got carried away a bit when Karan proposed to you...Aww But Thats allright...we Are Girls and we are allowed to let tears roll down when we're happy! Smile) Aww !!!
Anyways...Loved it!! Always stay like this Kritika...Your one great person mashAllah!! (btw, before i forget...I LOVED YOUR SANDALS!!! i always love the shoes you wear!!hahah Smile
Love you alot!! :) Muaah and swweeet Karan Dreams!! Smile Wink
Posted: 11 years ago
nilo...i didn't hear about the plane incident..coz i watched it on youtube and i guess that part was cut out
what happened?
btw...great letter... as always
Posted: 11 years ago
Originally posted by glitter567

nilo...i didn't hear about the plane incident..coz i watched it on youtube and i guess that part was cut out
what happened?
btw...great letter... as always
yeah karan said that they almost had a plane crash... watch this
thanks Smile

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