Abhiya short FF: Destiny(Part 2 updated!!!!)

Posted: 2011-02-12T15:00:51Z
Hello guys, I am Farzana. I have just started here an short Abhiya FF named "Destiny".  Here Abhay is not any supernatural character like in the show.Big smile Tried to make it different from PKYEK. But still hope that in here also you will find him sweet. Hoping to not see any rotten egg on me.LOLLOL 


Part 1(Introduction)- Page 1

Part 2                     - Page 3
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                                                         Part 1

"I am coming to meet you soon." A lady voice is telling me.
"Who are you?" I asked her. I can't able to see anything. The place seems hazy. The voice continues saying, "......I am coming, and will be yours forever......" The slow whispered voice has a deep passion.

I tried to reply something. But the sound of my voice was becoming vague. The situation was turning into something like, mysterious!
Suddenly the ring of alarm bell can be heard. The sound increased a lot meanwhile.

I woke up. *Sigh*, that was dream only. Don't know why, now-a-days I am watching the same dream again and again. Why am I paying heed to this weird dream? 

If any other guy would be in my place, he surely wouldn't pay heed to it.  I also don't want to. Again and again I'm trying to extinguish it's thought from my mind. But the more I am trying to forget about the dream, the more it's lasting on my attention. Specially, the voice, this is the thing which is behind my all these re-actions. Don't know but there is something special in the voice which is attracting me to the whole situation again and again. Because, the voice was that much attractive..!!

Should I think which I am thinking right now? Should I pay attention on that I am paying right now? Surely not. Why am I becoming silly?

"Don't be silly Abhay Raichand!" I am trying to stop myself from going to any wrong direction.

"It's only me who can pay attention to these extent matters. You shouldn't Abhay, you shouldn't."

My dad, Chand Raichand always complains to me about myself. He tells that I have always given priorities to inferior things. Dad is not wrong at all. I couldn't fulfill his wishes that he always cherished to come true. I couldn't give my hands with him in his business in spite of receiving higher education. Because I see my destiny in somewhere else.

But I was also not wrong at all! Dad also should understand, what is the actual gain and success in my life.

One can be succeed in life if he can be able to achieve his passion. I have a passion too, but that doesn't click at all to my dad. Maybe it's not only my dad to whom the profession has no value, many others also think that. But still it's the most precious to me.

Steadily I sat down on the bed and looked at the clock. It was 6.30. That means I have woke up very early today. That means I have a lot time to look at the portrait. I stood up from the bed and walked towards the canvas. I am opening the curtain. It's still unbelievable to me that, a portray can be so natural! Whoever saw this one, they hardly wanted to believe that it is not original. It can only be understandable if we come very closer to this portray. I think it's only me who went closest to this portray for the highest time. I often get surprised thinking that it's drawn by me..!! Any other portray never came out so beautiful like this one. I don't get tired praising myself for this portray. There's something about this girl of this portray that I love so much. It's hard to believe that the girl is my own creation. I can't make my eyes away from the girl's face. Don't know why, I have a massive attraction for her.

What is the attraction for her that I can't understand? I hope, time will tell everything.
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PM list

1. Neethi(Chill_out)

2. Niru273

3. Gals1110

4. DiyaRoy


6. ifrah

7. RB81

8. Techna

9. pallavi_bs






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Gosh, Zana! This is so interesting! I don't know why but I thought that the 'I' was Pia. But it's Abhay and he has something for a portrait?? That, too, his own creation??! Wow!! This will be fun!! Do continue soon! Now toh you don't have exams alsoEvil Smile

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Posted: 2011-02-12T15:16:01Z
Originally posted by Chill_Out

Gosh, Zana! This is so interesting! I don't know why but I thought that the 'I' was Pia. But it's Abhay and he has something for a portrait?? That, too, his own creation??! Wow!! This will be fun!! Do continue soon! Now toh you don't have exams alsoEvil Smile

Thanks a lot for commenting Neethz.HugLOL

Dekha? I am not so good in writing FFs..Big smile The "I" was really conphoosing, agreed.Tongue But the third line makes it clear that Abhay is the "I".Tongue

I will write the next part soon. Dunno how u will like.Confused And if people lose interest in this FF, I will stop writing it. Otherwise, it will be ended in a good way.Smile

I always prefer short FFs and OS. That's why wrote this short FF. :)
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Posted: 2011-02-12T15:22:38Z
Don't worry. I'm sure you'll get more responses! How do you expect people to respond at 4am?ROFL
Ya, the third line does make it clear that it's AbhayTongue

I also prefer short FFs or OSs to long FFs..

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Posted: 2011-02-13T00:40:43Z
My FF was too bad that no comment?

Well, I won't update anymore.......
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Posted: 2011-02-13T00:44:38Z
its very good . you can continue.
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