WU : Special Episode : 12 February 2011

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Posted: 11 years ago

The episode starts with Sona purchasing vegetables in the market, while Ramdei is still acting funnily under the influence of bhang. Sona places the vegetables in her basket, while Phulwa and Chunni, who are hiding beneath the vegetable vendor's table, keeps on piling stones inside the same. When Sona goes to keep the tomatoes, they fall off the basket and she bends down to collect them. Phulwa and Chunni are nearly caught but for the Thakurain (Sr. Thakur's Mother) who is being borne on a cot and carried by four people. Seeing Sona and Ramdei, she asks the bearers to keep the cot down and she also notices Phulwa and Chunni's antics. She calls Sona who greets her, while Ramdei keeps on looking at the other direction. Thakurain calls Ramdei and asks whether she has forgotten to greet her; Sona nudges her m-i-l who greets the Thakurain but doesn't stop at all. Sona is peeved at her m-i-l's behaviour and asks her to go and greet everybody in the market place. Ramdei does so, much to Sona's indignation, who tells the Thakurain that Ramdei ahs lost her senses and was hence acting funnily. She then calls her m-i-l and tells her to carry the basket of vegetables, along with her, since the vegetable vendor seemed to have given them more veggies than what they had asked for. Both of them start walking towards their home, with Ramdei greeting everybody along the road.


Thakurain calls the girls and asks them what they were doing and why they were troubling elders. Phulwa tells her that what if the elder people have themselves wronged others. Thakurain is puzzled and asks Phulwa what the issue is. Phulwa tells her that Sona and family are behind everything that has happened to Champa during her marriage and that she was just trying to take revenge. Phulwa however tells the Thakurain that since she is elder, Phulwa will listen to whatever opinion the Thakurain has to give. Chunni and Phulwa starts walking away when the Thakurain calls them back and tells Phulwa that if her sister was troubled like this, then she wouldn't have pardoned the culprits. She tells Phulwa to teach Sona and her family such a lesson that they would never forget. Phulwa and Chunni are happy. The Thakurain tells Phulwa that the bond between sisters are unique, Phulwa agrees and tells that if Champa had died, she would not have got her sister back again. They greet the Thakurain and then run away for the next course of action.


Sona is tried pulling the basket, while Ramdei is till greeting everybody along the road, and laughing non-stop. Sona wipes her sweat with her sari pallu and then suddenly realizes that her blouse is torn as well. She is upset that the day is going horribly for her, and decides to stop for a while. She tells her m-i-l to stop and in the melee, they drop the basket. She sees all the stones inside the basket and wonder whether they had purchased stones from the vendor instead of vegetables. She is upset and decides to drink a glass of lemon juice, before going home. Phulwa tells Chunni that now she will teach Sona a lesson for troubling her. Sona goes to the owner of the juice stall and asks him to prepare two glasses of lemon juice. She then turns and goes to Ramdei, asking her to come and drink the juice. Ramdei asks Sona to do something as she is unable to stop laughing, though she is dead tired of laughing for so long. Meanwhile, Phulwa sneaks up to the juice stall and mix a white powder in both the glasses. She then runs back to Chunni. Sona and Ramdei reaches the stall; Sona drinks her glass of juice while Ramdei, who is still not able to control herself, refuses to do so. Sona drinks the second glass of juice as well. Phulwa starts laughing and tells Chunni that now Sona will understand the effects of jamal ghota (laxative) in her drink. Sona is feeling fresh, but after a few minutes, her stomach starts paining and churning. Realizing that she would have to go to the toilet immediately, she hurries her m-i-l to go home, who in turn wants to complete the other purchases as well. Phulwa and Chunni follow them.


Walking towards their home, Ramdei keeps on falling behind, much to Sona's anger, who rushes off to home all by herself, but in the process, falling down into a mud pit. She tries to get up but realizes that it's too late for her to make it to the toilet and that her sari and all has got destroyed and dirty as well. Phulwa and Chunni are hiding behind a tree when Ramdei comes and holds both of them by their ears. She is still laughing, but tells Phulwa that she is aware that Phulwa must have mixed something in her paan, as a result of which she was still acting weird. She raises her hand to hit Phulwa, but is suddenly hit by a catapult stone. Babu comes to the scene and tells the girls that a film is never complete without a hero. While the girls go to find Sona, Babu hits Ramdei with another stone from his catapult and goes away.


Phulwa and Chunni find Sona in the mud pit and ask her what she is doing there. Sona retorts that she is definitely not taking a bath. Phulwa offers her water to wash her face first. Sona washes her face, but it starts stinging suddenly and she is unable to open her eyes. She is panicky when Phulwa asks her whether she could now feel the pain that Champa has gone through on her wedding day. She reminds Sona about her challenge to Phulwa on that day to save her sister's marriage, if she could. Phulwa tells Sona that she has met the challenge and has saved her sister's marriage; in fact, she is happy that Champa is now married to the best person in the world who will keep her happy. She then asks Sona why she had done all that to wreak Champa's marriage. Sona tells her that she had not done anything of her own, but had done under the guidance of the Thakurs who wanted Mangroo's land desperately. Phulwa is surprised.


Mangroo is busy cutting grass (for fodder) using a machine, while Imarti is laying out chili and other masala to dry in the sun. Babu and Bela (the youngest one) are playing about when Phulwa enters the house, looking completely lost. Imarti scolds her for wandering about and asks her to help her Father. Phulwa holds the grass in place while Mangroo uses the machine. She is lost in her own thoughts; her hands near the machine blades when Imarti calls her and asks her about her absent-mindedness. Phulwa asks her parents why the Thakurs wanted their small plot of land, when in fact; they had huge plots of land themselves. Both Mangroo and Imarti are unable to answer her; in fact, Imarti scolds Phulwa for trying to interfere in the affairs of the elder people. Phulwa runs away crying and Imarti tells Mangroo not to feel bad about the questions, since everybody seems to be asking the same questions for which they have no answers.


In Lakhiya's house, Ramdei is sleeping on the cot in the verandah, while Sona is lying down as well, with Lakhiya sponging her face. Sona is busy shooting expletives at Lakhiya, when suddenly she realizes that she has to go to the bathroom again. She rushes inside; Lakhiya picks up the pot and empties the water on Ramdei, asking her to wake up. Sona complains that the Phulwa, though small is very intelligent and has caused so much trouble to them. Lakhiya tells her that Phulwa is just a small girl, playing pranks and that two tight slaps would teach her how to behave.


Phulwa and Chunni walk towards the Thakur's haveli. Chunni is afraid but Phulwa is adamant to go and ask the Thakur why he wants their small plot of land. As they reach the entrance, the guard stops them. But the Thakurain was lying nearby, beside a huge covered well. She asks the guards to let the children in. Phulwa comes and greets her and asks her why the Thakur wants their plot of land. The Thakurain is upset. But at that moment, the Jr. Thakur comes and flares up seeing the children inside the haveli. He is about to hit Phulwa, when the Sr. Thakur arrives, with a gun in his hand. He is very angry with Phulwa for asking such questions and warns her not to cross lines with him in the future and that children do not question elders, they just follow their commands. As for wanting Mangroo's piece of land, he asks Phulwa to get the answer from the Thakurain. Once the Thakurs go away, the Thakurain again calls for Phulwa and tells him that the Thakurs want land because land is considered to be a gold mine. She is amazed at ho a small girl like Phulwa is able to ruffle the Thakurs' feathers. The children return home.


In the evening, Phulwa goes to the neem tree and tells that she is unable to understand the exact meaning of the Thakurain's saying and wonders why the Thakur wants their land. Suddenly she hears an answer from the back that it's greed which is making the Thakur seek the land. She turns around to find the dacoit who has become her rakhi brother. He sits down at the foot of the tree and asks Phulwa for a drink of water. He then asks Phulwa why she always comes to the tree for her answers. Phulwa tells him that the Thakur wants their plot of land, and she recounts all the horrible happenings during Champa's marriage. After hearing all this, the dacoit decides to solve the issue and picks up his gun. But Phulwa tells him, that as per her Father, no problem can be solved by using violence. The dacoit laughs at her and then decides to do something which wouldn't make them resort to violence. They sit together and decide upon a plan.


Next morning, Lakhiya is riding his bike by the field when he sees Phulwa digging the ground with a small stick. He is angry on seeing her and walks up to her, asking her what she is doing in the field. Phulwa tells him that she has heard that land yields gold, that's why she was trying to find gold. Lakhiya accuses her of causing trouble to his mother and wife the previous day, and is about to hit her, when Phulwa poises the stick as a gun, and asks him not to come towards her. Lakhiya takes a step forward when a shot rings out at him. He is completely surprised and then tries to speak to Phulwa in a sweet tone, asking her to throw the stick away. Phulwa doesn't agree; Lakhiya manages to wrest the stick from Phulwa's hand and throws it. He then catches hold of Phulwa, by her neck, and forces her to search in the pit for gold. After a while, he suddenly sees a gold bracelet. Quickly, he covers it up with soil and tells Phulwa that it was just a superstition and that she needed to go home. He shoos her away; Phulwa goes and hides behind a tree,w ith the dacoit. They see Lakhiya digging the pit and finding few more ornaments. Phulwa asks the dacoit from where he got so many ornaments; he tells her that it belongs to him and now that they would use it to teach Lakhiya a lesson.


Precap : Lakhiya shows Sona and Ramdei the ornaments he has recovered from their field. The three of them go to the field, at night to dig the field and they discover some more ornaments.

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Thanks Smile 
Posted: 11 years ago
thanks for the update poetic... i'm feeling good that i didnt see it... bekaar ka episode tha na...  how did u sit through it?  so much of slapstick comedy...  somehow...i state getting the feeling that the just want to drag it.  if they do, this is going to loose its appeal Unhappy
Posted: 11 years ago

I agree sudss. In fcat, I am planning to stop watching for a while and updating too.

It just ain't worth updating here. SOmetimes, I feel like that.


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