Rang Badalti Odhani 12 Feb 2011 Written Update

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Posted: 11 years ago
Hey Guys............
Need to go for majorrrrrrrr shopping spree for my upcoming pyjama party!! All Girls!!! Yipeeeeeeeeeeeeee............So, Jaldi-Jaldi update!!
- A little boy comes and makes a pass at Khanak and Khanak explains him that how he should behave himself...The boy makes a mockery of her that she scolds him but is in lookout for a "shath pratishath mard" (100% MaleROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL)....(I see an empty queue outside Khanak's house...ahem ahem...Noone qualified? ROFLROFL) ...Khanak wonders when did she start her search on 100%Male when the little boy shows her an ad - "WANTED KHANAK"....The Ad has Khanak's snap and stated tht the owner is in the lookout of his partner who has the following attributes....she is beautiful (and rest I couldnt read) Wink...Khanak sees the Ad and gets irritated and calls out "Shantanu" in frustration...
- Rahul sneaks in his house and sees noone there and assumes that "Jungli Jenny" has left...He decides to celebrate....Removes his shirt (*dreamy eyes* hayeeeeeeee Day Dreaming....) and heads towards his washroom, when he squeks seeing Jenny in the washroom...and Jenny squeaks inturn!! LOLLOL (ab toh mein bhi celebrate karoongi!!! *pulls out a champagne bottle, toasts it....drinks it*...haaaaaa....APPLE FIZZ!! LOLLOL....*keeps a pillow on the lap*...haan aage badho)....
- Khanak comes out and the little boy is sitting outside her patio, angry at being asked to get out... (I agree!! *khaffa muh* He was the only 100% Male to be in the Q...and he was rejected?? *mouth wide open* *gabbar style* bahut naainsaafi hai re .....HAHAHA LOLLOL) Khanak tries consoling him that someone is palying tricks and she is not on the lookout for 100% MALE...ROFLROFLROFL...The little boy remains angry when 2 more little boys join in and fight among them that they should be the one chosen for "100% MALE" ROFLROFL....(*does a jig* two more 100% male...two more...ROFLROFLROFL....yeh saare bachche hee 100% male hai kya dhulwaadi mein???....where are rest of them?...Making their long chotti? ROFLROFL)....The little boy comes and tells Khanak that he was the first to arrive and hence, he deserves to be chosen...They all fight when a little girl comes like a hitler and shouts at them...All the boys get scared and she makes them crouch and hold their ears...Anand peers from a waal and watches all this amusingly...The little girl warns the boys that if they behave liek this the next time, she would push them in a well. ROFLROFL/....They all leave and Khanak is sure that Shaan is behind all this. Hiten comes from behind and agrees that Shaan did all this and he tried stopping him but Shaan didnt listen to him. Hiten explains that Shaan pasted this posters all over the village and Khanak gets infuriated...She tells Hiten she feels like strangling Shaan and tells him to pass the message that Shaan should never show his face to her again. Hiten is trapped as Shaan had sent him to convince Khanak but on the contrary, Khanak became more angry....He crounches on the floor and holds his ears and prays to god to save him from the couple!
- Shaan is travelling somewhere in his RV (he is still travelling??? ShockedShocked....He hasnt yet reached dhulwaadi?? abhi bhi sahara dessert mein ghoom raha hai??ShockedShockedLOLLOL)...He thinks that once he comes back,he has a surprise for Khanak...He reminisces about the moments with her...
- Rahul shouts at Jenny for using his washroom and tells her that she has her own washroom and should use that one. Jenny scolds Rahul for getting into "your-mine" clauses before wedding...After all he also belongs to her...LOLLOL....Rahul gets scared and tells her that the washroom is his...Jenny and he keep talking about "your mine" clauses when Rahul falls down on the bed....Jenny cmes close to him and Rahul jumps from there and leaves the room...
- Sunil in dhulwadi half kurta and 3/4th trackers, SD and BD, all three reach a village. SD and BD are disgusted to come in such a place and BD has an issue with the machars there because they dont seem to have any manners enough to know whom to bite and whom not to...ROFL....Sunil advises them to enjoy nature but SD argues that she is very closely connected to nature as her make-up products are all nature based! ROFL...(Veena, any tips here? ROFL)...They all see an oldman coming from far....They decide to ask him the direction to Dhulwadi. The old man seems to be walking at a snail's pace and BD realizes that by the time he reaches them, it would be hours. She and SD go and sit in the car...Sunil waits for the man and ends up dozing off. By the time the old man reaches Sunil, Sunil has dozed off but then he wakes up and asks Old man about Dhulwadi....They talk Latin,he talks greek...he points them to all possible direction and leaves while the trio moves around confused! LOLLOL
- Jenny brings Rahul's fav breakfast - Pancakes, customized for his taste.....Rahul savours the Pancakes but tells Jenny that he has a surprise for them. He gets in cops for her.
- The kids are playing dog and the bone when they see Khanak walking off, steaming with anger...Anand follows her and Khanak reaches a junction and asks the two ladies sitting there if they have seen Shaan....The two ladies tell her that since he has arrived, all they are doing is, seeing him...ROFL ROFL....(Naughty Naughty girls....Flirting huh? ROFL ROFL)...They warn Khanak that if she doesnt go back to Shaan soon, they would whiz him off! ROFL ....Khanak tells them that if they see Shaan next time, they should turn their face away from him....She goes a little further, followed by Anand...when a little girl gives her a gift from Shaan....Khanak opens it to find red bangles and a note which stated that this color looks better on her hand rather than her eyes....She is flattered and gets into a dreamy mode when Anand ruins it saying that Shaan is good not only inreading books but using them too...Khanak is hurt...(Yeh Anand ka bachcha... *hands on waist*....*give him a special pass to the spanking Q* ....ek ke saath 10 free....u better get into my spanking queue...like NOW!!! *narrows eyes* ROFL)....Anand is enjoying the rising storm...and warns the viewers to save shaan! LOLLOL
1. Khanak enters the RV and see the whole RV decorated with her posters, snaps and mushy notes....and here again Hiten ruins it by showing her a book with such mushy dialogues...Khanak is super pissed at the borrowed mind that went into Shaan's gestures and decides to teach Shaan a lesson...
2. The cops tell Jenny that in the other room, her suitcase is being opened and then her truth would be out in open!
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Posted: 11 years ago
Thankzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz DD Hug... *going to watch the show now*
@PJ Party.. have lots of fun.. wonderful PJ's @ VS and Aero... ck them out!!! Haha..
ck out MAC new Wonderwoman line.... special.. i bought the lipstick.. <3 <3
Chal have a great wkend... update on PJ Party!!!
Edited by -Veena- - 11 years ago
Posted: 11 years ago
xcellent written updateClap..... i jst cme to the rbo forum n read d written updates....
Posted: 11 years ago
WOWW DD!! pajama party?!! have funnnn! it's been ages since i had one :(
SUPER update! i didn't watch the episode ONLY becasue i knew you were updating today!! *butters DD* OMG DD i miss you so much :( LOL that little girl must be mummy! i bet you don't know who mummy is! you only watch RBO when you have to update right? LOL
Posted: 11 years ago
thanks dd for beautiful update with red comments..i like red comments more than updateROFL
Posted: 11 years ago
@Veena: OMG!!! I was gng to ask u for tips for my Pyjama party...Tell me some lines to buy a "dress to kill" wear...I am heading to a disc after the pyjama party....and I need super hot dress....I have many but I have already worn them and wanna pamper myself big time...LOL
ahem ahem!!!....*sheepish look*
*looks left and right*
*whispers* Beeni ki bachchi, aise raaz, zor se nahi bolte hain! ROFLROFL
well, I am not watching any INDIAN SHOWS lately because I am hardly sleeping for an hr or two....but more than tht as I told u, I prefer thrilling and on-the-edge tracks...RBO started with "oh! my god, what would happen next" type track but it doesnt have tht thrill anymore...I prefer adrenaline rush....Not tht I dnt like cute tracks but I dnt wanna be cute always!! ROFLROFL
but I miss u all too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted: 11 years ago
^^ahem DD i just want to see you in that sexy dress of yours! *sigh* who cares about RBO when you can fantasize hotness like you wearing a "i want to pamper myself today" dress! LOL

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