Agle Janam Mohe Bitiya Hi Kijo LAST Written Update

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Agle Janam Mohe Bitiya hi Kijo

12th February - Last Written Update     
      Please excuse me for mistake in updates Today..Last show was                   disappointing ..Well  There was big jumble..Not proper Ending...This cant be
end. It was very abrut..I wish they dint drag Kaalu drama for long 1:15 hours..
Last  15 minutes were  Well..But again all were so Fast by end ..I m disapponted..
Anyways  heres the Updates..


Kaalu catch Riddhi - Laali Faints..

Show starts as Laali & Riddhi comes at some Lonely place(They are unaware that its
Kaalu's place only..)..they hides them selves in one room..Soon Kaalu reach there with
his Men.. He search around But fails to find them & moves to other direction..So Laali
tries to escape from other Side..When again Kaalu comes in front..he catch Siddhi's hand &
drags her to him..Laali struggles to save her,Where Kaalu push her..So Laali clash at
some place & Shes already in labor pain..Shes not able to bear it & she sits there...
When Kaalu is taking Riddhi with him..Laali tries to stop him by catching his leg..
But he leave & Laali faints..

Next Scene  In Kaalu's old haveli's Main Hall..It seems Dance Party organized for Men ..
From  upstair Kaalu's men taking Sumi ,Gangi & other ladies someWhere ..they are still
tied by rope...From upsatir they looks this Party organization downside...

Soon few girls enters on stage & starts Dancing on - Dil walo ke Dil ka..LOL.
Where Drunk men are sitting & they are enjoying Dance on - Me Aai hu UP - Bihar Lutne...
by Dancer girls on stage..All are waiting & asking for Kaalu's entry...

After While Laali comes back to sense..Shes in pain..With great Difficulty she gets up..Looks something & gets shocked..(OK these were seperate scenes What  Laali saw & shocked ..I m linking here..) Laali see Sumi & Gangi tied with Rope & clothes & fainted in same
 Kaalu comes at Party - Its Auction of Girls at his place...
Now Riddhi is under with evil smile Kaalu enters in party with his Men..guys at Party there gives him guy there comes to him & ask him to start the thing for which they are here..Since they cant wait now.... Kaalu signs to call girls...from Kaalu's behind....No.of ladies comes down stair for auction in Gungat..the dirty men at party
are happy...A Lady agent shown earlier repesents all these girls to Kaalu..Soon Men at party there starts Women auction...Like 5000 -2000Ouch ....A sold girl has to go & sit to men who bought her..Sad agle Janam plays Where one after other women gets sell as if its Women selling MarketShocked..they are making pack for men...Men are misbehaving with them etc...
Laali with Sumi & Gangi..
Laali see Sumi tied & fainted..Shes shocked..She releases Sumi's mouth cloth & than her hand from rope..Sumi comes back to sense..They see even Gangi fainted there...Laali releases her as well..But shocked when Gangi has no movement..For sec they were taken back as if Gangi diedOuch..Laali gets up & brings water for them..She sprinkls on Gangi..
still shes not moved ..after while suddenly gangi gets up with her signature words - SatyanashLOL! Sumi & Laali relieved..Laali gives them water & asks how they are here..Sumi cries & tells Kaalu misleaded them said Haveli's men are injured & they stucked here...Gangi tells Kaalu's men took Jamuni & Rekha with them ...Sumi says Kaalu caught our Madhav as well...(Yeah I was wondering Where he went).Laali is shocked & says we'll hv to do something to find them all..Kaalu is very dangerous Man.(Again it was seperate sence) - Finally Sumi & Gangi with heavy wooden stick breaks the locked room's door & they comes out to find rest of family at same haveli with Laali LOL
from Kaalu's place someone calls to Shekhar..
 When auction of women going on downstair  one man calls Shekhar & tells him that  at Kaalu's old haveli girls auction is going on Which is at middle of jungle..Shekhar tells RV & Loha that they got Riddhi's location..& they moves to place..(Dunno when they'll reach NowLOL..)
Laali's Great Speech ..Clap
One girl seems crying at one Room at Kaalu's place..Whos sold to Thakur..She denies to go to that thakur..She begs other lady to help other girl tells its better to die rather to go to thakur..That sold girl seems hopeless & crying..Laali with Gangi & Sumi going through same Room..see the girl crying & hear thats shes sold..Laali has Past Flashes Where she can see the her Friend Sanchari sold like this..She attempt to suicide..How she run after car to save her but failed etc....she has flash when she got to know that her parent sold her & balli telling them that Laali belongs to his customer only..
Laali comes in room to that Girl says  - what shes saying about die - other Women there recognize her as Village Sarpanch...All does Namaste to her..Laali asks to that girl  - How she
 can think to die..Its not way to deal with matter..We women are always ready to sacrifies for our family & even to kill other if they try  to harm our beloved once..But when it comes to us..Why we fails to face it...If you get sold & then Is suicide  only way to get rid of it.... If its so  I could
suicide very earlierOuch..But I dint..Why..Bcuz I knew I hv to live for my familyClap...And What do you think to kill yr self is only solution of this problem..No..they dont care if you die..If you will commite suicide then he will bring more 50 girls like you in seconds..than what is solution..Nothing..see these women (Sumi & Gangi ) Even I was sold &  I came to  haveli as Dasi..but they helped me
& understood my problem...To over come problem you dont need to hv relation ..But you need be courageous & united as women power..Laali is in pain now..Gangi tells other Women  that
they are looking Laali standing as Sarpanch today  after her fights who brought as Dasi initially...they all need to stand against Man like Kaalu & fight to end this kind of jerks...all women agrees & they all decides to give fight today... Clap
Its Rekha - Jamuni & Riddhi at auction....
Here Kaalu calls for 3 special ladies on auction..Agent women calls them .. Its Thakur's Bahu - Beti..Jamuni ,Rekha & Riddhi to sell now....Agent women takes out their Gangat to show thier faces...When Men looks at them with dirty eyes..all are scared & so uncomfortale...Men
 chooses Jamuni & Rekha & when they comes to Riddhi..Kaalu tells leave her for me....
In search on Madhav...
Here Laali with Sumi & Gangi & with her Nari sena (Other womenLOL) slowing moving
 at  Kaalu's haveli in Madhav's seach...Laali asks to get divided  so they can search fast...
Laali goes with Gangi & Sumi with other womem..(They wasted much time on this serching an all..they  could give some meaningful scene rather than all these dragging part..)Gangi &
Laali  search but fails..Finally Sumi moves upstair when Kaalu's man spot her..she hides her
self  under pallu..& says  to that Man that - Kaalu asked her to look after boy he brought today but she forgot where he is..can he tell where is that boy..Sumi succeeds to mislead guy As he
tells exact room where Madhav isSmile..Sumi goes at same room  Where Madhav is sleeping
 who asks Sumi to take himat  home..Sumi wraps shawl around Madhav & successfully
comes down stair..she calls Laali & tells  that Madhav found..Madhav runs to his Mom..Laali
kiss him..Madhav says  that man scold him..Laali says now all is ok baby...But mean
 while Kaalu's Man spot all ladies together upstair..he runs to inform Kaalu...Ouch
Riddhi - Rekha - Jamuni runs...
When Riddhi's auction is going on Kaalu's man comes & infroms him about women united upstair...He roars & shots gun in air..While his instucting his men how to catch ladies again..Rekha signs Riddhi to they all sneaks behind from Kaalu..Kaalu spots them running..& he runs with his Men..
All ladies meets up  & runs together..
when all are going & running & dunno what else..LOLAll Loha Family women meets up at
 one point..& than  they all starts  running together...Rekha helps Laali to runs..(OMG ! hv mercy on Poor Girl ..through out show she was in extrem painOuch...)..when Kaalu's men up to catch them Gangi stops them in way by plotting sofa in way..Soon Kaalu arrives & he runs behind all women...
Laali in extrem  pain....
All ladies reach at some Kitchen Kind of Place where woman are doing something with chillies....they all locks them selves in room... Laali begs them to let them be here as gunda
 are behind them..Kaalu reach at this place..Knocks the door from ouside..warns laali to
open other wise he'll kill her whole family..Laali is in extreme pain now..she is not able to bear
 & starts screaming in pain..Rekha holds her mouth so voice dont go out...Gangi ask for some clothes..Rekha gives her  And Dunno  What she was doing it with around Laali' s tummyConfused....where Kaalu is screaming to open the doors.. Soon Kaalu breaks the door & comes in..
With surprize its only Laali & Riddhi there...Confused
Kaalu VS Laali...
Kaalu comes in..He looks at Laali with anger..He says I told you one that  I will kill you..did yoy
take me lightly...Riddhi will be at my bed by tonight & you will see it by yr eyes....Laali is in so much pain that to able to react as suchCry...Kaalu points gun at Laali & says Let me see Who saves Whom today..are you sure yr family will save you...When Kaalu
is about to shoot , Sumi & Gangi with other ladies throws red chilly power at him & his men..
and they all leaves the place before gunda's handle them selves...
Thakur reaches....
Here down stair at haveli..Finally Loha  & Family reached at  Kaalu's place...they starts
 shoot  person comes in their way..Shekhar shoots one guy...And he with RV starts beating rest of Gundas...where ladies comes down stair escaping from Kaalu...Soon all Women comes down stair running... Some ladies starts  beating that Agent Lady thereClap...all comes down stair..but Laali sits there at stair case as now shes not able to move a bit even due to laborCry...Kaalu's men comes down stair.. There is Fight between Thakur's & Gunda...Tongue
Kaalu catches Riddhi...
Kaalu is super angery now..He cleans up his eyes with water pot there and breaks
 it....& moves to main hall..he see fighting going
on downstair..But Riddhi scared looking all this from corner upstair..Kaalu's comes 
behind  from Riddhi & holds her mouth & drags her....Only Laali see Kaalu taking Riddhi..She tries to  tell other to rescue but all are busy in fighting at hall...OuchLOLSo Poor girl with great difficulty gets up to save Riddhi again...Cry
Kaalu up to rape Riddhi...
Kaalu takes Riddhi at  other side &  drags her Down stair..May hes up to rape her..Riddhi attempts to escape many a times..But finally Kaalu catch her..Hes about to go near Riddhi..
Dunno how Laali manages to Reach there in time..
Laali points gun at Kaalu...
Laali in extreme pain that not able to stand properly..even In this condition  she tells Riddhi to go & she points gun at Kaalu..Her hands are litrally shaking..Kaalu see a chance & takes gun from Laali's hand ... & Now hes up to shoot Laali only..Ouch.
Who Shoots & whom......Laali..ShockedShockedShocked
Kaalu points gun & up to fire..There is sound of gun shot  &  there is Blood on Laali's face..
She sceams after gun shot...& as if she got  shot...Shes falling slowing & in extrem pain with scream..Carema only focus on her face..When the Whole Agle Janam Series is summarized  in Falshes which comes to Laali one after other With sad Agle Janam songs...Of Koyna village - How her gauna happened - How she thought Shekhar as Ganeshiya -How loha told her
 shes here to give heir only she came back -How Sumi told her love with Shekhar is
 for Warries only. -Than shali marreage -Baby to second SR etc.... Shes falling slowing...Cry
And Look who saved Laali -
After long 5 minutes flashes & tension as if laali is injured  & dieing its actully Kaalu who got
 shot..& who shots him  - Loha shoots himTongue ..Loha says - Loha can never tolerate anyone play with Izzat of her Family..Laali is izzat of his Kaalu had to pay - what he did...LOL(If
 Kaalu got shot at back how come his blood on Laali's  face- LOL)
Kaalu falls & Laali sceams & now craving in labor pain on floor..Loha calls Sumi to come &
 hurry  ...Soon all ladies reach there to  help Laali in deliver  baby ..Ladies covers Laali around...Gangi asks to push & Laali is screaming in Pain....RV -Shekhar - Madhav-Madhur- 
 Loha standing there in worry.....Shekhar & Loha  were  extremly worried & Shekhar tried to go to Laali  also but Sumi asked to wait asideEmbarrassed....After much pain..a Lovely baby Borns..Gangi congrates Everyone  & takes baby  in hand...Laali see her baby....Shekhar first seems confused than he see his baby &  is like Thank god...Smile (See the Shekhar face here..OMG..He was
so  cute.Embarrassed..)
Shali's second baby borns..
Gangi takes baby to Loha(Why not to daddyConfused)..Loha Looks at little baby & says - Lakshmi  
aai  hai Shekharwa...Its baby girl..& he kisses  baby's cute legs..& gives his chain from nack
 as prize to Gangi for this good news as Dai..(Nothing for mother Loha ).. Shekhar is so excited now & still looking baby with plesant surprizeSmile....he looks at his daughter..And takes
 Madhav in arm to show him his new born sisEmbarrassed..Laali has tears of joy..Embarrassed.Cry(I wish they
 could show Loha - Laali & Riddhi thing as well..How come Loha reform suddenly who used to hate women & specially Laali..)
Last Ever Shali Scene :CryEmbarrassed
Shali are sitting on Swing under tree in Field Where scarecrow is there..".Shekhar & Laali" 
 written on Tree.. Laali has  the  cutest  ever  Daughter in hand....Shes loving her Daughter...So as Shekhar...Both  playing with  their Daughter & Madhav is palying away....Soon Madhav runs to his Parents ask to love him  as well ..Shekhar teases Madhav says - Chalo aaj tumko pyar
nahi KarengeLOL- Laali  says Kahe nahi Karenge..Madhav sits in his dad's lap & he takes him
  in arm....Madhav plays with her sis.. Laali  tells her chote thakur that  My story 
could never be complete  if you were not there..Shekhar says -We had to meet to complete it
 Na-  Approve...Laali  has that satisfied smile  on Face.....Soon she  looks  at  her Chote  thakur  
Whos sitting  beside  him...Puts her head on his shoulder...
Shekhar  holds Laali in arm.. Where  Laali is holding the cutipie Baby in hand &
Madhav with  Shekhar..Everyone has that  peaceful Lovely Smile & Joy of togetherness.....
With  strong  wind..Leafs  falls  over them..Shekhar says Dev & Radhika will also hv
 Amar  prem  like us..Madhav  asks what they'll name new  baby &  says her name will be
Tashi.....Aww.. Laali  calls  her daughter as Tashi...and perfect family pic...Laali looks at her Daughter  and  says  to Shekhar that - After looking this Little life in my hand all I want to say is-
AGLE JANAM  MOHE BITIYA HI  KIJO  & Agle Janam song plays & there
 is  wonderful  Flashes  right from Laali's entry on Show till 
 Shali's   Perfect  family PIC ...ApproveThey are happily together ever after
THE END....Cry
StarFor the Great Cast of Agle Janam Star
Popular Cast
Ratan Rajpoot (Laali / Shyamli /Siddheshwari)
Abhishek Rawat (Rajshekhar)
Sukirti Kandpal (Siddheshwari)
Rupa Ganguly (Kaushalya / Sumitra )
Sudesh Berry (Loha Singh)
Sachal Tyagi (Ranvijay)
Surbhi Tiwari (Nandini)
Sushmita Mukherjee (Gangiya)
Vindya Tiwari (Jamuni)
Aditya Lakhaiya(Nanku)
Nupur Alankar & Tuhinna Vohra (Mjari)
Dipika samson(Rekha)
Harish Mukul(Madhur)
Supriya Kumari (Sanchari)
Anupam Shyam (Bali)
Ankita Sharma (Ratna)
Karan Mehra (Ganeshiya)
Manav Gohil(Dr.Shailendra)
Rajeshree Thakur (Thakurain)
Shakti Arora (Mukul)
Kaalu Bajrangi (Kannan)
Kids On Show :
Tanvish Patel (Madhav)
Kareen - Karishma (Kid Riddhi  - Siddhi)
Rafan Khan (Munna)

Few characters dunno Actor names are  -
Laali's two little Sisters ,
Girl who played Riddhi recently
Suman & Minu
I m Sorry If I missed any names..There had been many characters...All
played their parts Best at Drama called "Agle Janam Mohe Bitiya Hi Kijo"Clap
Wishing All the Very Best  To each & every Actor & crew Member Who ever been part of
show... Big Thanks to bring us this Drama Which was so unique & heart warming..
All the Best - God Bless !! to everyone - Ratan & AbhishekStarStarStarStarStar
Special Mention for Lead Girl Ratan Rajpoot.. Hatts off to Girl to play
Laali  exceptionally Great  ..There is Serious Talent this girl got..she stolen the heart
away as Laali...All the best girl for future Projects & Swayamvar ..Hope you
get yr Prince Charming...Embarrassed
Thanks all Lovely I-F Members Smile- Thanks everyone to read my updates..there were mistakes but none evercomplained..All reader were so Kind with me...thanks Everyone Who ever liked - Read & commented on my Updates & been part of Forum....Embarrassed

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Posted: 9 years ago
really disappointing ending. they didnt show loha accepting his granddaughters and if jamuni had a boy or girl or what happened to suman
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Posted: 9 years ago
Well I now that some of you are disspointed with the ending. but I liked it. it was much better ending then Choti Bahu. CB ending sucked.

ok wow. iam not gonna cry. hehe. I can't belive it. it's finally over. I will miss this show alot. I have been watching it for 2 years now. and I hope we will have another season.
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Posted: 9 years ago
Thank you for today's update and thank YOU Sweetgirl and all the other updaters on this forum for all your hard work and dedication. It was very much appeciated. Wish you and all the other forum members all the best !!!!!!
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Posted: 9 years ago
thank you very much. its the happy ending we always wanted.
your greatness is great. thks again.SmileSmile
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Posted: 9 years ago
Hi SweetGirl.......i pm'd you already since you are over whelmed i am sure with the write up and the ending.....i have to confess i snuck looks at your writeups and parts of the shows and kind of followed it after all...there were some cute scenes you described i wanted to see  Wink really was a disappointing ending on one hand, leaving so many unanswered questions....although since we all wondered if Laali would even survive i guess it was ultra happy from that perspective.  even if for only a few minutes there was a sweet family ending...maybe it was appropriate after all to see such drama and agony that Laali went through during the first 3/4 of the show because that was her life...but she overcame and we saw her happiness as the sweet reward. 

anyway  thanks so much SG for all your tremendous work, many many hours and your dedication to the show...Clap Thumbs Up

Ratan (Laali) is such a beautiful girl and a wonderful actress Star and i think all the flashes showed the scope of her talent so i am glad they treated us to that...  she brought us all into her heart. !!  Heart

Thanks to the cast and crew and everyone who worked so hard... 

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Posted: 9 years ago
aww! I am going to miss this show its so sad it had to end today  and will miss  Abhishek and Ratan on tv so much Cry anywayz we still have Ratan's swayambar coming so can' t wait to watch that  I am so proud of Loha I am happy he saved Lali although I am so shockedLOL, it was cute to see him holding the baby girl she is so cuteBlushingI wish I was there to hold her  Tashi is a cute nameEmbarrassedEdited by natasha_1407 - 9 years ago
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Posted: 9 years ago
Thanks for the update. So this is itCry
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