*~* Gangster of the Week # 14 *~*

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Posted: 11 years ago

Gangster of the Week


This week our chosen member to be grilled is a member who has been on this forum 4 a while.. she is an avid follower of LTL ... she  actively takes  part in all the discussions & makes  interesting  post ..



She is none other than




Congratulations  Liz

You are now officially on the Hot Seat for the next week!Pig
Feel free to use this siggy below to flaunt your special status for this Week !Big smile


And now time for the grillingEvil Smile....
First; some general questions:

User Name:
Real Name:
Age :    
How did I get started with India Forums:
Why am I hooked to Laagi Tujhse Lagan...:  
My hobbies, More about me:
 What I like best @ IF: 
What I would like to see more @IF:
And finally, why the username  lizdarcy   :


Cmon LTLians
What are u waiting for ..
Just shoot away ..
Its now your turn to Grill, Bake and Fry her ..
Big smile

All glitter courtesy of Tumhari_Khushi and Zwani.com
LTL Logo Credit : Dew Creations
GOTW Sig Credit : Khushix.Creations

Posted: 11 years ago
Congrats Liz ...............
Enjoy the hot seat...........................
Posted: 11 years ago
congrats Liz...very wel deserved! enjoy ur week!!
Posted: 11 years ago
Congrats Liz
Enjoy the hot seatParty
Posted: 11 years ago
Congratz Liz Big smile

Here are my questions .... Wink

How do u feel when you hear Mishal aka Duttas name?

Who U want as a boyfirend Mishal or Dutta?

Tell me one scene wich you want to see in LTL between Tasha?

How do u want dutta knews about his trio sister...?

discribe Kala in one sentence…

Dutta or Baji?

Babi or AS?

Nakku or Kala?

Seema or Supriya?

Leela or Roops?

roops and baaji or madu and baaji?

Your fav. book?

Your fav. actor / actress?

The embrassing thing in ur life?

The happiestt thing in ur life?

are u married (personaly question...just if u want to answer)?

Your fav dish...?

Your fav. pet?

Your fav movie?

your fav song (hindi & english)

Have u a nosepin??

Enjoy the hot seat :)

Posted: 11 years ago
Boy! Gangster of the week! I like the sound of that.
Aww..thanks guys!

User Name: LizDarcy

Real Name:

Age : 27

Profession: wannabe writer stuck in a 9-5 job! :-D

How did I get started with India Forums: I think it was during 2005-06 when i was crazy about JJKN. I used to be a silent reader, and often visited the forums to read the written updates. And while Jassi still remains one of my favorite ugly duckling to pretty swan makeover stories, it comes nowhere close to Laagi. I think it's mainly coz of IF that LTL became more than a show for me. This place is just amazing! And i'm in awe of half the writers here!

Why am I hooked to Laagi Tujhse Lagan...: ummm...one word, Dutta. LOL. That is the main reason. But more than that, it's the story. I'm a bookworm, and a dyed-in-the-wool romantic. I love love stories, and my favorite ones have always been the ones from classic literature. The ones in movies, tv always fall short. Every love story i've read, seen has had something missing. So much that i thought the perfect love story existed only in my head. Every LS I've followed either lacked the build up, or passion, or intensity, or was too fast/slow for my taste. There'd always be something missing. And then i chanced upon this show.

What started off as casual interest turned into an obsession. For me, it wasn't just the fact that Dutta was flawed or Nakusha dark. It wasn't that the chemistry between both was so undeniable! There was something so magical, it was like someone had taken all the good bits from all my favorite love stories and made one heady cocktail! The way i saw it, Dutta and Naku were inevitable. And even as i watched the episode that got me hooked, the one where Dutta regally walks down the temple stairs holding Naku's hand, i felt it wouldn't really live up to my expectations. As i watched the epi where, during the flower rasam for Supriya, the flowers fall on Naku, my heart went into overdrive. The symbolism being, her husband would love her deeply. I knew that Dutta already loved her as a friend, but i wondered if it'd be passionate enough. And by passion, i didn't mean the stuff i was so used to seeing on Star one shows. And then, i was expecting Dutta to fall for her after she revealed her beauty. But i was proven wrong, and how. The jungle scenes just enthralled me, the Ambar sequence blew me away and then i witnessed the most beautiful love story on television. Dutta romancing a dark Naku is, and will remain the most passionate thing i've ever seen. The intensity of his gaze, the way she'd sometimes shy away, sometimes stand upto him, boy was it amazing or what. And the fact that inspite of all the beating this show has taken due to the offscreen politics, i still look forward to the culmination of this grand tale...that should tell you what this story means to me.

My hobbies: Reading, daydreaming, writing

More about me: I'm basically a dreamer with escapist tendencies. Though i have my lows, i like to believe that i'm an uncynical, positive person. Also, i've just started learning what it is to love myself, alot of it, thanks to LTL.

What I like best @ IF: The people here rock! There is so much more than star worship and fangirl tantrums happening here! And boy, the insights most of us have into the characters and story! And of course the fact that everyone here is so matured, in the way they interact.

What I would like to see more @IF: of late, there's been a lot of negative energy, none of it our fault. I wish we could get back to discussing the story instead of worrying about the actors! hope things get resolved soon.

And finally, whythe username lizdarcy : erm, do you even need to ask. I've been in love with Mr. Darcy ever since i was 14. These days, it's another gentleman, a certain Mr. Dutta who occupies my waking thoughts though!

And oh, i haven't mentioned my name. The thing is, IF is a guilty pleasure for me. :)
And, i love the name Liz. Makes me seem all mysterious, which i'm not. LOL. Embarrassed Embarrassed
Posted: 11 years ago
Thank you Kiran, Khushi, Shreya, Divya, Yuvika, Kavitha, Preety and Naina

naina *gulp* will answer your qtns in a while. Big smile
Posted: 11 years ago
congratz liz...luvd ur ansaz abov...itz soo lyk me..lol wierdly i fote u wer describin me!! LMAO
enjoy da hot seat   

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