~innocent~ maaneet ff- UPDATED PG 75 10/25

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Posted: 11 years ago
hey guys...my name is richa
well i have been a silent reader for a long long time...and this is my first attempt at writing a ff...i hope you all like it...and since itz my first attempt so plz be little lenient ...LOL

i actually started writing this ff when i was thoroughly frustrated with economics(pathetic subjectDead...no offence to those who like it)...well i never thought i would post it here...but then i thought whats the harm in doing so...so here it goes...



Geet handa

Maan singh khurana

Dev singh khurana

Savitri devi

Pinky chadda

Naintara rathod

Sameera singhania

Rano handa

Brij handa



She was walking in a dazed state, dressed in a pink lehnga choli, her feet bare, her tears flowing endlessly , while her feet bled profusely. However the physical wasn't registering in her mind when the pain in her heart was so enormous that she felt she was dying every passing second and yet her heart, which was shredded into million pieces couldn't stop bleeding. How she wished she could just die for once and all so that she doesn't have to go through this mental anguish, which every passing second became unbearable,suffocating her. She didn't knew where was going, wishing wherever her feet were leading her was away from all her pain, her suffering.

Her thoughts were interrupted when her phone rang.

She was about to cut the call when she saw the number and quickly picked it up'while panic started building up inside her

'heh-llo' she said in choked voice

'hello'..am I speaking to miss geet handa'??


'Uhh mam'actually I am calling from jeevan hospital 'I am sorry to inform you but your----'

She quickly cut the phone knowing what was about to come'which she couldnt bear to listen

She threw away her phone and sank to the ground'. as she cried out in pain...


okay this was just the prologue...let me know if you like it...so that i could continue.

will be waiting for responses...Smile


part 1- page 1


part 2-page 3


part 3- page 5


part 4-page 9


part 5- page 15


part6- page 18


part 7-page 23


part 8- page 28


part 9- page 34


part 10- page 43


part 11- page 49


part 12-page 57


part 13-page 70


part 14-page 75



love psychology and innocent

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Posted: 11 years ago
interesting concept
pls cont soon
pls do pm me
Posted: 11 years ago
awesomeeeee yaarrrrr
continue n pm me plzzzzzz
seems full of mystery
n economics does make our brain go blank
Posted: 11 years ago
awsome update...
do continue plz.
add me to yr pm list.
thank u
Posted: 11 years ago
amazing intro cont soon please!!!ClapClapClapClap
Posted: 11 years ago
wow nice intro
continue soon

Posted: 11 years ago

this is the first part....hope you will like it

ignore the mistakesLOL


                                                          'A broken heart'

She held a bouquet of red and black roses, hers and dev's  favourite color, as she elegantly walked towards his office, With a smile on her face. It was 9 in the night and she knew everyone would have left the office. He had told her that he will be working till late tonight as there was too much workload. she had wanted to surprise him as today was their 3 year anniversary'since they have started dating.   She opened the door of his cabin and  was about to call out his name when she finally took in the sight in front of her eyes, and stumbled back. Dev was kissing a girl, while the girl's hand was inside his shirt. She stood there watching the scene dumbfounded. 'I love you jaan'..the women called out in a hoarse voise'

'i love you too darling'..hmm you taste so good'dev said while caressing her waist.

Geet felt her cheeks getting wet..as her vision clouded'she realized she was crying. She stood there watching both of them for several minutes when her reverie finally broke when she saw dev opening her top's buttons.  Disgusted at the sight, she closed the door quietly and walked away.

She kept walking without realizing where she was heading to .All her dreams were  crashing down'.her future, which till few minutes ago seemed  bright and full of love,  was now suddenly engulfed in darkness.

Her trance finally broke when she realized she was standing in the middle of the road, surrounded by cars while horns were buzzing incessantly,  and somehow she had lost her dupatta. People were shouting profanities at her asking her to move. She quickly collected herself and walked away mumbling sorry.

She hailed a cab and gave the address of khurana mansion. The cab driver looked at her tear-stained face and her ragged appearance  with suspicion . 'What the hell are you looking at , I am not asking for a charity, I will pay you okay now will you plz start moving' she shouted at driver who was looking at her if she was some rare creature with horns sprouting out of her head. The cab driver was taken aback and quickly started driving.

As the cab started moving, she fell back on the car seat closing her eyes,  trying to block out the pain. However as she closed her eyes the only image that came to her mind was of dev and that women. She felt that some has kicked in her stomach and her lungs had suddenly contracted and she couldn't breathe.  She opened her eyes and looked out of the window staring at nothing, while her memories of dev started flooding back at her like a rude slap. She remembered her 19th b'day when  he had  proposed her. He had beautifully decorated the terrace of khurana mansion, with a solitaire ring in one hand, two dozen roses in another while he was bent on his knees, perfectly the way she has imagined her prince charming would have done. They had danced on a slow song,holding eachother  in a tight embrace. After the song had ended he had carried her in his arms, to her bedroom and has given her her first kiss. Though she hadn't felt the current in her body when he had kissed her, which she has expected after reading millions romantic novels,she was happy and contended. She had rubbished her previous thought thinking it was all in the world of novels and such thing needn't happen in real life'.and what was the point of even thinking about it when she felt so happy and loved

That day she has felt that her all dreams were finally going to be fulfilled with dev at her side, who would love her forever. Three years ago. Her life was perfect.

Today she didn't even knew what tomorrow held for her


'Uhh'she broke out of her reverie as she cab driver shouted at her

'Madam khurana mansion aagaya'.wake up'

Oh Yea'I am sorry'she quickly got out of the cab and handed the driver his fare.

She was about to enter in the mansion when she realized that dev might be inside.

'goddd'.what the hell was finally happening with her'she was hoping that she would lie down in her bed and never come out of it. It totally slipped off her mind that this is where dev lives as well'and no ways she was going to face him right now or for that matter, just anyone.

She stood outside for several minutes contemplating whether to go inside or not. But where would she go if not inside, she wondered.


'Oh yes, I can go to pinky's place'.but what would I say to dadima!!!???

She was not in a state of mind to come up with a good excuse, and dadima would definitely enquire for the reason. Dadima was a sweet and elegent lady, and for some reason she was quite over protective about geet'.specially if it involved going out during night time, too alone. She had already told her about her plan of meeting dev in the office, and now her sudden change of plans would make her upset, also it would involve loadz of lying''which she didn't want to.

She let out a resigned sigh''and then suddenly it struck her.

Dev couldn't have been at home'cause if he would have been there dadima must have enquired about her'..dev surely must have no answer and by now she would have made thousand calls to her and sent out a search party.

Relief washed over her as she quickly made her inside, hoping no one would see her.

She finally let out her breathe once she was inside her bedroom, and quickly closed the door behind.

'geet'beta is that you??'

She heard dadima calling out

'Yes dadima'.dadima I am really tired'.so I am just hitting the bed'and don't worry I already had my dinner with dev'umm he hasn't come as yet as something cropped up at the last minute'' so goodnight'

She crossed her fingers knowing her speech was hurried and her voice shaky'and dadima could have catched her bluff

However she relaxed when dadima just asked her to to sleep well.


She laid in bed for two whole day without once stepping out of the room.

She had told dadima that she was having period pains'..while her mind chuckled at her stupid excuse. However dadima has bought it'looking at her pained face and pale appearance,and knowing her previous battle with period cramps.

She was garetful that something had actually came up in the office and dev has to leave for Kolkata for three days. Atleast god was not as merciless as she has thought.



Today was the day dev would be coming back.

And today was the day she had to face him.

She didn't want that'.

'no no no''I cannot face him''she cried in her bed.

The thought of dev made her nauseous and she again had that kick-in the-gut feeling allover again.

Suddenly the room was too suffocating'too small and too filled up her memory with. She knew the solace was nowhere to be found in this room'she needed to get out of it.


She was ten years old when dadima had brought her into khurana mansion

sixteen, when she had discovered this place while hiding from maan, after she had broken his favourite watch.


                                               part 2

okay finally here goes the first part i hope you all would like it!!!

and just to make it clear the prologue is not the continuation of this part...and yes geet lives at khurana mansion only 

and don't forget to commentWink

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Posted: 11 years ago
Originally posted by simi91

interesting concept
pls cont soon
pls do pm me

thnk you....and i have sent you the request ...

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