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Posted: 11 years ago
1) Rahul and Roza-8.5 good choreography  but not very clean
2)Amit falon-10 excellent no words
3)Surya and sneha-8 hmm something was missing
4)saurabh and vivek-9 nice concept

1)Sonali and cornell-9 very smooth
2)Prthivi and vivek-8 somehow i dint find it that great

1)Karan and carling-9 very nice concept and lovely dancing
2)Vikram and niharika-8 expect so much more from them
Posted: 11 years ago
Rahul-Roza --- 6 -- Poor choreography, I didn't get the concept. The song is about Disco-dancing and they're playing TT Confused It seemed vague and frankly speaking, it didn't make any sense to me. Rahul was pretty weak in executing his steps, I just didn't like the performance. And how was this performance anywhere connected to a Valentine special?? I hope they do well next time.. :(
Surya-Sneha --- 6 -- TBH, it seemed all over the place. I wish they had performed the routine on the ground, but that really doesn't matter as long as they excute their moves well, which they both did not. Waltz is a very beautiful dance style.. like one of the judges said, when you see them perform, you feel like they're light as a feather and are flying... It was soo not THERE! Ouch I don't care if they did it in the air, they had to perform well. The transitions and all were sooo poor. Very bad performance. sorry, it just didn't work for me..
Amit-Falon --- 10! :D  -- WOW, Falon.. WOW! Big smile She was on fire tonight! .. Brilliant choreogrphy, the transitions were good, nice energy levels for a dance style like Flaminco. Very good performance Clap Clap Star  They did deserve all the appreciation Big smile
Co-so  --- 9 -- VERY VERY ELEGANT. Clap It was beautiful, smooth, graceful. I have never seen Sonali dance so gracefully to be honest. Very very good choreography. It felt like I was actually watching a Valentine special episode while watching their performance. Embarrassed I wish we get to see more performances like this Big smile
Vikky-Niharika --- 8 -- Nice performance! I liked how Cha-cha was doing cha-cha-cha Tongue Very innovative.. but then, I have to agree with some judges(I don't remember who said what), there was little cha-cha-cha.. I wish they had brought in more of Cha-cha-cha style. But nevertheless, was an entertaining performance. Simple yet good. I still cannot understand how Vikky-Niharika are eliminated :(
Karan-Carling --- 9 -- I really enjoyed their performance Big smile For the first time I felt Carling had good eneergy level. The choreography was goooddd, Karan did rock the stage. I liked their make-up. BUT, I wish the ending wasn't soo abrupt. Rajeev should have made the ending scary and should have made it look like an ending actually.
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Posted: 11 years ago
Hi Angel
You forgot to rate saurabh-vivek and prithivi and the other guy
Posted: 11 years ago
Originally posted by Prud123

Hi Angel
You forgot to rate saurabh-vivek and prithivi and the other guy
Oh yeahh.. I didn't watch both of their performances :/ 
Posted: 11 years ago

Cornell-Sonali ' I loved their performance, very graceful and elegant!Clap Kept it short and sweet, and the limited space flourished the performance even better, IMO. Cornell looked better with his shirt onLOL And Sonali was'.nvm'.EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed Dunno why Marzi complained about not being aware, other than the things he mentioned, I saw nothing wrong Confused They used the props quite well'what more to say? Loved it! Big smile

Rahul-Roza- Another great performance by them! They have been very consistent, and there might be some pressure on them to do better than before. But they show no signs of it, and continue with their jhakas performances! Clap The energy they show is great, as always! The expressions are priceless, makes me wanna steal my dad's Mastercard and wave it at them LOL Roza actually improved from their previous performance, I think, she was not lagging behind or anything. But yes, I did feel that the endings were not perfect too, like Rajiv thought.

Amit-Falon- Stupendofantabuloustic! Hats off! Fultoo Fatak! Santababada! Salute! What more can I say? They deserve the POTD. Clap

Vikram-Niharika- Wonder why they were in the bottom 2Confused I thoroughly enjoyed their performance, mindblowing, spectactular, awesome, no words! Clap ClapTheir expressions were just too good, however, the contrasting of Cha Cha and the Indian dance was too much skewed towards the Indian side, it made it look like an Indian dance.

Prithvi-Vivek- Wow, what energy! Today's episode is really good with such brilliant performances, its difficult to choose who is better! The concept was very good, and I loved the coordination and with the finesse they completed their steps. Hats off! Clap

Karan-Carling: Hmmm, interesting performance. The concept was quite unique, and the costumes were apt. I liked the dancing, but by Karan standards, I didn't think it was extraordinary. But he did overshadow Carling, and not taking credit away from anybody, both of them did a great job, especially Carling since I think she has improved soo much from last week.

Saurabh-Vivek-At this stage, I would say that their performance was the weakest of the lot. They went off coordination, and I didn't see a 'wow' factor as such in their performance.


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Posted: 11 years ago
Amit-Falon rocked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Star
Posted: 11 years ago
Amit-Falon -- 10 -- Wow, Superb, Mindblowing, Fantastic, beyond words!!

Rahul-Roza -- 8.5 -- Lacked synch and energy; Roza looked not well, because usually she is an energy packed performer!

Cornell-Sonali -- 9.5 -- Very graceful and good lifts.

Karan-Carling -- 9 -- Scary!! Good concept, but a risky one too!!

Surya-Sneha -- 9 -- Hemamalini's face flashes in front of my eyes every time I hear the Dreamgirl song.. I liked the theme and the choreography, though they made mistakes..

Prithvi-Vivek -- 9.5 -- They slipped a couple of times, but their synchronization is superb! And always energy packed too!!

Vikram-Niharika -- 9.5 -- Though I didnt like Vikram's role in the act, I liked the choreography a lot and they did a good job..

Saurabh-Vivek -- 8.5 -- They never impress me much, always disconnected to me!! The choreography was good, but the dancers seem to be the problem for me!!

Posted: 11 years ago
i am in love with Amit-Falon...Both are equally strong and their chemistry and dance simply rock!!!

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