What will happen next with Sandhya and Neeraj?

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Posted: 11 years ago
I commented on the other thread for today's episode but as I was writing it my thoughts of the episode and upcoming storyline became a little more clear. The more I think about it the more I am convincing myself that the family might well agree to Neeraj and Sandhya as a good match for each other. However, Gayatri Bua or Anjali (if GB gets Anjali on her side) will find out, or overhear, that Sandhya has been previously married (although I don't personally think it's a problem for a girl to get married a second time) and will reveal it to the family in a really dramatic way.

I don't see why the family would see this as an issue, especially if they find out what Sandhya had to go through but I have a feeling that if this is the storyline then they will react badly to it, and GB will make sure they do so. Dadaji might well have accepted that his son had married someone of a lower class, and may well overlook this attribute in Sandhya but I'm not sure if he'll agree with his grandson getting married to a widow.

Or if the elders already know about Sandhya's previous marriage then they don't seem to have disapproved, and so GB might try to ruin their relationship by revealing it but dadaji might shut her up by telling her he already knows :\

Thoughts? What do others think will happen next with them? Can anyone convince me that the storyline will take a different turn, or pick faults in my theory? I'm open to other possibilities!
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Posted: 11 years ago
Given how the story went during the Jagirdar saga, I think there may be some teasers, and indeed, Sandhya might go thru some ugly patches while she is there when other people discover that she was previously married (Dadaji & Baa already  know).  Such things might make Sandhya want to leave, and Neeraj will give her the 'See, I told you so, so let's leave - I'm not staying either' - and Sandhya won't leave.

 One thing, though - unlike  in the Jagirdars where you had the unseemly sights of Sarla or DK kneeling b4 Sandhya, it's not likely to happen here, b'cos unlike the Jagirdars, Sandhya respects this family.  Not only b'cos they haven't so far cheated her or murdered anybody, but b'cos when she thinks somebody loves her, or when she herself loves somebody, she loves his family as well.  That was the case w/ Yuvraj, and now, b'cos it's Neeraj's family, she's really doing what she can that they don't get hurt.

So I think the story might go through a few weeks of such twists, and finally, the family, in order to win Neeraj's confidence once & for all, will ask Sandhya to marry  him.  It'll happen, and I don't think the serial will necessarily  end there - they may focus on their romance, while also showing side shows, be it Anmol-Anjali, or maybe even Sandhya's sisters.  I really wish they'd bring the kids back.

But yeah, I think that the production house has seen how TRPs shot up when Sandhya was on top of things, so they may well try & do it here - maybe subject GB to continuous humiliation by Sandhya & exposure as well, so that at the end, she's either reformed, or kicked out.  I doubt that they'll spoil the track by making Neeraj marry Anjali, or anything that stupid.  Also, given where the story is, if the channel wants to end this show due to its long queue of new entries (but why?  All their shows are recent - why can't they just give them a while to run, b4 terminating them if they can't justify the TRPs?), they  can any time quickly marry Neerdhya off and end the serial on that note.
Posted: 11 years ago
There had better not be a chapter of Neeraj's marriage to Anjali, or anyone other than Sandhya.  Make Neerdhya a couple, and then show them sorting out other problems.
Posted: 11 years ago
Yes you're right!! Him getting married to Anjali will definitely be stupid. Just because Sandhya has been married before doesn't mean Neeraj should be! 
Posted: 11 years ago
While they were busy torturing us, Imagine's web site was running a poll asking viewers 'Will Sandhya & Neeraj get married?'  As of now, respondents are 85% yes, 15% no!
Posted: 11 years ago
they r conducting a poll for neeraj and sandhya marriage with yuvraj and sandhya's pic there ROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL   

Posted: 11 years ago
Precisely!!! LOL

Yuvraj died, and they introduced his pic, along w/ Sandhya's Ermm


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