DOTW: Stunts and Girls vs. Boys

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Posted: 11 years ago
So, today's topic is about stunts and girls vs. boys.
Many of the stunts and obstacles that take place seem too hard for girls. It involves a lot of jumping and running, which sometimes girls can't finish. If you've noticed girls happen to fall more, lose out on the chance to take part in the wipeout zone, and then don't become finalists.
On the other hand, I also feel that many of the girls act as if they can't finish the rounds. For example, Claudia always gets to the third round but then fails. Other girls fail on the first round itself.
So, today's discussion topic is as follows:
Do you feel that the stunts are too hard for girls or are the girls just acting?
Posted: 11 years ago
The stunts are doable, most of the girls just aren't athletic enough, the girls are lighter which is to their advantage, but they seem to lack the agility and strength, some of them can't even hold onto their body weight.

I think Simran Mundi is one of the best amongst the girls, she's athletic and strong, but someone like Jennifer is just hopeless.
Posted: 11 years ago
well these girls 
a) lazy , n showing it off
b) to skinny, and weak 
c) the channel already decided on the winner  
these dont look to hard by the time now everyone should be going threw the obtecal no problem. 
Posted: 11 years ago
I think Simran Kaur is quite strong (ofcourse she is a Kaur after all Tongue)
And Claudia is also strong but the rest of girls are just too weak.. And I dont think its cuz the stunts are too hard but its because of themselves.. But yeah obviously its easier for boys to complete the Wipe Out zone than the girls..
Posted: 11 years ago
You forgot Debina -she's strong too-krushna also-she's one of the finalists.Among the wastrels-ROHIT takes the cake, icing et comes swayamvar reject(srks title not mine)Priyadarshini-talks a lot does nothing-hw to forget sky dear !!!! Girls are atleast trying look at some lazy guys shame !!!!!
Posted: 11 years ago
on the contrary i didn't  find any stunts in the showBig smile.....if we go for a ride in esselworld , waterpark or disneyland it wouldn't be called as  STUNTS.Wink..... stunts are something we have seen in KKK3Clap  Fear Factor Clap  nowadays even dance show ....shows stunts..........these are some fun sort of game ....and we know how  sum gals are.....screaming shouting  even in  merry go round...Embarrassed Edited by arti07 - 11 years ago
Posted: 11 years ago
The girls especially Jennifer definitely struggle with the stunts.........I think they are difficult for them........but some girls like Claudia are quite strong and sometimes the girls play better than the boys Thumbs Up But at the end of the day, the stunts are easier to do for boys because they are stronger unlike some girls who are way too skinny and tiny to complete the stunts EmbarrassedLOL
Posted: 11 years ago
I personally feel that guys have an advantage because they have much more stamina and strength than girls. It's a fact. Yes, the stunts are surely difficult, so ultimately, it is the boys who reach the farthest. However, at the end of the day, if there weren't weak contestants then the show wouldn't run. All the falling down scenes are there to make the show more humorous.

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