AJMBHK -11th February- Second Last Written Updates

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Posted: 11 years ago

Agle Janam - 11th February  - Written Updates

Kaalu misleads Haveli's  Women to trap Laali..

     Show starts as Laali seems sleeping in her room While Rekha & Jamuni around..Sumi
 comes & asks about Laali's condition..Rekha tells after much difficulty she slept & shes bit well..Sumi asks Rekha to be with Laali only..Just than they hears one Man calling for Sumi
down stair..

Sumi comes in passage Asks Whos he & how he could entered in Haveli..That man says
 Hes coming from Place where he saw RV ,Loha & Shekhar injured with gut shot..It shocks everyone.. That man says he'll take them to the place..All ladies leaves with him... Here,
Shekhar  with RV & Madhur  reach at Kaalu's old home to find Riddhi..As they moves in
house..So Loha arrives in his Car at same place with Gun..LOL
Kaalu enters in Haveli to Kill Laali..

                        Its Night now..Kaalu enters in haveli.. Laali gets up in Room & calls for Rekha  repeatedly.. But there is no reply..Kaalu comes at  haveli & Locks it from Inside..He says See Sarpanch - I m  here to end you today ,Now you know my game... In Room As There is no reply Laal gets up from  Bed & comes out from her Room..She comes in passage Where again she calls for Rekha..But Shes confused as there is none at Haveli & its empty..


Kaalu roaming at haveli in seach of Laali...He comes at Main hall..Laali whos wondering
about everyone.. Spots Kaalu from upstair..She quickly hides herself behind a wall &
 wonders How hes here..Kaalu moving in serch of Laali down stair...

Laali slowly moves & Off the Lights of Haveli to mislead Kaalu..So everthing is darken Now..  Kaalu gives evil smile & says Where are you Sarpanch...Laali going through upstair passage.. Comes down stair to go out of haveli...But as She comes down & try to
 locate  Kaalu's  location..Kaalu spots her..But luckily she hides her self behind staircase...
Kaalu wonders Where is she..Laali Look at Locked main door..& Shes about to move toward it ..
When Kaalu comes  front of her..Ouch
OMG !! See Whos trapped actully...

He says I told you na..Dont intrrupt in my Business..now you see What I do with you..Laali
is moving backward & Kaalu toward Laali..Laali is bit scared but her determind Looks
shows shes up to something...Laali comes to table at corner ..She spots one bowl with
 round stones in it.. Kaalu takes out gun & says I'll kill you..When Laali throws those stones
 in Kaalu's way..ClapLOL So he slips off on floor When walking to ward Laali..Mean while Laali succeeds to  Run & come out  of haveli..Kaalu gets up but before he can catch Laali..Laali locks him in Haveli & moves .(Wow Laali..You are Rock star Star) & she runs...

All Ladies Kidnapped ...


Sumi ,Gangi ,Jamuni ,Rekha reach at some Room  with that Man & asks Where are Shekhar ,Loha & RV..But Soon they realize that they are trapped as Noone replies & Man runs locking them in RoomOuch..Gangi  says lets run from other Door..But  there are Gunda at otherside as well..Gangi hits one Man But Finally Gunda stops ladies in way.. Ties four of
 them with Rope...Their mouth are tied with clothes so sound cant come out..Now they are stuck badly...Ouch
Laali in pain on road - Riddhi escaps from Kaalu's place...
Laali seems running on Road..she seems sweaty  & tired & in  So much pain..But Poor girl has no way but to run from Kaalu as hes behind herOuch...Kaalu at haveli finally breaks door & Roars That now he'll end up Laali's all family today &  make Riddhi his Rakhel..

Riddhi seems unconsicious & locked in one Room..She gets up suddenly..She looks from window that one man is standing outside..She says some how I'll hv to move out from here
 other wise if Kaalu will come..Dunno What'll do..She pretends to be in pain & screams..so Man outside  opens the lock ..As that man enteres in Room..Riddhi hits him with stick..that man Faints & Riddhi succeeds to escape...Clap
Loha - with Shekhar & RV..

Shekhar & RV with Madhur slowly moving at Kaalu's place..they are at passage..Where they        end up meet Loha in way..Loha says Hes Loha & here to end up that Kaalu for everLOL..RV says   Better now to call Police here..But stupid Loha denies for it & says hes enough...Ouch

Riddhi - Laali meets on way....

Riddhi seems running on road While Kaalu's men chasing her..Here Laali also going
 Fast  on road..Meanwhile Riddhi & Laali meets up on way Running..First Laali notice Riddhi..
She asks Riddhi  if Shes well..Riddhi tells shes well & she escaped from Kaalu's place..
Laali says dunno where is everyone..None at haveli & Kaalu's men are everywhere..Laali is not able to speak out properly due to painCry.. Riddhi tells I'll be with you only now..But how you'll do it in this condition.. Laali says Shes well and not to worry...Just than Kaalu's men reach at place..Laali tells Riddhi to Run..Riddhi ask for Laali..But Laali ask her to go. & Laali also
Half of the family at same place...But
Here Shekhar with other reach at room from where Riddhi escaped....RV calls out
for  Riddhi But no reply & a man seems fainted there..after it They seach around whole place but not able to find Riddhi..But When they are moving at place , Since Ladies are tied at same place..Gangi hears their sound & She signals all to scream hard & so voice go out side  &
Men can make out their  Presence..
 Finally Shekhar tells they should move from here..Since None is here..RV says Let me
check last time..When Woman are screaming from inside but mouth are tied with clothes..
From Last expression seems Like Loha & RV could hear some sound !!.
(But I dont thinks so..Ouch)


Kaalu reach at Room With his Men in anger..Where Laali is with Riddhi..Kaalu tells Laali
 that      by this night Riddhi will be at my bedAngry..Laali whos hardly able to stand with Riddhi's
support due to labor Pain - Firmly  tells Kaalu that - " Ham Apne Jiteji Kisri aur Ladki ko Bikne Nahi Denge.."Clap Just than Sumi ,Rekha ,Gangi & Jamuni comes from behind..& throws red Powder
 at  Kaalu & his Men....
Its VERY Last Show TommorrowCry...Hope they dont Drag this
 Drama Much & give some Happy Shali & Family moments as Well...Big smile
Edited by -SweetGirl- - 11 years ago


Posted: 11 years ago
thanks for the update I can't believe tomorow is the  last show Crykaalu is a sick manDead ah!! loha is just too funnyLOL will miss his acting and his dialogulesCry
Posted: 11 years ago
Thank you dearest sweet hardworking Sweetgirl.  You have gone beyond
your duty to bring us updates on AJ.  Hug

I dont know what else to say here. I am just crushed its ending..........CryCryCryCryCryCryCryCryCryCryCryCryCryCryCryCryCryCryCryCryCry
Posted: 11 years ago
Thanks for your wonderful update.
Posted: 11 years ago
Today's show was very good in the sense that women have power and can withstand and work together to fight the "bad  and unjust " people.
I am going to miss this show and wish this one comes back after one season.

I am ready to lobby thorugh the IF for this.
Posted: 11 years ago
Thanks for the update.
Posted: 11 years ago

I WILL Miss this show so much. thanks SG.

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