Kumud The Bad Mom

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Posted: 11 years ago
Kumud Is The Most Annoying And Hating Mom Someone Can Have Dead
I Really Felt Bad For Arjun Todaay Ouch 
He Never Had Love By His Ones So Don't Wanna Him To Get Hurt By Arohi Atleast Confused
She's Arjun's Only Love Embarrassed Arjun Always Gave Them Love 
Don't Want Him To Be Hurted More Than All This .........
Want Him To Be Happy Soo Arohi Your My Last Hope
But I Think Our Aro Is Very Smart , Even She Tought "What A Bad Mom"LOL

Edited by Miss-Pakiie-KMH - 11 years ago
Posted: 11 years ago
Kumud is a typical mom(adoptive mother who has been forced by her husband to mother a adopted child). She has one favourite son and that is Michael.
Arjun was not adopted with her consent. Rudra just brought him one fine day and said this is our son. It was not her decision to adopt. She has not completely accepted him as her son, she just see's him as Rudra's son beacuse of which she is his mom.
She is also angry and jealous that Rudra always praises him and likes him and not Michael because he is good at work and takes responsibility for business. She wants Michael to inherit all business and property and is insecure that Rudra may make Arjun incharge of everything as he likes him and feels he is more capable than Michael.
Bur Rudra in reality does not really love Arjun unconditionally. He loves him because he is a capable person in business. And kumud knows that and will try to make Arjun look incapable of handling Rudra's business and throw him out of business and house.
Actually i think what she is doing is good fr Arjun and Rudra in long term
For Arjun his greatest realtionship and weakness in life is Rudra(not Rashi). His happiness, sadness all emotions depend on whether RPS is happy or sad. Hence if RPS only kicks him out of house and tells him never to come back he can go out in this world and develop a independent, crime free life
For Rudra also it will be good because once Arjun leaves the house RPS wll understand how hallow his family is Kumud, Michael, Jignesh will not even care about his happiness and sadness. Hence he will realize Arjun's importance in his life as a son/family and will treat him with love.
The losers in this fight will be Rashi and Romit who for no fault of theirs will be seperated from Arjun even though they genuinely love him as a brother/family member. So there will be no one to protect, take care or even speak to them in that house once Arjun leaves.
Posted: 11 years ago

Riyaa I have not watch the epi but I can see one negative thing og Kumud.LOL

Chotee Balu Wali Aunty ROFL Even I hate also Kumud Aunty LOLErmm
Posted: 11 years ago
LOL Mishoo Your Absolutely Right LOL 
Posted: 11 years ago
Originally posted by Miss-Pakiie-KMH

LOL Mishoo Your Absolutely Right LOL [/QUOTE] I now Riyoo Heart LOL
Posted: 11 years ago
I don't like this kumud!!! she is so selfish.... my poor Arjun... n Arohi bhi doosron ki baton mein aa jati hai... she is nadaan
Posted: 11 years ago
she is a worse mom than a worse saasu maa
felt so bad for arjun pooor guy
he loves his family so much and everyonee is soo meann

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