February 11th, 2011 Written Update

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Posted: 11 years ago
[CRYPT]Mittho and Billo place Amma back on the bed, and close the room and walk away. Billo is scared because, Amma's body was turning cold, and is rambling that if something happens to Amma they will go to jail. She says that she doesn't want to go to jail, and what will happen to her. Mittho scolds Kalsanwali for putting them in such a trouble. Billo goes to check on Amma but Mittho and Kalsanwali pull her back. Kalsanwali says if they don't have the guts then why did they jump in the fire. She tells them they talk big but are such cowards. She explains that she didn't give Amma poison but sleep medicine, which was so strong that Amma fainted there and there. She says they will continue to keep Amma drugged and unconscious like that. Billo doesn't get the point but Mittho explains that in keeping Amma drugged like that they can keep Runjhun's fate in their hands. [/CRYPT]

Abhigyaan is packing up his stuff, and the engagement ring falls from his box. He remembers his moments shared with Runjhun from the time they got engaged o the time of their breakup. His mother interrupts his thoughts and Abhi hides the ring. His mother says that his father is waiting for him. Abhi says he has one thing left to do and then they can leave.

Outside Kukkan and Jabbo are talking to the cop and say that Guddu couldn't have disappeared just like that. Kukkan says that there has been some conspiracy and it has been at the hands of the Pandeys. Jabbo asks the cop if he is going to raid the Pandey house or not. The cop says they don't have concrete proof that Guddu is in that house. He says they will find Guddu and not to worry. The cop leaves, and Kukkan and Jabbo are not happy. Then they see Abhi's parents leaving followed by all their belongings. They wonder aloud that the Abhi is moving out of the area completely.

One of the workers tries to go into the house to get something. Rajju stops him and tells him that at no cost is anyone allowed to go into the house. Kukkan and Jabbo's suspicion is aroused since the entryway to the Pandey house is closed, and Jabbo says he's convinced that Guddu is in the house. He thinks that the cops were paid by the Pandeys and he will go and use force if he has to but he will get Guddu back. Kukkan stops him and says that in time they will be able to get Guddu back. He says that if they use force without thinking they will achieve nothing. They have to use their brains and figure a way out.

Rajju finishes scolding the workers and reminds them again not to enter the house. He then crashes into Vishnu , who asks Rajju if he is going anywhere. Vishnu says he has to go to the court and asks Rajju for a ride to work, and Rajju agrees. As they leave Abhi comes.

He is stopped at the door by the worker, but one of the other workers says that this is Abhi and he'd been engaged to marry their Runjhun. She tells Abhi that Runjhun is really a sweet girl, and very nice, and tells Abhi to marry Runjhun. She says that he can go inside. Abhi goes in and calls out for Amma, Runjhun and the Aunts, but no one answers. Abhi thinks that since he was leaving town forever, he wanted to apologize to Runjhun one last time. He wonders if she is in her room, and walks up to her room.

Runjhun is in the room thinking about Amma and worried as to what has happen to her. Abhi walks up to the room and sees the door is latched, and thinks that it is his bad luck that he can't even apologize properly to Runjhun. He says to himself that it must be his punishment for hurting Runjhun, and slides the letter for her under the door. He walks away. Runjhun sees the note, and tries to get to it and struggles with her shackles. Abhi hears the noises, and rushes up to Runjhun's room.

Mittho sees Abhi and is worried. She wonders what he is doing here, and tries to call him to stop him but knows if she takes his name, Runjhun will be alerted of his presence. Instead she pretends to fall and yells out for help. Abhi comes back down to help Mittho and Billo and Kalsanwali also come out. They help her up and take her to sit on the chair. Abhi asks if he should get the doctor, and Mittho says she is fine.

Mittho asks Abhi why he came, and Abhi explains that he came to see Runjhun because he's leaving the area for good. Kalsanwali looks happy that he will be gone. Abhi asks for Runjhun, and Mittho lies and says that Amma and Runjhun are out because of what occured, Amma took Runjhun away for a while.  Abhi asks about the noise, and Mittho says that Kalsanwali locked Babli in the room, because she's grounded for doing so poorly in school.

After Abhi leaves, Mittho breathes a sigh of relief, and Billo and Kalsanwali applaud her on her quick thinking. Mittho thinks about removing Runjhun from the room, after all she can do the housework also. Kalsanwali says that there is no hurry. She says that if Runjhun stays in the room without food for a little while, she will be fine. She says Runjhun will think twice about running away because of the fear of the consequences.

Later in the night Rajju comes and give Mittho some good news. He says he's got two new orders, and then asks for food since he's hungry. Mittho says she knows he would be hungry and does a short stint for Dalda Ghee -  Husband's Choice LOL (the weirdest product placement)

Runjhun, tired, hungry, and bruised wonders where Amma and how she must be. Rajju takes a plate of food and water up for Runjhun, and is stopped by Mittho who asks him what he's doing. He says he's taking food for Runjhun. Mittho tells him there is no need. If she doesn't eat for a day, Runjhun isn't going to die. She tells him to help her lock the door instead. Rajju and Mittho lock Runjhun's door, and Kukkan and Jabbo see them from the window.

After Mittho and Rajju leave they think that there is definitely something wrong here, they think that there is definitely something in the locked room. They try to sneak a peak from the other window in Runjhun's room and see Runjhun's chain. They think that the Pandeys have chained Runjhun up.  Their hold on the window slips and the window closes with a noise alerting Runjhun. Jabbo tells Kukkan to be more careful. Runjhun sees Kukkan and Jabbo at the window, and screams.

Precap: Guddu's mom is in the hospital, and he is watching her as the doctors try to revive her. Guddu promises himself, that he will die but will not let anything happen to his mother.

Posted: 11 years ago
They think that the pandeys have chained Guddu NOT RUNJHUN.
Though thanks for the great and lots of patient demands job.
Posted: 11 years ago
Thank You for the lovely update! i want more guddu scenes!...
Posted: 11 years ago
Thank you so much for the update. Smile
Countdown for Guddu's scenes: 3days............Day Dreaming
Posted: 11 years ago
thanxxx for d update
Posted: 11 years ago
thanks for the written update wafah.. Big smile
Posted: 11 years ago
thnxs for the update!! 

Good to see some movement towards someone trying to find out who is locked up in that room.  Sry to see Amma so drugged.  I think the writers should at least show some sort of change of heart in one uncle-atleast one uncle has to be good!  Feel sry for Runjhun.  Cry
Posted: 11 years ago
thanks for the update
finally some guddu in the precap LOL....

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