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Posted: 13 years ago
Well...this is just gonna be brief update...sorry, not well...

Anyways, A is at the jail talking to R n he tells her that people are after T's life..but they might know that T's in jal so they wont search for her outside n she might be safe there..So please help me, i'll be extremely thankful to u..please, for T's life stay in jail for few more days, i promise nothing will happen to u.." R agrees. A asks her that how is she here n so where is T..R says that she meant T at the mandir n she asked for sum place to hide..therefore she sent T to her hut n while she ws still at mandir, she ws caught b the police as T...So now in search of T, A goes to R's hut.
As A goes to her place, T inside hear's a bike's voice, so she thinks that it might be H... so she hides under the bed. As A comes inside and searches for T..he cannot see her, n T from under the bed can only see the feet of A, so she cannot recognize that it is actually A. After searching for a while, A goes back. T thinks that its not safe for her to be here n that she has to hide at a safer place..she thinks taht she wud go to Rohan's (from now on RR) place. She reaches there n sees that the door is locked..she breakes the lock n goes inside n hides her in.

At the haveli TS, TN n M are sitting in the hall n TS says how T became so vicious...she even killed P..she should've been killed before only, n not waited for the optimum time..then probably P must've been alive. B is listening from behind, n she becomes really angry at T so without telling any1 she goes to the police station, R enacting as T is standing wid back facing out n taking support of the ail bars, B comes from behind n grabs her neck n tries to suffocate her..the police come in time n pull B n R to save herself runs n urns around...B sees n tells the police that its not T..bt its the actual R. 
Meanwhile, RR is standing at the place wer he ws supposed to meet M..he thinks that if she doesnt show up n try to play smart wid me i'll kill her...M is standing right behind him n she thinks that now he is just a liability to her he did not kill T n even A has seen his face n i donot keep any proof so i have to kill u RR...n as she raises her gun she gets a call from B... She calls up M  tell her about the real R n T's still aloof...M tells her to calm down n that she'll see wat to do now. M tells RR bout this..RR says that he knows wer T wud be now.

A after searching thinks that rather than searching for T, he shud search for RR itself as he's the one who wants to kill T..so he decides to go to RR's place. He goes there but RR has reached before already..but T doesnt know that even RR's in the house. As A approaches, T hears bike's voice n she goes out to see from the window who has come, She sees its A n runs to open the door...Bt as she reaches, RR comes from behind, n holds her n hits hr to make her unconscious... A comes n yells at RR to open the door...As RR hits T, she screams n A hears her voice...so out of fear he starts to break the door of the house. RR takes the unconscious T upstairs n hides her in the room...A comes in n they both fight..after a while RR takes out a gun from the drawer n points it at A..A gets scared n backs off..

Meanwhile, T is back conscious...n she comes down n tells RR not to fire...n A tells that RR is H..he's the one who had kidnapped him n tried to kill her...RR agrees to that bt says that he never wanted to kill T, bt he ws doing al this just to save her from A n his family as he had brought her from Manali just to kill her..A says that its false...n RR syas that its M who has told him to kill T...hearing that A gets very angry n goes for RR...in defence, RR raises the gun n tries to fire at A, T comes in between n the bullet hits T's arm n she collapses unconscious..A n RR are very tensed...n help her n asks her to wake up..!!!