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Posted: 10 years ago
thnks priyu...niky n maham..fab work..will use n credit
Posted: 10 years ago

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Posted: 10 years ago
wow priyuuu...its fantastic jaaaniHug
will defo use
Posted: 10 years ago
awesome work niky & priya
Posted: 10 years ago
Pratsy luvd ur texture yaar...defo gonna use
Posted: 10 years ago
priyaa,niky,tori wowww guyss fab PSD's will credit yaa all if use :DD
and pratsyy omggg texture is fabb hunnn will credit  uif use <3
Posted: 10 years ago
Some of the recent tut's which i wroteEmbarrassed and also of others are here in this link do check out
(They are not hyperlinked just copy n paste in address barBig smile)�

Hey Friends!
Firstly thanks a lot for liking my tuts and i am extremely happy that my tuts helped some of you.Big smileAnd yes i am back with another tut,,this time with a basic sigge tut.The tut might look big but i have tried to show different alternatives.. but once u know how to do it will take very less time :)


A signature or sigge doesn't have special rules that u have to make it like this or that u can just add effects to a single picture to make look great.But many have asked me how to merge many pics together,there are many ways u can do that i am gonna tell you all i know.And i am extremely sorry for delay each n every one who asked this..i am totally stuck with studies and hardly have sorry :$


Many feel that eraser tool does't work quite well while merging but it is one of the EASIEST and FASTEST way of merging if u know how to do.

To use Eraser tool we use brushes present in the PS by default or any brush to erase.So first let us know about Brushes.To select Brushes,Press "B" in u r keyboard or click on BRUSH TOOL to select it[Highlighted in BLUE] and then on top options[Highlighted in PURPLE] - select a brush example - "Brush : 65 (soft round 65 pixels)".

By default there are some brushes in u r PS..if u want to load then press the "small arrow"[In BLACK color] and click load brushes [In GREEN color]and select the .abr format brush which u can download from various sites.
U can also see that there is something called MASTER DIAMETER(in RED color) which is nothing but SIZE of brush which u can increase or decrease - u can also use "[" or "]" to do the same from keyboard once u select the tool and are working on a picture.And below it "Hardness" u can also adjust it as per u r choice.

U can see that when u press Brush tool u can see some options [In PURPLE color]on the top of it - Brush(where u select the brush u want by pressing the downdrop arrow),Mode,Opacity,Flow.Here Mode n Opacity are important if u change them u can see
the change while u erase a part of pic.We will experiment with OPACITY by reducing it to get a merged effect.Now that u know basics of Eraser tool lets start..

1.A important tip here..when ever u make a sigge try to use a background that is similar to that in might be a background in the picture or even a certain color in picture so that if anywhere there is space between while erasing the picture will be merged in background.
To select a color in a picture the best tool u have is "EYEDROPPER TOOL"(I)..just click "I" and chose a color from picture by clicking on it and it will be selected as u r FOREGROUND(that is front color).Now u can goto Edit>Fill or just press "G" and choose Fill and click on document.U can alternatively use a gradient too(As i used)!

2.Some times to get the merged effect nicely u need to move the picture or adjust it..for that u can use MOVE(V) tool but if u want to adjust more than use "Free transform".Select layer and goto Edit>Free transform and adjust it or just press "CTRL +T".


Now i am taking 3 pics of maan and geet.File>Open them..crop(that is cutting as per u r wish) using "C" or "Crop" tool and then resize it as per u r wish by going to Image>Image Resize(Make sure "Constant Proportions" are unchecked if u want a different size).U can experiment for the first time in cropping n resizing.

Now open a new document,File>New (Transparent)..U can take any size and later crop n resize as per u r adjustments but as basic siggy limit is 500*300 is best or less than that.Now click "I"(highlighted in BLACk color) and select a color in picture,i selected orange color as its the background ..then either fill it by going to Edit>Fill or by pressing and selecting and then goto document and click inside will be filled.(Here i used a gradient-click on and choose first option on top and then drag the mouse from top to bottom in document,u can ven use a pattern or texture).

Now using MOVE(V) tool drag the three pictures inside the new document [or select the picture(CTRL + A) and Copy (CTRL + C) and goto new document and paste it (CTRL + V)] and arrange them - move and use transform tool as per u r wish.U see that i arranged one fully on one half and other two top n bottom in other half.U can see i have 4 layers - bottom is the background and the top are the three layers i dragged over the picture.


1.Now this is very important tip ..while erasing it is important how u are arranging the pics - that is OVERLAPPING the pictures to which extent u need.Try to overlap pictures a bit more so that when u erase the picture below is seen n not background.See the pic below to understand more.

2.Another important tip - don't try to erase the very bottom PICTURE layer..just use it to merge..start erasing its top layer n merge with it and then its top layer n so on..

If u didn't understand those two tip's then don't worryLOL,i will explain it taking example of two pics first..

If u see in above picture u can see that left up picture is the bottom layer(layer2) and then on its top is left bottom layer(layer3) ..Now while erasing - try to erase layer 3 but not layer 2...And while erasing layer 3 erase the border of 3 so that the layer 2 n 3 are nicely merged.Similarly..erase layer 4 border so that layer 2,3 n 4 are merged and so on.

Now coming back to Eraser Tool(E) and on top Select brush from options droparrow list..I took a SOFT ROUND 21 PIXEL BRUSH(it depends on size of picture u can reduce and increase it while erasing) and have reduced OPACITY to 45%.

The main purpose of using a Soft brush is when we erase the effect is smooth n REDUCING OPACITY is that the erasing is not fully but merged.See below picture to understand better while we erase with different opacities.

Now we will come to main part that is erasing so that those borders n lines we are seeing are removed and picture looks merged.Firstly i selected layer 4 ,Then selected eraser tool with Soft round 21 pixels with opacity 45%(45-50  or u can use any),u will see a ROUND eraser brush or pointer.[U can see it in picture as it doesn't capture Cursor:( ]

Now try to erase the border slowly as the opacity is less u may have to erase more than once at a part,U can even reduce and increase the size of brush while erasing for different parts...Example at end of borders i used a small 11 brush..U can see how i erased neatly the border.

Next i selected layer 3 and erased it's top where's it merging with layer 2.Sometimes u have to arrange erase more than i side..

I suggest that first u erase 2 pics and then add another picture and erase it n then add another and erase and so that its neatly merged.

Lastly Flatten (Layer>Flatten image),u can add effects,text etc.

This is my final result..u can see that as the pictures are overlapped nicely the background is not seen .

Now..if u even erase it a bit more than the picture ,,as the background is almost same color it will be merged!See this pic..

That's it..u are done!

See this Video File for more help where i have shown tut.Big smile


Direct Link:
(Does any one of u want any of my tuts - previous or future in video?Let me know!!Big smile )

Now i know many would think is it possible to do it with many pictures and get the same effect..ofcourse u can get!LOL
Here i am taking KaSh 6 picsEmbarrassed..i have resized them almost to same and placed nicely 3 on top and 3 on bottom.I used a texture here instead of fill/gradient.Big smile

Now again the same logic first try to merge the bottom most layer with it top layer erasing the border between those both and now add pics to its side overlapping the picture and again erase and repeat the process.

Just see the pics as i already wrote what to do on them only :)







Before any one asks how i got the final merged effect with texture i will only tell what i did..LOL
Select only pictures layers(NOT THE BOTTOM "BACKGROUND" ONE) by pressing SHIFT n selecting pictures now either rightclick or go to Layer>Merge Layers.Now u will see there are two layers one the background texture and 2nd the layer on which all erased pictures are merged.
Select 2nd layer - i.e., top layer n now press "M"- Marquee tool(Rectanglular),choose Feather - "14" pixels(u can use any) on "top options" and select just a little bit less than merged pics - u will see marching ant in rounded rectangle shapes around only the pictures(that is because u used feather).
Then press "CTRL+SHIFT+I" or simply goto Select>Inverse ,u will see that the texture is selected this time..then simply press "DELETE" key in u r keyboard 3 times(or more depending upon u r pic).U will see that the rectangular border around picture is now erased and merged with background texture.Lastly add effects,text,tag etc n u r done.

Will say more detaily about Feather and how many ways u can use it in next tut,so if u didn't get it don't worry.LOL

            SECOND METHOD :USING "FEATHER"..will try to post soon:)
[Depends on my free time..please don't mind Embarrassed]

Any mistakes forgive me..any doubts free feel to PM me..will try to help what i know.Big smile
Hoping this tut will help you ..Feedback or comments welcomed..
No hotlinking or pasting my tut in other site please..
Good wishes ..

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