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Posted: 10 years ago
Originally posted by Xx.Sri.xX

There may be a easy way to do this..but this how i do it..if anyone has any easy way ..please share it with us..!!!Big smile
Tried to explain in detail as much as possible..if u still have doubt..then feel free to PM me..i will try :)!!Embarrassed

Many has been wondering how to do this stuff here u go..[For sanaya-luv-arti :)]

(In Photoshop)

File>New>Choose 300*200(or any size as per u r wish )>RGB color mode>Transparent>ok
Now Press "T" or "Type tool" n write u r text..I am using the word "Sri's Creations"LOL
(Use any font...but make sure that u r font is wide so when we add effects it can be shown inside..)
I used "Arial Black" font| Regular|40 pt|Strong|center text alignment |black color(use any color it will not matter after we add effects)

Now..create a new layer..(Layer>New>Layer>ok)n then use u r Brush tool(simply press "B") from available various brushes use any one or more as per u r wish..
I am using just a basic "flower" brush(just google it u will get many)n applied it three times side by side just below the text!
Now merge layer'S(IMP:Don't Flatten..other wise the transperancy will be LOST!!)Layer>Merge visible..u will see u r two layers are merged to one..(or simply press ctrl + shift + E)

Duplicate ur merged layer file two times = Image>Duplicate - give a name for remembering-i gave "1">ok and again
Image>Duplicate,give a name- "2" ok..u will see three image files copies - u r original one(mine is named "untitled 1" , 1 n 2 !!

Now comes the important part***:
U will see that in my finished image i used two colors - pink n orange "gradient" so firstly u should make ur foreground n background color to pink n orange..Just click where u see black color(in left - tool box) u will get a pop up box "color picker" choose "pink" n click where there is white at back u will get a pop up box "color picker" choose "orange" ..see below
in image!!

[     u can choose any two colors gradient or use multicolour "Spectrum"


Now Select "first copy" image :("Untitled 1")
Goto select>Load selection>OK ..u will see that the words n flower are goto Layer>New fill Layer>Gradient>ok
U will see a pop up box "Gradient fill" on the "drop down arrow" just beside the color(see in picture where i circled)

U will get many other options..but select first one "foreground to background" - pink n "double clicking" it

Don't press OK..we need to change some settings..

Change settings to : Style:Linear | Angle :180  press ok

Then Click Layer>Merge Visible ...

Now Select "second copy" image :("1")
Goto select>Load selection>OK ..u will see that the words n flower are goto Layer>New fill Layer>Gradient>ok
U will see a pop up box "Gradient fill" on the "drop down arrow" just beside the color(see in picture where i circled)
U will get many other options..but select first one "foreground to background" - pink n "double clicking" it(don't press OK..we need to change some settings)

Change settings to : Style:Linear | Angle :90 press ok

Then Click Layer>Merge Visible ...

Now Select "third copy" image :("2")
Goto select>Load selection>OK ..u will see that the words n flower are goto Layer>New fill Layer>Gradient>ok
U will see a pop up box "Gradient fill" on the "drop down arrow" just beside the color(see in picture where i circled)
U will get many other options..but select first one "foreground to background" - pink n "double clicking" it(don't press OK..we need to change some settings)

Change settings to : Style:Linear | Angle :  0 press ok

Then Click Layer>Merge Visible ...

Now goto first image "Untitled 1" and then File>Save as >.PSD>Save>(Give a name/ keep the same)>Ok
Repeat with "1" and "2" ..Don't forget to save as .PSD files and that too in a "new folder" so that it will be easy to IMPORT those files in image ready!

Now open Image ready ..File>Import folder as frames>(open "folder" where u have saved the .PSD files)>Ok
Make sure u r animation window is open (Window>Animation)

PS cs 3 and + users ..
First goto File>Scripts>Load files to stack
A new pop up box will come..load layers..
Use:Folder | then click "Browse" and choose the folder where u have placed out 3 files>Ok
U will see there is only one "frame - 1" in Animation window but three layers "untitled 1"."1" and "2" in "layers"..
We should make each layer related to each frame..for that we need to toggle with visibility of layers through the "eye" u see just beside u r layer..if it is visible ,,,ur layer is visible n if its not visible(just click it to turn - off) then layer is also not visible..
Firstly Duplicate 2 times u r frame with the "duplicate selected frames" button(see picture where i circled  with red color)
If u get extra transparent layer called "frame 2" n "frame 3" in layers..delete them.(right click>delete layer or drag to dustbin/delete)
If layers are not in order ..then please arrange them in order..down -untitled 1.. next to its up -1 and then on top -2..
Now toggle with visibilty eye n frame...
Untitled 1 = 1st frame
1= 2nd frame
2= 3rd frame

For both users:

U will see 3 frames n the time is "0" seconds..we need to delay it...first select all frames..for that u will see a small arrow mark at the upper right of the animation window(just below close)Click it and select "Select All Frames"

And now click on where u see time "0" sec and change it to "0.2" seconds..and also make sure the animation is set  to "Forever" so that it can play continuously...(u will see it just below first frame)

For Image ready users:
Now lastly click on the "Optimized"(just beside where "original" is written in the window) and then select these options in optimize..Window>Optimize..
GIF | Selective | No dither | Tick Tranparency, Matte:None |Interlaced (as shown in below pic)

(U can change these settings as per u r requirement)
Then File>save optimized as>Give a name >save (it will save in Gif format)
U r done!!! :)

For CS3 and + users:Big smile
File>Save for web and devices(Alt+shift+ctrl+S)
U will get a pop up window.. to the "right" u will see some of  the same setting as "above" the image..
Choose  -  Format: "GIF" from drop down box by pressing arrow from PNG/JPEG etc..
Set these options..
Selective | No dither |Tick "Transparency"|No transparency Dither | Matte:None |Tick Interlaced..
To u "right down" u will see "Animation"
Looping Options: Keep it "Forever"
And just below it is "Save"(click it)>give a name>save
U r done!!! :)

In this one i have used a "White border" for that before saving them to .PSD format i applied white border through stroke..

Select>Load Selection ..Edit>Stroke - A popup box will be opened: Stroke
Width:2 Pixels | Color:White | location:center |Mode:Normal,Opacity:100%

When u open them in image ready use these i have chose "White" color in Matte as i wanted to highlight it...u can also use "None"..(or if u r using any different color to stroke then use "that" color as Matte)


How to do this?

Just before u save ur 3 files as .PSD..use a brush"B" n take the first brush in the brush set..(1 pixel brush) and with "white" color selected as u r foreground color..just click many times randomly on the whole image scatteringly(u can also use "sparkle" brush too..u can download it from google)..
Repeat with the other two image files "1" n "2" and save them
So that when u open in image ready /CS 3  and will look like sparkles...

It takes lot of time to write this and i have no idea if this helps please press "LIKE" button if its helpful.. :)

the tutorial was really very helpful! thank you!
Posted: 10 years ago
-PSD Coloring.
-Dont steal this as your
-Credit me
-Please Comment
-Link =

Posted: 10 years ago
^^ Thanks for the lovely PSD..Embarrassed
Posted: 10 years ago
Thanks for liking my tut's,,Hug,means a lot guys..Big smile
Here's another tut for u..hope it helps..
And please don't quote posts it takes loads of time to load..


Well i have shown how to make different borders in page 5 of this thread - LINK ,
(Unlock layer,Select "U"- custom shape tool and select a shape on it,Then below menu bar  set to paths..then draw the shape..Right click- make Selection,Inverse and Edit>cut)
There is another method to make those shapes.

Firstly open u r Photoshop and open ur Pic/readymade sigge which u want to add a different border,here i am adding a heart shape.Then add a new layer (Layer>New layer or click the highlighted in GREEN SQUARE),u will get a new layer on the top of u r sigge/pic layer.
Now select "U" and right click the button u will get some other options - select "Custom Shape Tool".and then u will see on the top (just below menu bar) u will get some more options now click on the arrow and select "Heart shape" and make sure other setting are same as shown in pic.
Then drag the mouse on image ,you will see heart shaped fill is over the pic and covering it..u can transform(Edit>free transform or CTRL + T) and make the shape as per ur size.(Yes and make sure the color u chose for fill is almost similar to the pics background..i used BLACK color).
Now "drag" the top heart shaped layer to the bottom,Now the pic is in top..

Select the pic layer Right click>Create Clipping Mask...(a clip an downarrow is added on the image layer )u will see that the pic border is filled in heart shape..u can move the pic with MOVE(V) tool to another place too.

Now instead of right clicking and selecting u can also do another method..CLICK "ALT" between two layers ..u will see something like in above pic and clipping will be created.

U can use same method and create any other shapes..from Custom shaped tool.

Most people don't see that there are many other custom shapes than seen..too see all custom shapes,click "U" and top u will see arrow,u will get a drop down list of some
shapes..there will be a small arrow there (marked in Black SQUARE) it,and select all ,u will get pop-up box - click "append" and u r other shapes will be added..u can even add other new custom shapes..too..Click on the arrow and click "Load Shapes" and select the place where u have downloaded the shapes and when u click u will get a  pop-up box,click "Append"..more shapes will be added.


Using the same method of clipping mask..u can also make a text filled with image..
Open the image which u want u r text to be filled with ,Make sure it's UNLOCKED.If u see "Background" in u r layers then it is locked,double-click the layer>ok - it will become layer 0..
then it will be unlocked.Then select the "T" text tool and write the text.
Now drag the text layer to bottom and then select image again Right click >Create Clipping Mask..If u want u can Move it using (V) tool..and adjust to a new position..

U can even add many images side by side (stack) and then make the clipping.The font u use is very important..make sure it's big and pic can be visible through it.

There is also another way to do it:DEFINE PATTERN!!

Take images and resize them as per u r option and if u want then stack pics side by side or even down and flatten it..
Then goto Edit>Define pattern..NOW U GOT U R NEW PATTERN..
Now open a new document or u r sigge and then using Text "T" tool write the text and then goto Select>Load selection...u will see only text is selected..then goto Layer>New fill>Layer>Pattern>Ok..chose the pattern which u have now created,if u want you can move it  before clicking "OK"  as per u wish..lastly click "OK".U r text filled with pics is ready!!

Hope that helps..

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Posted: 10 years ago
Thanks a Lot guys for liking my previous tutsHug..even if they are useful a bit makes my day.


Well u will know animation avatar,simply called an "Avi" is generally a moving file with no sound and will be in .GIF format.

  --There are many online sites where u can convert your video to gif..
But there's a limit of number of seconds,size n formats it accept..and some add their watermarks.Also u can check out Online Editors .

-- Apart from it there are some softwares which u can Ulead Gif animator,Video to gif converter etc..

--- But.. i recommend u to download "TOTAL VIDEO CONVERTER"(TVC) and easy,,here the link..theres key in it,just click register and paste the will be registered.

Total Video Converter

Now that u got TVC,open it and import files in it or just drag and drop,select "GIF" from video supports many formats even no problem there u can even select the time range by pressing "[" and "]" and then even go to advanced setting and select the width - height and if u want to crop the sides u can even do that..lastly press "CONVERT NOW"
and u r selected video range is converted to GIF in seconds and also in required size (100*100-best suited for IF).
Then upload it in any image hosting sites like and then goto u r Dashboard>preferences>paste direct link in the box opposite "AVATAR LINK" and click "submit".

But what about those effects,coloring,borders,textures on avi's?Ofcourse u can do all but u will need Photoshop (many choices) or Animation shop(less but has many different text and image effects which are not in photoshop)[There are someother's too like Ulead Gif animator,Fireworks etc as i said above].Firstly let us know how to open gif/videos directly
into Photoshop and save them (even if u don't have TVC)..then we will learn about effects.
It's written for CS3..but u can use for CS2  and other's also.


Make sure u have Quicktime player installed..its a requirement to open videos directly into is the link..(see notepad for instructions and get registered too)



Now photoshop accepts only some kinds of videos (just like Windows Movie Maker)and that include .MOV,.AVI,.MPG,.MPEG but the videos u download from internet (how to download?Use Youtube downloader or..check out first page of Questions and Queries corner there are some ways)are generally in format .FLV so u need to convert it into any of above formats mentioned probably .mov /.mpeg is better(ur choice)..for that u will need a converter Like "Any Video Converter" or "Total video converter"

Any Video Converter

 Free Video Converter V2.92

Now that all is u r photoshop.Goto File>Import>Video Frames to layers
U will get a POP-UP box => LOAD,Select the file(The video file u just converted)
I am taking this Aditya-Priya video from serial "Maryada"..Embarrassed
Another POP-UP box will be opened "Import Video to layers"

The green square marked is "Play" button.
In "Range to Import" ..U can Check/select "Beginning to end" (that means full video) OR
check/Select "selected range only" (if u want to select a part of video)
To select "part" of video press "SHIFT" button continuously and drag with mouse the range u want(the circled part in image)
Now check "Limit To every _ Frames" can range from 2-5 on ur wish..(limiting controls from having unnecessary extra frames for every moment,u can increase this when u want the avi with less frames.)
Also check "Frame Animation" and lastly press "OK"

Make sure u r "Animation" window is opened or goto "Window>Animation"

Now u will see u r file opened and there are frames in "Animation(Frames) window" and each frame is turned into layer in "layers box"..[Pointed in BROWN square](for layer box goto Window>Layers..which will be generally on u r down right side)[Pointed in PINK square]
U can crop(Press "C") the video freely and also resize to required size..
Image>Image Resize and select 100*100 "PIXELS"(Make sure Constant proportions is "UNCHECKED") a general avatar size or u can change to any size for that matter and Play u r animation.
U can Delete any frames which u feel extra by Dragging them to delete frame button(shown above)but they will not be deleted from layers**,
IMP:So if u want to delete a frame completely delete it from "layers" too,just drag them to trahcan in layers.
U can delay the time too.."select all frames" by pressing the Animation Options ("Arrow" - pointed out in RED square - we are going to use this many times so better remember) and click on the "TimeDelay"line (highlighted in light green)and change to u r required time like 0.1 Seconds,0.3 Seconds or "NO delay".
Make sure u r Time Loop(pointed in blue color) is set "FOREVER" to play continuously forever.Play it and see how it is.
U r Plain Avatar is done!Now lastly u need save u r .GIF

Goto File>Save for Web and Devices..U will get a pop-up box "Save for Web and Devices"
Now select theses Options and save.
On right u will see many options-set to
GIF|Selective(or Adaptive or perceptual)|256 colors

Right down - Make sure...Looping options is set "Forever" and lastly click "SAVE",Give a name and click "OK".

But what if u want the animation to be colorless i mean Black and white...then simple..instead of selecting "Selective" in above,in dropdown list select "Greyscale"(Not Black and white) and save.


Now instead of converting the video into anyother video format..convert video directly into .GIF using "Total Video Converter" given or any other converter.

Total Video Converter

File>open and select the .GIF file.It will opened..u can see frames in Animation(frames) and Layer's of it "Layers"

[If u can't open or can see just one frame in layer and animation box..then do this.
Goto File>Import>Video Frames to layers
U will get a POP-UP box => LOAD,Select the .gif file.
Obviously u can't see a .GIF file but u can write the name of .GIF file in "File Name" and open it.Example if u r .GIF file name is "Avatar" then write "Avatar.gif" in "File name" box (so make sure u keep a easy name for file which can be easily rememberedBig smile)and press "Load" It will select "Beginning to End" and check "Frame Animation" - Press "Ok".It will open in layers as shown above]

Now make any changes if u want like cropping/resizing and set delay,also set timeloop to forever and save u r .GIF - shown above.

God bless Big smile

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Posted: 10 years ago

Farzana(ffkhan) has given a very nice tut ..How To Add lighting/color Effects on avi/animated GIF in Adobe Photoshop check that out.

This is the animation i want to add effects has 25 frames..

Now..that u know how to open gif's(directly or through videos)and also save then in photoshop..we will now know how to add different stuff ON it..

Firstly u should know something that is..when ever u add text or any effect..

1.Select u r FIRST FRAME in ANIMATION(Frames) Box (Highlighted in Orange circle)

(Why?The obvious question and i have the layers box..if u see there is something called"Propogate Frame 1 changes" TICKED(If it's not then tick it now -HIGHLIGHTED IN GREEN SQUARE)..that means..what ever changes u r making to Frame 1 will apply to all the frames after instead of changing for 100's of frames..the changes we make
to 1st frame applies to all in single click..)


2.Select the LAST LAYER in LAYERS Box.(Highlighted in Orange oval)

(Why?Because the effects-text/brushes etc should come ON THE TOP/OVER the layers and not below then..if they are below they will be not visible on the top all the effects must be added on the top of all GIF "LAYERS") u r gif/video and after making appropriate changes to on first frame in animation(frames) box and select last layer in layers box..and add whatever effects u like just as u do it on a normal sigge..see that "FX" i have circled in PINK- "ADD A LAYER STYLE" it's style effects can be used on any but generally used in TEXT,u can also get it by Right
clicking and going to "Blending options" OR double clicking a layer OR Layer>Layer style>Blending options.And see that DARK BLUE CIRCLE -"CREATE NEW FILL or ADJUSTMENT LAYER"..that is what we are going to use to add more effects on out avi.These can be also taken from menu bar Image>Adjustments>XxX(U will find various options)

Lets see what effects i have added and see that all the effects are on the top of layer's *(highlighted in light blue and shows an up arrow)

If u are using CS4/5 - In ADJUSTMENTS - Add and adjustment - (Highlighted in PINK square)..u will see many options in small icons down to it..just click anyone of them and add effects - (Highlighted in Green square)
I have added numbers before layers so that they are easy for referencing..Big smile

1.I have added a Brightness/Contrast layer - For that goto Image>Adjustments>Brightness/Contrast ) and change the brightness and contrast by moving the slider.
2.I have changed the Levels..Image>Adjustments>Levels and change them.
3.I have changed the curves..Image>Adjustments>Curves,,and drag the straight curve to up or down and change it as per ur requirement.
4.Made a selective coloring..Image >Adjustments>Selctive color..u can see in Colors from drop downlist select any change the levels by dragging the slider and changing the method to - relative/absolute.
5.Added a Light stars textures(open the texture and drag the texture layer over the top of all layers) and set it to "SCREEN" mode from drop arrow..where u see "Normal" now (higlighted in red square) and lowered the "opacity" to "70%" where u see "100%" now(highlighted in orange square)
6.Added a Icon(100*100) frame i made,open the frame -.png(to preserve tranparency) pic and dragged it layer over the top of all layers while pressing "SHIFT" button so that it comes exactly on it.
7.Added a Black border to hightlight  - Select>ALL,GotoEdit>Stroke.Width:2 pixels,Color:Black,Location:center, Mode:Normal,Opacity:100% and click "ok".
8 n 9.Add text - Click "T" and add text with ur fav font and move it with Move"M" tool to appropriate place..My suggestion add text lastly after adding all effects..(u will see mine's added on top of all layers)

One thing make sure that after u have written text and before u add style effect(Blending options) to any TEXT layer..u need to make sure u have clicked "UNIFY STYLE LAYER"(Highlighted in blue square) and then add any style effects like stroke/dropshadow,otherwise they may not be added to other frames.

--- 0.U can add anybrushes if u want too,I haven't added any ..just press "B" and add on top of al layer..u can even add color balance/patterns/textures in same way. 

Try playing the animation with play button and see how is it ..?
But..One thing make sure when ever u add effect come back again to first frame and select last layer..otherwise it will not be added and make sure whenever u add effects to text "unify layer style"
U can use what ever styles and effects u more suggestion see which layer should be above and which layer should be below of eachother..that means if text layer is below a pattern/text may not be visible so drag it up them..and if a coloring layer is above a frame/border so drag them down And lastly save it.

File>save for web and devices n set options as show above..and this is my end result.

If u are stuck somewhere and don't know how to proceed or want to work later on then save the file as .PSD,File>Save as,,it will automatically give u option to save as .PSd(if it isn't then change to .PSD in Format: drop downlist First option) and click "save" after giving a name to it.U can open it whenever u want to continue it again and all will be present in layer's so u can always go back to history(Windows>History)and drag back any options u set before that u don't like.
One more thing when ever u r working with Avi's don't ever ever Flatten or Merge La
yers,or every thing becomes static and doesn't move..!!
And if u r GIf's are not moving sometimes then it may be your computer or sometimes imagehosting site like long as u saved it correctly in .GIF ..then its right for sure and as said always save u r files as .PSD's from start so u can work again even if u r computer is stuck or there is a powercut.

Wheww..LOL i was about to post these tut's long back..but a deadly combination of SUPER slow computer and Internet makes my week's work extend to month Stern Smile and to add to it the message i typed so long was not accepted by IF..and i had to write all again twiceAngry.One thing make sure that u save anything and everything before u post it in IF..Angry
i have learnt my lesson Cry
This is the times when u feel like breaking ur PC into two..but can't as u need it again.LOL
Forgive for any typo's and mistakes..Embarrassed
Coming up with more tut's..
Good wishes..

P.S:It takes lots of time and problems(Read:Slow PC and internet and IF's annoying "message not posted" messagesAngry) to make tut's ..and i have no idea if this is helpful to others please press the "LIKE" button.Big smile
Posted: 10 years ago
^^^ thnxxx alot for wonderful tutz
Posted: 10 years ago
can anyone post a tuitorial how 2 make in my siggy box...

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