OS-A mid-Summer night's dream

Posted: 2011-02-04T06:47:35Z
Just tried to pen down something. I wanted to write it before today's episode, so could not check for the mistakes, please bear with me and feel free to share your views.

A mid-Summer night's dream

Abhay hated himself. He cursed himself for revealing the dark side of him to Pia. He shouldn't have done that, but he had no choice either. He did not care for what would happen to him, but his priority was to save her life. He could never forgive himself if anything happen to her, that was the reason why he followed her to the bus stand and to the hostel. She was right, he should stay away from her. He kicked the chair in frustration and fled from the house as he felt the whole place made a mockery out of him.

"Abhay, you came" with a gentle breeze of wind, Pia ran into the man who stood right in front of the window.

 Abhay, closed his eyes trying to control his feelings and pushed Pia away from him, making her to fall onto the floor. 

"Abhay...why? why do you want me to stay away from you?" Pia cried, and turned to look at Abhay who walked away from there. "you can't go! you have to stay and listen to me, Mr.Abhay Richand" Pia said in a firm tone, gathering herself to stand up from the ground. 

Abhay halted but remained silent for a while and turned to face her. "Pia, what do you want to know?"his voice was a soft whisper into her ears and she stared at him, spell bound for a while. 

Lost in her fancy, she did not know that he started walking to her. He stared at the unblinking girl, ran a finger down her cheek. She blinked, parting her lips as a response to his touch, he then looked into her eyes and repeated "what do you want to know, Pia?"

Unable to reply, she gulped while trying to meet his gaze and stared down, re-gaining back to her self. 
"Why, Abhay? Why did you save me? Why me? Why not anyone else? Why did you want to destroy my life?" she opened a book of query in front of him. 

"Pia, believe me...I warned you before as well to stay away from me, but you didn't listen to me...I cannot let you die...that's it" Abhay reminded her of what he said before.

"But still you let me come to you, why? You could have told me that you are not a human" she was not in a mood to give up that easily.
 Abhay remained silent for a while, lifted her chin with his hand so that she could meet his gaze, but he ignored her question. "Abhay answer me! why do you want to deny the truth now?" she pushed him into a deep den with her questions. 

He walked away from her "you wanted to know the truth...Iisten, I will tell you the truth. Maithali and I were burned in the fire, but it was my bad luck that Mr.Richand saved me...I wish I too could have died then"Abhay spoke the truth for the very first time and that too to her, leaving her to draw a conclusion for her own.

After a long time, Pia broke the silence between them "I'm sorry...I didn't mean to hurt you...".
 He did not talk or turn to look at her upon hearing her words. He stood near the window like a stone, but he heard the sound of her breathings too. 
"Abhay please, say something...I'm sorry...I was terrified for a while" she almost cried as she pulled on to his jacket trying to turn him. 
"Will you still be able to love me, Pia?" his question came as a surprise, but she is ready to accept him just the way he is. 

"You ask me a million times, still my answer will be yes" she answered quickly as though it was the first time that she had ever felt happy. 
With a blink of her eyes she was in his arms, both of them never wanting to end this sweet moment.

"Pia, Pia, still you are sleeping?" with a bang on the door Pia woke up in the morning and heard Misha's voice from outside. She jumped out of the bed and let Misha to enter the room. Just then, Misha stepped on a heavy jacket that lied on the floor.

'Jacket? I have seen someone wearing it, but who?Who?' Misha picked the jacket  from the floor, and tried to remember from where she has seen it. Pia stood next to her, stunned.
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Posted: 2011-02-04T07:10:38Z
Awesome mindblowing os . just luv it. I wish exactly this 2 happen in pkyek.
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Posted: 2011-02-04T08:16:19Z
Originally posted by sweetshera

Awesome mindblowing os . just luv it. I wish exactly this 2 happen in pkyek.
Thank you! But I never expect even 0.5% of this to happen in PYEKLOL
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Posted: 2011-02-04T08:33:32Z
well written!!!!Clap
loved it...
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Posted: 2011-02-04T08:35:37Z
Originally posted by sweetshera

Awesome mindblowing os . just luv it. I wish exactly this 2 happen in pkyek.
yup.wonderful post indeedHug
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Posted: 2011-02-04T08:40:03Z
Originally posted by -Amrita2010

Originally posted by sweetshera

Awesome mindblowing os . just luv it. I wish exactly this 2 happen in pkyek.
Thank you! But I never expect even 0.5% of this to happen in PYEKLOL

Ya I know. i also dont expect but wish this 2 happen. u r welcum.
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Posted: 2011-02-04T08:44:19Z
Hey that was beautiful,do write moreEmbarrassed
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Posted: 2011-02-04T10:18:17Z
Originally posted by cutemug

Hey that was beautiful,do write moreEmbarrassed
Thanks! Though this is my first one here, I used to write in two other forums....let's see how people respond to this, so I could write moreWink
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