FF: Ek Adhoori Pyaar ki Kahani (Note Page 3)

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Hey guys...I'm also one huge fan of Abhiya and have read many of the FF's here so I got inspired to start
my own too. Abhiya's story is one of a kind which I'm totally head over heals and I just want to put a twist to it in my way. Hope you guys will enjoy it.


Piya: A very sweet and simple girl. She loves to make everyone happy and is truly one of a kind.
Whose ever life she enters, she makes it bright and filled with joy.
That's the magic of our sweet si Piya. Unfortunately just like in the show her dad left her and her mom passed away.
She falls in love with a friend of hers but does he love her back?

Abhay: Very caring but seems very ignorant because it's forbidden for him to get close to anyone.
Basically love is forbidden for him. A good friend of Piya.

Misha: Piya's best friend and very very full of life. She and Piya are like sisters.

Kabir: Falls for Piya. Is very rich. Caring but can be a snob sometimes.

Panchi: Another one of Piya's best friends and she is very sensible. In this story Panchi will not be Misha's sister but will be both Piya's and Misha's best friend.
Basically Misha and Panchi are childhood friends.

Thanushee: A very spoiled girl. Loves to make every girl's life a misery as she wants all the attention to herself.

Tracker: Loves boys. Goes crazy at the sight of them.

Anjali (adding her as my own character): Piya's childhood friend. Always wants the best for Piya but sometimes goes beyond her limit and unknowingly hurts her.


So here I go with the first update:


I just stood there outside the school in a mass of students like a lost soul. It was the first day back to school. First day of grade 12. We had to come and pick up our schecules.
Misha, Panchi and Anjali were there with me and they all seemed to be having a gala time.Catching up with everything that went on during the summer. But I wasn't paying attemtion to them.
I was lost in my world. My eyes searching for his face. That face that puts a smile on my face. For his eyes. Those eyes that I always get lost into. Where is he?
With my heart racing and hoping that he comes back I looked here and there like a little girl who lost her favourite toy . Kahan ho tum? Kyon mujhe tarpare ho?
I felt my heart beat wildly when I saw that face. Or so I thought. I wasn't him just someone I mistaked him with. I felt my heart sink again. Feeling the tears sting my eyes. You will not cry Piya.
No Piya you will not shed any tears.
Finally the doors to the school opened. A stampede of students rushed inside.
Panchi pulled us out of the crowd.
"Hey guys I think I dropped my keys. Misha and Anjali go inside and line up for the schedules.Piya you come and help me. ok?" she said.
Misha and Anjali left.
"You're looking for him right Piya?" asked Panchi.
"For who?" I asked her. Tears stinging my eyes again.
"Piya don't act lost. I can see it on your face. You're eyes show your restlessness"
"No no Panchi I'm fine. I'm not looking for him." I lied.
"You sure Piya?"
"Yeah Panchi. Chillax I'm over him. I wanna start my year fresh."
"Well in that case, I won't ask anymore"
I hated lying to Panchi. But thought it was for the best. After all what happened last year.
We both went in and joined Misha and Anjali.
Kahan ho tum? My heart kept asking that question as if his would reply. My eyes kept searching for his.
Maybe he came and left? Maybe he was ahead of the crowd?
I pacified my heart like that. But something kept telling me that was not the case. That I'd lost him forever.
We got our schedules and went crazy comparing them with each other.
I had 2 classes with Panchi. 3 with Misha and none with Anjali. It was best that way. Best not to have any classes with Anjali. Best for me and the rest of my friends.
I saw a couple of my other friends and went to meet them.
"Hey Piya!"
I turned around heart racing. But then it sank like a ship.Was I hearing his voice in others too now?
"Oh hey Leila"
I stood there and talked to Leila for a while but my heart and mind not at all in the convo.
I was totally lost. Losing hope as time went by.
Last year I'd seen him on the first day back so then why not this year?
Probably he left already.
I sighed and walked back to my friends.
"okay I think we should go now" Panchi said.
As much as I was hating it, I agreed.
I said my byes and took the long way home, the way going around the school.
Maybe he's at the back of the school. Oh please be there. I won't talk to you. I just want to see your face.
But as I walked around scanning every face, I still didn't see him.
Losing hope I walked away. A tear trickled don my face.

*The next day*

Oh god first day of classes. I didn't have homeroom with anyone of my friends so I was scared. What if I didn't know anyone?
I hate first day of schools.
I didn't see Misha, Panchi or even Anjali today bacause I was almost late.
First day of school and first calss is math. Great. Isn't life just great? I sighed an dwalked into class.
My face lit up a bit because I found Tina in class but to my disgust Tanushee or as everyone called her T was also in my homeroom class.
Life just can't get any better. I sighed.
First period was a drag as I was so bored of math.
The bell rang and I practically ran out.
Seeing Misha and Panchi, I ran upto them.
"Piya!!!" Misha said hugging me and then Panchi hugged me.
"Hi guys!" I said as cheerfully as I could.
"Guess what? He's in our homeroom class" Misha said.
I knew who she was talking about. My heart raced and went crazy. A smile came upon my lips.
"Oh really? Where is he?" I asked searching for his face again.
"He's not here. He moved." Panchi replied.
The moment she said that it was like someone put a dagger through my heart.
NO! NO! NO! NO! He couldn't have.
Tears stung my eyes again. Thank god the bell rang and I went to my second period class.
Or else I'd have cried my eyes out.
Why did he do that? Why is this happening to me? Why does everyone I love leave me?


Who is this person Piya loves with all her heart?

Ok that's it for the first update. Please tell me how you liked it and whether or not I should continue. And do press the "like" button.Thanks! Smile

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Posted: 2011-01-28T22:43:36Z
instead of being in coll dey r in 12th grade...
nice..may d guy pia is searching is abhay as i'm also searching 4 him.
do continue..i feel it wud b different..
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Posted: 2011-01-29T11:34:27Z
Originally posted by RB81

instead of being in coll dey r in 12th grade...
nice..may d guy pia is searching is abhay as i'm also searching 4 him.
do continue..i feel it wud b different..
maybe it's abhay and maybe it's not :P
thnks yaar...ill continue a.s.a.p
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Posted: 2011-01-29T12:15:10Z
great start cont soon n plzz pm me on d next part
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Posted: 2011-01-29T16:29:10Z
Originally posted by dmg_roks_antara

great start cont soon n plzz pm me on d next part
Thnks a lot! I sure will pm u Smile
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Posted: 2011-01-30T12:13:12Z
loved it dear
plz add me to ur pm list
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Posted: 2011-01-30T14:45:11Z
Originally posted by MeetPremeer

loved it dear
plz add me to ur pm list
I will add u
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Posted: 2011-01-30T17:08:14Z
amazing start. Please continue soon. I have been stuck on mine for days (writers block lol). So im reading people's FF to get inspiration lol.
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