Which part of Shri Krishna Katha is your favorite?

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Which part of Shri Krishna Charitra do you like the best?

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Bal Krishna Leelas (birth - 10 year old child)
RadhaKrishna/Gopis' Leelas (adolescent stage)
Political Victories (Kans Vadh-Dwaraka Nirmaan)
Mahabharat (everything else till Krishna's Niryaana)
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Posted: 2011-01-26T20:06:28Z

I know it's a hard choice, because I myself love each and every stage of Krishna's life.Day Dreaming But if I had to choose....I guess I would choose the political victories or Mahabharat...still torn between those two choices so I won't vote till I read all your replies and get convinced by someone.LOL

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Posted: 2011-01-27T06:54:34Z
i love both bal Krishna and Radha Krishna
voted for Radha Krishna

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Posted: 2011-01-27T07:43:09Z
Lalitha di, I also thaught to creat this pole after a few days Big smileBig smile very very interesting topic!!!!
Anyway, my favorite is Prem-Avater Krishna. As you know, Radha-Shyam jodi is so Manomohini Day Dreaming & I'm a great devotee of Shrimati Radharani as well as the Prem-Avater roop of Lord Krishna, my vote goes to Radha-Krishna.
Jai RadheShyam!
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Posted: 2011-01-27T08:20:18Z

Awesome topic Janu! Clap

I didn't vote because I am torn between Bal Krishna Leelas and RadheKrishna/Gopi Leelas as both are equally spellbinding and mesmerizing in their own right! How can I possibly choose? Embarrassed

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Posted: 2011-01-27T12:17:14Z
Niceee topic, diii!Big smile It is a hard choice like everyone said, but I voted for the political victories because Krishna jiii really showed everyone who was in charge in those scenes.LOL Even though he was still very young during Kans Vadh and the Jarasandh battles, he always remained the winner, I also luv the Mahabharat epis a lot too, because it is like Ramayan in its Dharm and adharm lessons.Day Dreaming
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Posted: 2011-01-27T19:11:25Z
I went for the same option as you did - Kans Vadh and Dwaraka Nirmaan. It's my favorite as Krishna finally meets Devaki and Vasudev and releases them and Kans is finally killed. Although Bal Krishna Leelas was a very very very very very very close option.
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Posted: 2011-01-27T20:29:28Z
Great answers everyone!Clap I also love the RadheKrishna Leelas a lot, but I'm the kind of person who enjoys war-ish stories most where the good always winLOL, so the Krishna/Ram Yudh stories always make me happy since it really encourages us to believe the good will always win in real life too.Day Dreaming
Mina and Aish, you guys inspired me to vote for political victories too, so I voted!Wink My favorite is Kans Vadh too, and also the Jarasandh/Kalyavan stories....great lessons to be learned from all of them.Clap And Krishna also got the name 'Ranchor' meaning 'one who has fled the battlefield' during Kalyavan Vadh....he got a lot of new names during this political victories phase which portrays his strength and righteousness.
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Posted: 2011-01-27T20:54:35Z
Nice answers guys, really enjoyed reading them Big smile For me, it was same as Vedo... a verrrrrrrryyyyy close race between bal leelas and prem leelas, LOVE the sweetness of both of them Day Dreaming I eventually voted for the bal leelas because a) no one else had LOL, and b) as they were shown in SK, they cover every kind of theme/lesson there is while the other phases gave one message throughout (in the prem leelas it was *surprise* prem, in the later leelas it was correct interpretation of dharm)... The bal leelas were multifaceted because you had lessons in love through his relationship with the gopis (expressed perfectly in that post gopi vastra leela song Prem Ke Panth Pe), the dharm/adharm issue and other practical life lessons through the Kaaliya and Govardhan incidents and related discourses, and more all given by the most lovable manmohak form in the whole universe Day Dreaming
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