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Author's Small Note :  No  Character Sketches As    he  story  progresses you  will  know  how  the  characters Shape  up '' Read On'.. Oh Yeah  It's  not a   Dark story at all like  the  show  .. All is NORMAL''
Too many  Characters ideas in mind  ' will try and manage

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Special Roles in my FF ' Sara (nehara) & romi (romaila)  thanks  guys '. MUAHs  to  you  both for  putting up with me and  helping  me '''
And special Dedication to my Lollypop (pRaTiBhA.1990) Girl this is part  of your 21 Birthday Gift Package I promised  you ..
Oh BTW   mish  piya  and pancchi  have    3 year  age  difference
Mish - 20
Piya - 23
Pancchi -  26
AND  MiYA Fans   No worries  Shaw  Will be  there  soon
Chapter 1
 Dobrial Family  Moments
We see a  Girl  chatting  away  happily  on   her  laptop ..  panning Close we see  a  Chat  Screen popup on her  screen  She  grinningly  starts   to IM  her BFFL
Chat screen Opens
CoolDude _KR123- Hey angel Love ''  you  there '.
SweetyGal _PD 98- Hey kabir  how's  everything?????
CoolDude_KR123- Piya !!!!!  it's  been like Forever !!! I am  good '''''.
SweetyGal_PD 98 ' yeah  it has  been 4.5  years  ok  I have a news  for you''. BRACE YOURSELF
I AM  COMING  TO  LONDON!!!!!!!!!!! OMG  I can't believe   it I  got my  certificate I am  a certified doctor  Now!!!! Yayness isn't it???
CoolDude_KR123-   Totally  '.  So that's  what Sara& Romi   have   been hiding  from  me!!!! SO  MEAN of You PD   UNHE  bataya   aur Mujhe  nai .. * VIRTUAL POUT*
SweetyGal_PD 98-  Aakhir Dost  kiske  hai ??? * Virtual raising  of  collars*  I  made them  swear that  wo dono tujhe  kuch naa bataye'. BTW , you  look so  cute   pouting *Virtual pulling  of   cheeks* .. I Told Maan(author's note he is Piya Misha & Pancchi's  cousin. Masi ka  beta ) bhai and Geet bhabi the    details tu  fikar  na  kar . Mai chali Shopping karne  '.. Mish & pancchi  say hi and   give u a hug  '.. Ab   Chalti  hoon .. warna  Pancchi   maar daalegi
CoolDude_KR123-   haan bye '  see you soon  babelicious
Both sign out'..
Piya Dobrial.. The  SUPER  GENIOUS.. As  friends  call her ..  was Grinning  Like an IDIOT '.  Apne  Jigri  friend se   nearly  5 saal  baad  baat  kar ke   She was so happy '''.
Rhea Dobrial (same as (madhu) the  show just  changed  name ) piya's mom  Was    going  to  call  Misha  & pancchi for their Family Shopping  trip    turns around  and  looks  at piya Smiling ' Kya  baat  hai Piyu ??? Why  you smiling  so much eh???  Zaroor kabir se  baat  hui hogi hai naa ???   kaisa hai who '.. Romi  aur sara  ki bhi koi khabar nahi hai
Piya( still Smiling)- YEA !!!!  IM  par abhi baat  hui thi ''' they all are  good . waise London  Mei Kitna Mazaa aayega  naa Mom??? Doston se  milna   naye  rishte  banana So Interesting  '.  I  guess Mujhe  bhi  mera Prince mil jaayeg  what say Mom'. Meri baatein  Choro .. Mish and Panchi  kahan  hai ???  Dad  bhi gayab  hai'  they know  that it's Family Evening ''..  ( she  says  walking  to  the dining table)
And Suddenly  yells  - DAD!!!!  Shakkar waali  chai  Nai  aap ka sugar  barh  jaayega
Rajveer(Same as Show just name  changed)- Piyu  (wails) hamesha se   aise  hi   Mujhe startle karke  pakarti hai  tu Peene  de naa  Piyu ..
Piya ' DAD!!!!!!(mock anger ) theek  hai  aaj ke lie pee  leejiye''  bas AAJ hi ok dad'..  Chalo  aap  bhi  taiyaar  ho jaaiye     humari  Farewell party  ki   shopping karni  hai  '..  Get  going Dad'..
MOM   where  are  Misha  and Pancchi  mai   jaa  rahi hun ab  aur kitna wait karayenge  yeh Dono ''
Pancchi  n  Misha  coming
Both- Kya  Hai Piyu  aa rahe hai  bhai''..
Piya - NO  guys  koi  mere  saath nai  aane  waala '''. I am  Going   ..  thora  kaam hai     khatam kar ke  aati  hu''
 Ok  so that was  a Small intro to  the Dobrial  Family
NEXT  PART:  Raichands  ke  Family  pal  '.  Farewell party... Abhay piya meeting in the farewell party and  It's  not  quite pleasant...

Constructive  criticism accepted  Press  like  tab...

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Dobrial Family Moments- Pg 1

Chapter 2
Bickering, Farewell Party & DANCE  - page 3
Chapter 3
Dates  Proposals  A Broken Heart & Bonding- page 6

Chapter4A Pg 8

Note Page  9


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it's awesum lehku
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Hugmwahh lekhuHug

wat a start
ma bday gonna b rocKing this year
Hugthankss janupieHug
it seems lyk a haPpY haPpY story
so piya going 2 london
Embarrassedm eagerly waitng 4 my darling abhay's entryEmbarrassed
LEmbarrassedV praty
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lekha itz awesome!Embarrassed

count me in!!Smile
wud love to read this oneBig smileEmbarrassed...........do add me to ur pm list kBig smile
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its awesome
plz continue soon
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thank u Nikki  pari  lollypop and  deepthi

will be  updating  soon
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add me 2 ur pm list
it is interesing
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