January 20th Update - Last Episode

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Posted: 2011-01-20T10:56:43Z

Rishabh gives birth to a little girl (I was thinking about this and at the end of the show, the baby should have been a boy so we know that it's really over).
They name the baby Gauri.
The men talk about how their wives rule their lives.
The women come up a plan to go and visit their Maika.

At the chawl, the three daughters are taking care of their Tauji.
They remember when the 4 "sisters" were all together and had so much fun before they were married.  They wish Janki could have stayed with them.
Tauji says that with his daughters home, the hosue is so happy.
He tells them to go to sleep and not to stay up all night talking.
They all make a bed on the floor sleeping.  Rani has her little girl with her (the baby could be dressed better).
Rani is remembering her times with Rishabh and missing him.  She wonder how he is doing.

Then they show Rishabh is very restless without Rani and he can't sleep.  He just lies in bed.
He puts on the light and then gets upset that Shekhar and Deven had to let the girls go and he can't live without Rani.
He says tomorrow he's going to get Rani from her Maika.

Rajni is remembering times with Deven and missing him.  She hopes that Deven is at least thinking about him.
Deven is trying to make some hot milk for tea, and struggling a bit, and then can't even get sugar to put in his tea.
He says that without Rajni he can't do anything (What!!!!  Does this mean that all she is to him is servant - show some nice things!!!)

Payal is thiking about Shekhar. 
Shekhar is sitting alone at his desk and he says that it's okay if Payal is not there - he can manage the house on his own!
But, he can't even find his glasses so that he can read. Then he thinks that if Payal was there, then she would find it no problem.  Then they show Shekhar has it around his neck.
(C'mon writers - is this all your wives are good for!!!!?  they cook for you and find your things!  At least Rishabh and Rani were thinking of romantic and love things!!!)
Payal laughs in bed saying that Shekhar must be looking all over for his glasses when they are hanging around his neck!
Rajni talks about what Deven may be saying.
Rani says that Rishabh has to be restless without her.
They all get up and then ask what is happening to them - why are they so weak to only remember their husbands - and the husbands should come and get them.
So they decide to go to sleep.

Deven, Shekhar and Rishabh are all together. Rishabh and Deven says that they are going to get their wives.
Shekhar admits that he needs Payal - and that everything is mixed up at home.
They decide to go and get them.

Payal picks up the phone - Rani and Rajni go there and Rajni asks who she is calling - they ask if she wanted to find out how Shekhar is doing.
Payal says she wants to know how her son and Bahu are doing.
But they say that she is worried about Shekhar and wanted to call him.
Payal says that women can't be away from home without thinking about what is happening.
Rani says that if the two of them love their husbands so much, then play this game and come to their Maika?
The men come there and also say that they also love their wives.
The men hold their ears and say they are there to come and take their wives home - the wives are happy.
Tauji comes there and makes some coughing sounds.  The men try to make excuses, but Tauji says that they shouldn't make excuses.  He understands that they missed their wives.
Tauji says that the men have ownership over his daughters and he's happy if they love his daughters.
The daughters take the blessings of Tauji and then he tells them to be happy always.
Payal wants him to go home with them, and even Shekhar says that Tauji should come because otherwise Payal will want to come and leave.
Tauji agrees just because Shekhar has asked him.

18 years later ...
The house is all decorated and Dai has become very old.  Chavvi is still wearing her churidaars.
Dadi asks for Gauri and since it's Gauri's 18th birthday, she wants to see her.
then they do an opening with the first opening where Rani was running down the stairs and getting covered in flower petals.

The director comes on and talks about how the project started ... They show Rani and Prince and when she goes for the first time to a poorer family and doesn't know how to make food.
She gets scolded by her family and that was the first time they played the "Mehlon Wali Re" part of the song ...
He thanks everyone for their participation in the show.
He talks about the Ramayan became Rani's comfort.  All problems are solved for her with the reading of the Ramayan.
He talks about how Reena Kapoor made this character.

Reena says she travelled a long and beautiful journey with us.
When the role was offered to her, she didn't know it was going to be a big influence on her life - and that her character would be appreciated so much by the fans.

The director says that they are bringing a new show soon with the same energy and thanks everyone.

Overall, I really didn't like the way they ended all of this ... they should have shown Rani pregnant and then her Godh Barai, the birth of the child and then a party to celebrate and left it at that.  This last episode and a half were just really a waste.  Showing Reena as her daughter at 18 years was good - and I liked that they brought back the first opening of WRWMK to give it an end.

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Posted: 2011-01-20T11:00:46Z
thnaks for the update frnd the update was in detail.

i  too agree they could have ended the show in a much much better way
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Posted: 2011-01-20T20:05:55Z
Count me too.. it was so boring.. and the love shown between the couples didnt really go well with the story.. They should have stopped when the baby was named Gauri.. and they lived happily ever after..
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Posted: 2011-01-20T22:16:33Z
thanks for the update..!!!!!
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Posted: 2011-01-21T02:08:40Z
thank 4 awesome update dear
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Posted: 2011-01-22T04:32:43Z
Thanks a Lot for Updates....Never knew its about to End...Just shown that Last  show & came to Forum ..It was Last show actully....Feels like one era over...I left when they killed of four bro..
Its was longg journy
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